Top 10 Types Of Singaporeans On Instagram

1. The Blogshop Barbie

This is the girl who usually posts blogshop OOTDs and hashtags her photos with terms like #fashionblogger, #model and #luxury. She may or may not also have a vested interest in erm, fashion shoots. Hey, whatever floats your boat right?

Blogger BarbieAre you…lying on the floor at Orchard Gateway?! #mindblown (Source:  KentXavier Photography/Instagram)


2. The One Who Has No Aesthetic Sense Whatsoever

People who post blurry or dark food photos, we’re looking at you. Not saying you have to lug a DSLR around, but would it kill you to at least edit your photo? It’s called Snapseed. Use it.



3. The Act High Class One

This is the girl who likes to post tai tai-esque photos of herself by the sea/pool, with a my-life-is-so-fab caption like, “So #thankful for this much-needed rest from the rat race. Rejuvenated for the busy week ahead! #weekendgetaway” Except instead of frolicking in the Maldives, she’s really at Bedok Jetty or something. #wanderlustfail

Act Atas copy


4. The One With Captions That Don’t Make Sense

Like “Eyes are the window to our souls where our love and heart lied.” OK so maybe we’re not as deep as you, but what does that even mean? And why do you have such horrible grammar?

Pretentious Quotes(Source:


5. The Instagram Hipster

You can always count on this person for the scoop on the latest fads in Singapore – from photos of Insta-popular soft-serve ice cream to overpriced cold-press juices. Because macaron photos are so passé.

meanwhile-on-instagram_o_1540391(Source: Meme Center)


6. The One Who’s Always Trying To Sell You Something

Whether it’s a blogshop (Quote ‘MYNAMEHERE’ for 10% off your order!) or a new service in town, this person always has some sort of deal for you.

Sell You Something(Source: zoeraymondtan Instagram)


7. The Cringey Couple

Couple photos can be cute, but documenting every single moment of your relationship on Instagram is cringey – especially if it mostly entails kissing photos and captions like “I’m so blessed that my man spoils me rotten. He is truly my guardian angel sent from above <3”. Just…yuck.

Nobody Cares meme

8. The One Who Makes Everything Look Artistic

This is the person who makes even the least photogenic things look artistic (i.e. hawker food). Somehow when we take a photo of our Hokkien mee, it always ends up looking like…well, a bowl of Hokkien mee. Sadface.

Hokkien Mee(Source: hellonatto Instagram)


9. The One Whose Profile Description Says It All

Because clearly ‘model’ and ‘blogger’ are very subjective terms. And hey, some of us just want to be a @prettylilthing or a @babyangelstarr OK?

Oh you model meme(


10. The Humble Bragger

This is the person who likes to post selfies in his/her car, with a glaringly obvious sports car logo on the steering wheel. You don’t see Toyota drivers camwhoring with their steering wheel do you?

Grumpy Cat Humblebrag (Source:

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