Top 10 Things Singaporeans Will Willingly Queue For

1. A new iPhone

Because sleeping on the floor in a shopping mall is the least you can do to earn your new iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Queue Singapore(Source:


2. McDonald’s Hello Kitty Toys

For an expressionless cat (oh wait sorry, expressionless girl I mean), Hello Kitty sure drives us crazy. We’ll stand in line for hours, crash the McDonald’s site and throw tantrums (yes, even adult men) just to get our McDonald’s Hello Kitty toys.

Hello kitty meme

3. H&M Collaboration Collections

Because SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. Unless you get your maid to stand in line for you. Don’t pretend you didn’t think about it.

HM Queue(Source: Poached Mag)


4. Korean pop concert tickets

But…but…Big Bang makes us feel things.

Top Boyfriend Material Meme


5. Any hyped up foreign brand that has just opened in Singapore

Like when Singaporeans queued overnight just to get a box of Krispy Kreme donuts, heart attack and obesity be damned.

Krisy Kreme Meme

6. Cheaper IKEA Meatballs

Because 10 cents a meatball is a really good deal, especially when you’re going to eat dozens in one sitting. #truestory

eat all the meatballs meme

7. Good hawker food

Who cares if you have to wait one hour in the sweltering heat, when you can get THE best bowl of bak chor mee ever? Even PM Lee waited 30 minutes for chicken wings, OK.

Bak Chor Mee(Source:


8. Free stuff

Seriously, there’s nothing Singaporeans love more than free stuff. Especially if they’re Egg McMuffins. #ohyea

McDonalds Free Breakfast Day(Source: McDonald’s Singapore)


9. Primary 1 Registration

Because queuing for hours just to get your child into a good school is a rite of passage for Singaporean parents.

Singaporean Parents-featured(Source: Eton House)


10. Tim Ho Wan

Because…Baked BBQ Pork Buns. #nuffsaid

Tim Ho Wan BBQ Buns(Source: Trip Advisor)