Top 10 Types Of Singaporean Girls

1. The Office Lady (OL)

You can easily spot the Office Lady if you’re in the CBD area. She’ll be the one in corporate wear and ballet flats/sensible heels, because every OL worth her paycheck knows that braving the rush hour crowd in high heels is no joke. There’s a high chance you’ll also find her at a Reebonz sale, elbowing other OLs out of the way to buy that Prada Saffiano bag. Because sometimes we just need a little retail therapy OK?

OLs(Source: Reebonz Instagram)


2. The Xiao Mei Mei (小妹妹)

The Xiao Mei Mei loves Hello Kitty, Taiwanese/Japanese fashion and anything pink. She also likes the youthful, doe-eyed look, but be warned – while she may look young and innocent, she won’t hesitate to make her boyfriend carry her purse. Or hit him with it. But only if he’s misbehaving, of course.

Xiao Mei Mei(Source:


3. The Church-Going Girl

This is the girl who’s always posting religious quotes with her OOTD photos on Instagram. Never mind if the quote isn’t even relevant to her outfit, she just wants you to know that she’s #blessed and #loved OK??



4. The Wannabe Blogger

This is the girl who will jump at any opportunity to take an OOTD, order some photogenic dish she doesn’t even like, or be buay paiseh about gatecrashing an event – because hey, anything to make yourself look more interesting on Instagram right? And FYI – just because you’ve got a name card, it doesn’t make you a legit influencer. Especially if you’ve only got 600 followers on Instagram. #justsayin

Wannabe Blogger meme


5. The Girl Who Has A Five-Year Plan

This is the girl who’s practical, pragmatic and has her life all planned out – what job she’ll be at in 5 years, when to get married, when to apply for a HDB and whether she’s going to have a C-section or natural birth. She’s the kind of daughter that parents love, because she doesn’t give them any tau tiah (headaches). Thanks for making the rest of us look bad ah.

Five Year Plan(Source: DIY LOL)


6. The Ang Moh Pai Girl

The Ang Moh Pai Girl (AKA Westernised) has high standards when it comes to fashion, food and men. She spends most of her time jetting between home and London/Paris/some other atas Western country. She also likes to jazz up her daily conversations with foreign lingo (“Bisous! Good arvo! G’day!”) because please, Singlish is so plebeian.

Ang Moh Pai


7. The Bargain Queen

Most Singaporeans love a good bargain, but The Bargain Queen will go to extreme lengths to get a good deal. She’ll stalk Deluxe Mall and Carousell, making lowball offers (“Best price? More discount can? $200 can?”) to the point where you feel kind of insulted. Best avoided if you’re trying to sell something online.

Bargain Queen


8. The Girl Who’s Dating An Ang Moh

Singaporean men do not take very well to The Girl Who’s Dating An Ang Moh. Especially if the aforementioned Ang Moh is a rich banker with a fancy car. They’ll be like, “These foreign men and their Ferraris be takin’ our women away!” Sorry lah, Eurasians kids are very cute OK?? Unless your dad is Anton Casey. Just kidding. But not really. #amirite

Dash BTS


9. The Butch

This is the girl who walks, talks and dresses like a guy. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a lesbian – she’s just not a skirt-and-frills kinda girl. She’ll be the one in a loose tee and bermuda shorts, with a Justin Bieber haircut to complete the look. The Butch can be rather intimidating if you don’t know her well, especially if she’s glaring at you with her trademark “See what see?!” expression.

ButchNot even a pink bra can soften the Butch’s trademark glare. (Source: Hardwarezone)


10. The Wannabe Tai Tai

A Birkin is a must for the Wannabe Tai Tai – never mind if it’s fake, nobody can really tell on Instagram anyway. Her Instagram photos are mostly of her semi-designer outfits (read: designer bag, blogshop clothes), #wanderlust travel pics and the occasional “Look at me, I’m lounging by the pool on a Monday while you slobs are at work” post. May also post #humblebrag photos of her seat on the plane, but of course it depends on whether she got upgraded to First Class or not. The main difference between a wannabe and the real deal? A real Tai Tai has a rich tycoon husband. And really big hair. It’s all in the hair, ladies. All in the hair.

Indonesian Tai Tai 2You know she’s the real deal when her hair is BIGGER THAN YO FACE. (Source: