Top 10 Signs You’re Addicted To Instagram

1. You NEVER eat your food when it first arrives, because taking multiple photos of it is of greater importance.

Sometimes you also force your friends to position their hands in the photo so you can get the perfect shot.

Food Photos(Source: gigglesandjiggles Instagram)

2. When someone is taking a group photo for you, you’re all like “WAIT WAIT CAN YOU MAKE SURE IT’S A SQUARE??”

Because it’s super offensive to crop someone out of your Instagram photo, you know?

Oh Hell No RaputiaWhen you get cropped out of a group photo… (Source:

3. When you see a social media influencer in real life, you immediately think of her by her Instagram handle.

OMG it’s Xiaxue! And Fourfeetnine! And Bongqiuqiu!

Xiaxue and Qiu Qiu

4. When you see a nice wall, you immediately think about posing in front of it.

I mean, why not right?


5. You have no qualms about pestering your photographer/boyfriend/husband until he gets the perfect shot.

Can you see my shoes? Did you get my good side? Do I look skinny? Why’s my expression like that…can you retake it?!


6. Acronyms like #wiwt #ootd and #igsg make complete sense to you.

Meanwhile your parents are like, “What are these secret codes you’re typing into your phone har?”

Hashtags Meme(Source:

7. You are irrationally obsessed about keeping your feed consistent with the same colour tones.

Because everybody needs to be known for a certain Instagram photo style yo.

Instagram FiltersBecause you can never have too many filters when it comes to Instagram. (Source:

8. You are extra careful when spying on someone’s Instagram because you don’t want to accidentally double tap a photo.

And when someone clueless (i.e. your mom) accidentally double taps a photo while using Instagram on your phone, you’re like NOOOOOOOOO *dives for phone and immediately unlikes the photo*

Noooo Meme(Source:

9. Your heart skips a beat when you see a notification that you’ve got new followers.

Nothing gives you more pleasure than waking up in the morning, and seeing that orange notification box pop up on your Instagram account.

Praise Da Lawd Oprah Meme(Source:

10. You’re really particular about who takes your OOTD photos.

You never get guys (who aren’t your boyfriend/husband/photographer) to take your OOTDs because only girls understand the importance of getting the perfect #casual shot.

Girls will be like, “Oh wait, turn your head towards that side a bit more and straighten your hair so it curls inwards. And move your right leg one step forward. And angle your arm out more. Okay, let me just take a test shot first.”

Meanwhile, guys are just like, *snaps a slanted photo where you have the worst derp face possible* “Nah, took it already. Can we go eat now?”

Girls and Guys Photo Text(Source:

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