Top 10 Worst Types Of Carousell Buyers

If you don’t already know, Carousell is a marketplace app where you can buy and sell anything from clothes to Hello Kitty toys. While it’s a good place to sell your stuff, it also attracts all sorts of uh, cheapskates – most of whom have the communication skills of an ape. Here are the top 10 worst types of buyers you’ll find there.

Top 10 Worst Carousell Buyers-featured

1. The lowballer who wants a sympathy discount

They’ll tell you some sob story about being a student on a budget, or how they’re tight on cash this month. Not to sound callous, but…NO MONEY THEN DON’T BUY LA.

No money


2. The one who needs you to reply right NOW

Um sorry, I was busy with something slightly more important. You know, my life?

Reply NOW Because I really really REALLY need to know if you’re item is still “aval”. (Source:


3. The flaky one who suddenly disappears on you

You know the deal – they seem really interested in your item, but when it comes to payment time, they’re mysteriously silent. When you finally manage to contact them to ask if they still want the item, all you get is a curt (and rather vague) answer. Because apologies are so passe guys.

Flaky copy


4. The one who tries to play hardball

Did you hear that? Deal IMMEDIATELY. Or else.

Take It Or Leave It Copy(Source:


5. The one who asks you stupid questions

Because clearly it takes too much effort to read the item description.

Stupid Questions 3(Source:


6. The one who keeps asking you to reserve the item for her

Look lady if you reserve the item any longer, it might go out of fashion.

Reserve copy(Source:


7. The one who keeps asking for your “best price”

Omg stop asking me for my best price. STAHP. Please.

Best Price copy(Source:


8. The one who wants to communicate via text message

Um, isn’t the whole point of Carousell chat to avoid giving your mobile number to strangers? Also, does anyone else find it weird when strangers call you “babe”? Like they’re your BFF or something. #awk

Whatsapp copy


9. The one who keeps asking you to “Nego? :)”

Even though you specifically said that the item is non-negotiable. And no, adding multiple smiley face emoticons won’t change our minds.



10. The one who asks you for really questionable things

No big deal, just need a pair of used pantyhose for unmentionable reasons. #dodgy

Pantyhose copy(Source:

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