Top 10 Most Annoying Types Of Singaporeans

1. The One Who Can’t Form A Proper Sentence

Is it really so hard to form a proper sentence? To take two more seconds to be, oh I don’t know, POLITE???


2. The One Who Complains About Everything

From bad coupons to the bus being 10 minutes late (“WHY was the bus so late huh? I had to wait a whole 10 minutes you know! And I was late getting to McDonald’s and all the Hello Kitty toys sold out, so THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT SMRT.”)

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 3. The One Who Thinks It’s YOUR JOB To Answer All Her Inane Questions

I imagine Facebook page admins and bloggers probably get this a lot – that self-entitled person who asks 10 different questions and if you don’t answer within the hour, she’s all like “GOT ANYONE THERE ANOT??”. And when you finally answer the questions, there’s not a word of thanks or any acknowledgement at all.



4. The One Who Doesn’t Move When You Need To Pass Through

Excuse my lack of drawing skills here, but seriously…would it kill you to look up from your iPhone and MOVE?


5. The Pretentious One Who Thinks He’s Better Than You Because He Lived Abroad

Because the coffee is just so much better in Melbourne. Ugh, I don’t know how you drink this stuff, it isn’t even a real flat white. And don’t even get me started on the brunch.

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6. The Tactless One Who Puts You Down To Sell Something

This is the aunty who sneaks up on you while you’re browsing the aisles at Watson’s, and says something like “Aiyoooh! Your hair very thin hor…” Before you can even be like, hold up lady what are you trying to get at, she’ll tell you that you have a balding problem and the only way you can save yourself is to buy her expensive hair loss shampoo, which happens to be on promotion too.

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7. The Pervert Who Looks Normal But Does Weird Stuff Online

Like post naked pics of his wife on men’s forums. Come on man, surely your mother brought you up better than that??

dodgy meme

8. The Old One Who Thinks It’s OK To Insult You Because You’re Younger

Like tell you that you’re really fat now and should lose weight or you’ll never find a husband and be an old maid. FOREVER. This also applies to judgy aunties who ask you things like “How come you’re not married yet? How come you have no baby yet?” and judge every single aspect of your life.

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9. The Preachy One Who Thinks She’s Better Than You

Yes yes, we know you went to some third world country to help the poor and needy…but do you really have to announce it at one-hour intervals on Facebook? And then proceed to judge our frivolous lives because yours is so much more enriching?

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10. The One Who Posts Passive Aggressive Statuses On Facebook

Hey here’s a thought – how about you actually talk to the person you’re angry at? Eh? Sound good?

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