Top 10 Ways To Spot A Singaporean Overseas

1. Even if there’s no designated queue area, we’ll still line up in an orderly fashion.

Because Singa the Lion says we shouldn’t be ugly Singaporeans when we’re overseas. Also, queueing is a way of life for us.

Singaporeans Queue(Source:


2. We’re not paiseh to ask for “a new piece” when buying something.

We just want to get our money’s worth OK?

Got New Piece Meme

3. We’ll be the ones buying up the supply of clothes/makeup/food that you can’t get in Singapore.

Or the stuff that is available in Singapore, but way more expensive.

Singapore Cannot Get Meme

4. We’ll also be the ones crowding the sale section.

Because the only thing that’s better than shopping is…DISCOUNT SHOPPING OH YEAAAA.

Sale Items Meme


5. Sometimes we repeat something multiple times to emphasize a point.

Like “Can, can, can, can!” (when your friend asks if you can help her bring some of her shopping back to Singapore) or “No lah, no lah, no need!” (when your friend wants to pay for dinner).

No Lah Bear

6. If we can’t find a bin, we’ll just hold on to our trash until we find one.

Because even when we’re not in Singapore, we’re still kind of afraid of getting fined for littering.

Literring(Source: Fabulously Broke) 


7. We probably have a BCG scar on our left arm.

Even though they changed the BCG vaccination policy in 2001, those of us who got our jabs in Primary 6 are literally (and figuratively) scarred for life. We swear we’ve tried everything, but the scar just won’t fade!

BCG Scar(Source: 


8. We get excited when we spot a fellow Singaporean, but then we’ll pretend we didn’t see them (even though it’s obvious we did).

We’ll look at them surreptitiously, then nudge our friends and say, “Eh eh, Singaporeans. Can tell by the accent.”

Confirm Singaporean

9. We’ll unabashedly look at what the table next to us ordered.

And then proclaim to the rest of our table, “That one looks quite shiok hor? OK OK, let’s order the noodles also.”

Eating Heartily(Source: 


10. No matter how much we’ve travelled, big food portions still kind of amaze us.

We’ll be like, “Wah the small size here is like a large in Singapore!”

Big Portion(Source: