Top 10 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Ladies, it’s no surprise to you that men are very different. Sometimes we do things that uh, make you want to throttle us. We’re sorry. In a bid to reduce any future misunderstandings (and carnage), here’s a list of things guys wish girls knew.


1. Bro Time is not an excuse to run away from you.

Honey, we love you but sometimes we just need our space. We swear we’re not trying to run away from you – hanging with the bros means that we can be as immature as we want without judgment. You’re still our #1 priority but the boys help keep us sane. We still love you!



2. Be vocal about sex.

Men are kinkier than you expect, so don’t be afraid to tell us what you want. That dirty scenario you dreamt up? It’s probably crossed our minds. Twice. We just don’t say it out loud because we don’t want you to think we’re using you for sex. We’re counting on you to be vocal here!



3. Sometimes we forget to update our contact list.

If you check your boyfriend’s phone and see that his ex-girlfriend’s contact is still listed as ‘Honey Buns’, don’t freak out. It simply means that it wasn’t a bad break-up and he just left it as it is. No reason to feel insecure.



4. Brothers scare us.

We may know how to charm your mom, but the wildcard is really your brother (especially if he’s an overprotective one). We may act nonchalant, but winning his approval is vital to us, so we need all the help we can get.

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5. Sometimes we may or may not stalk you.

Remember how you Googled your guy when you first met him? Well, the male equivalent of that was to go through ALL of your Facebook/Instagram pictures in search of the one of you in a bikini. We’re visual creatures so please, throw us a bone already. Wouldn’t hurt to upload at least one right?

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6. It takes time for us to trust your guy friends.

So even if you say your guy friend is just a friend, please understand that it’ll take us some time before we trust your male friends.

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7. It’s okay to fart in front of us.

Look ladies, we know you fart. No need to run out of the room, just let it rip and laugh about it. It shows that you’re comfortable around us and that’s actually kinda adorable.

Mr Bean Fart(Source: imgflip)

8. We secretly enjoy chick flicks.

I mean, what’s not to love about warm, fuzzy endings? Hell, I quote Mean Girls more than I’d like to admit. That said, please bear in mind that this is highly privileged information. This isn’t exactly something we discuss with the boys, so we’d appreciate if you didn’t bring it up in front of them. Please. Our manhood is at stake.



9. Fashion trends confuse us.

Like high-waisted skinny jeans. Do you know how insanely difficult they are to pull off?! Unless you’re Miranda Kerr, the odds aren’t exactly in your favour. Keep it simple and choose clothes that have only one syllable – Tee. Dress. Jeans. All fine examples. Anything more complicated will be lost on us men.

high waist



10. Sometimes it scares us when you start to look like well, us.

Don’t get me wrong ladies – we love seeing you at the gym and that you care about your body. But it’s a little weird when you look more manly than us, so maybe go easy on the protein shakes and egg whites?


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