Top 10 Things Guys Shouldn’t Do on a First Date

10. Look like a slob
This means you shouldn’t be wearing slippers, ill-fitting clothes or anything with holes in them. And don’t even think about wearing tennis shoes. For a complete list of things to avoid wearing on a first date, refer to Top 10 Things Guys Should Not Wear on a Date.
There is nothing more distracting than a toe poking out of a black sock. (Source: tomandtonivanwormer)

9. Split the bill
At the risk of setting the feminist movement a couple of decades back, I’m just going to come out and say it – just pay for the damn meal already. Wave off any feeble requests from her to split the dinner bill (or tell her she can get the next one – a sneaky but clever excuse to see her again), because we’re just being polite and we don’t really mean it. We want you to be gallant and generous and gentlemanly, just like the men in Korean dramas.

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8. Get touchy-feely
If a girl recoils in horror at your touch, I think it’s a safe bet that you’re not going to get lucky tonight. Or a second date, if any.

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7. Bring flowers
While flowers are acceptable on special occasions like her birthday or Valentine’s Day, bringing her flowers on a first date is one of those things that only seems like a good idea in movies. Unless you’re picking her up from home, where she can leave the flowers in her room, she’s going to have to carry the bouquet around while you both go about on your date.

In fact, a string of questions will probably pop up in her head after the initial glee at receiving flowers wears off –  should I leave the flowers on the chair next to mine? But I want to put my bag on the chair. Will he get offended if I leave the flowers on the floor? Oh god, why are these flowers so heavy?! They’re getting kind of tiring to carry…wonder how much more walking we’ll be doing? Okay, I think you get the picture now.


6. Be without a plan
We’re on a date. That you asked me out on. So if you have no idea where you’re taking us for dinner, or what we’re doing after, you’re probably not going to leave a stellar first impression. Take a leaf out of the Korean dramas and make some plans okay?

Clearly this Korean drama hottie is a man with a plan. What girl can resist sitting in a scene straight out of a postcard? (Source: Dramafever)

5. Let the conversation die
There is nothing more awkward than an uncomfortable silence on a first date. You stare at her and she stares at her phone, silently hoping that someone will call her so she can pretend there’s been an emergency that requires her urgent attention. Don’t know what to say? Ask her about herself. Trust me, there’s nothing girls love talking about more than themselves.

Awkward Silence(Source: wattpad)


4. Keep a one-sided conversation
As much as it’s nice to hear about how you climbed Mt. Fuji last year, it gets a bit boring when the conversation is all about you. Again…we’re girls. Do you not know how much we like to talk about ourselves?! Ask your date questions about her job/classes/hobbies/friends/interests/or just life in general, and it’s likely she’ll be pleased.

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3. Eating without restraint
Slurping up your noodles and gulping down bowls of rice should only be reserved for when you’re eating in private (or when you’re already in a relationship, and she has no choice but to deal with your appalling eating habits). If you have a big appetite, eat something before your date to avoid hunger pangs. She probably won’t be very impressed with your caveman-like way of eating fried chicken.



2. Pick a place with food that is difficult to eat
This includes chilli crab, fried chicken and Korean BBQ. Places like that should be reserved for after you’ve been dating for some time, when she doesn’t have to look nice and dainty for you. There is nothing more unglam than wearing a bib while picking out crabmeat, dipping a man tou in crab gravy and then stuffing it into your mouth like you haven’t eaten in days. It doesn’t help either that the smell of Korean BBQ will linger in your hair – not exactly the most romantic scent around, I would think.

Not the best look for a first date. (Source:


1. Forget to say goodbye
Yes, you may be unaware of how to say a proper goodbye without sounding like a weirdo. Or just painfully shy and socially awkward in general. All perfectly understandable reasons, but just disappear into the darkness like Batman without saying a proper goodbye, and she’ll probably think you’re not interested (and then text her friends to tell them what a rude pig you are). Whether it’s a hug, peck on the cheek or a kiss – you decide. Get it right and you just might get a second date. Just don’t give her a handshake, or she’ll feel like she’s been on a job interview.