Top 10 Types Of Singaporean Boyfriends

1. The Boyfriend Who Loves Watching Soccer

Ahh soccer…the one thing that guys will gladly forego sleep for. The Boyfriend Who Loves Soccer will willingly wake up at 4am just to watch a match, because “watching the replay of the match is not the same!”

He will also get VERY upset if his girlfriend mispronounces his team’s name…Man Utd? Man U? Manchester U? Forgot which it was, but apparently one of those names is socially unacceptable? #touchysubject



2. The Boyfriend Who Plays Dota

Dota is like a black hole. Whenever your boyfriend starts his Dota-playing streak, you can count on not seeing him for a few days. He’ll spend countless hours jabbing away at his keyboard, occasionally shouting “No, bro watch your back! WATCH YOUR NINE O’CLOCK!!!!” to his laptop. Someone should really start a Girlfriends of Guys Who Play Dota support group.

Dota(Source: Meme Base)


3. The Banker Boyfriend

The Banker Boyfriend has a nice car, reservations at the newest restaurant in town and a credit card limit that could feed a third world country for a month. You can probably find him popping bottles at the club every weekend, loving every minute of special treatment he gets for being a regular there.

Banker Boyfriend(Source:


4. The Boyfriend Who Carries His Girlfriend’s Purse

One word: whipped.

Maybe you should open that tiny purse you’re carrying…your balls might be in there.

Boyfriend PurseSorry to say, pink is really not your colour. (Source:


5. The Boyfriend Who Works Out

And by Work Out, we mean really work out – dead lifts, protein shakes and all. The Boyfriend Who Works Out can be a good or bad thing for you – the good being that he’ll whip you into shape, and the bad being….he’ll whip you into shape (read: no nua-ing at home on a Saturday morning). You’ll probably find him hanging out at a boutique gym (tut tut, no commercialised gym chains for him) or doing chokes and throws at an MMA gym.

Gym Boyfriend(Source:


6. The Mom-Approved Boyfriend

This is the guy who went to a top-tier school, has a stable job at some MNC and goes to church/volunteers on the weekends. Mothers love him and have no qualms about making awkward marriage hints on behalf of their daughters. They’re all like, “Wah you’re 28 already ah? Oh, such a marriageable age! I want to be a grandma soon ah! Tee hee.” leaving the Mom-Approved Boyfriend to smile uncomfortably as he tries to dodge yet another bullet.

Mom Boyfriend(Source:


7. The Boyfriend Who Gets Really Angry When Hello Kitty Toys Are Sold Out

For a cartoon cat that has no real expression, Hello Kitty sure brings out the passion in us…yes, including the grown men in Singapore. As his title suggests, this is the guy who gets really upset when McDonald’s is out of Hello Kitty toys. And I mean, REALLY upset, to the point where he kicks up a fuss at the counter and inevitably ends up being in a viral video.

He’s either a truly devoted boyfriend, or really into Hello Kitty…in which case, perhaps his girlfriend should be worried?


8. The Boyfriend Who Dresses Better Than You

This is the boyfriend who is often dressed to the nines, and has no qualms about wearing the latest trends (cuffed pants, patterned blazers and all). He will most probably give you good fashion advice, which means that if you ask him if those white pants make you look fat, he won’t hesitate to tell you the harsh truth (“Yes, your legs look like tree trunks. Wear dark wash jeans instead.”)

Dress Boyfriend(Source: USA Today)


9. The Boyfriend Who Has Terrible Fashion Sense

This is the guy who parades around in gaudy soccer jerseys and Crocs, fashion police be damned. A tip for the girlfriends? Hide his ugly clothes. Or burn them. And then offer to go shopping for new clothes with him.

ronaldo jersey(Source: Initial Descent)


10. The Boyfriend Who Spends More Time On Dodgy Forums Than With You

This is the boyfriend who spends most of his time on dodgy forums like Sammyboy, talking about special massages and complaining about how Singaporean girls only love ang mohs. Some also have a severe lack of communication skills (“moi ish dunch like singaporean galz…dey only want me spend on them”), to which I can only say…please stop. Also, if you’re dating one of these, then maybe you should rethink your values in life?

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