Top 10 Moments You Missed At The National Day Parade 2015

This year marks Singapore’s 50th birthday (as if you couldn’t already tell from all the SG50 festivities), so of course the annual National Day Parade was a truly memorable one. Here’s a brief recap of our favourite moments.

1. Minister Shanmugam’s bold fashion choices.

We applaud how Minister Shanmugam skipped the usual white pants and paired his festive red shirt with khakis instead. A wise choice, considering white clothes are stain magnets (and nobody wants a dodgy stain on your white pants when you’re on national TV you know?). Sorry PM Lee, but this year’s Best Dressed Minister Award goes to Minister Shanmugam.

Minister Shanmugam OOTD

2. This guy’s really cool SG50-themed turban.

Turban on point. Where can we get one?

SG50 Turban(Source: NDPeeps Facebook)

3. When ESM Goh Chok Tong spotted his homie in the crowd of foreign dignitaries.

He’s all like, “OH HAYY BRAH, LONG TIME NO SEE. Hit me up after the show, imma take you for a beer.”

ESM Goh Handshake

4. When the camera kept panning to pretty girls.

The Girl With Really Good SkinPretty Girl Crowd 1

The Girl Who Kinda Looks Like Arissa CheoPretty Girl Crowd 2

The Dancer Who Looks Good Even With Face Paint OnPretty Girl Crowd 3

The Girl Who Looks Good Even In A Cheesy NDP CapPretty Girl Crowd 4

5. This soldier who was sweating buckets during the Parade inspection.

Mad props for resisting the urge to wipe the sweat out of your eyes though. #impressed

Sweaty Soldier

6. This #unimpressed boy who just wasn’t feeling it.

He’s like, STAHP. PLEASE.

Unimpressed Boy 1

And speaking of #unimpressed…

Unimpressed Najib

7. This Overly Excited Guy made up for it though.

He’s like the most excited person in this frame.

Overly Excited Guy CrowdUnimpressed bespectacled boy at the back is still unimpressed though.

8. These retired SAF pioneers getting their #gameface on.

So bad ass I can’t even.

SAF Pioneers 1 SAF Pioneers 2 SAF Pioneers 3

9. When PM Lee and DPM Teo Chee Hean were totally in sync.

‘Cos great minds think alike? Or because #BFFs?

PM Lee DPM Teo Waving Banner

10. When this lucky little girl dodged security to score a handshake with President Tony Tan.

It’s like when you spot Taylor Swift and her entourage leaving the backstage area and you scream, “Taylor! Taylor! Over here!” and she miraculously stops to shake your hand and you decide never to wash it again.

President Tony Tan Shaking Hands

If you missed the National Day Parade this year, watch it online here.

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