Top 10 Moments At The National Day Parade 2014

A recap of the best moments from this year’s National Day Parade at the Marina Bay floating platform.

1. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s really rad outfit.

We applaud his OOTD – white pants are not an easy trend to pull off, especially for a 62-year-old guy. Also, he had the coolest shirt of all the Ministers at NDP 2014.

LHL Shirt(Source: NDPeep Facebook Page)

2. Mr Lee Kuan Yew waving the Singapore flag.

To a standing ovation from the audience, no less.

LKY Flag(Source: STOMP)

3. This patriotic guy using his flag to air strum to Home.

Love his shirt too.

Uncle Guitar

4. This really cute auntie clapping along to Pharrell Williams’ Happy.

Because you’re never too old to boogie.

Auntie Clapping

5. Mr Goh Chok Tong getting really excited about the Dynamic Defence Display.

He’s all like, “Hey bro, are you seeing this?! ARE YOU SEEING THE TANKS?? I WANT ONE FOR CHRISTMAS.”

SM Goh Chok Tong

6. This performer who stole the show with his fabulousness.

Werk itttt.

NDP Performer

7. This clever lady who found an ingenious way to beat the heat.

And shield her face from harmful UV rays.

Auntie Hat(Source: STOMP)

8. Host Hossan Leong’s collection of crazy pants.

I still think PM Lee’s OOTD might have been better. Polka dots are so last season. #justsayin

Hossan Leong Pants(Source: NDPeep Facebook Page)

9. Singaporean hip hop artist ShiGGaShay stealing the limelight with his mad rapping skills.

SO MUCH SWAG. He also had really amazing pants.

Shigga Shay(Source: NDPeep Facebook Page)

10. Navy serviceman Jason Chee kissing and saluting the Singapore flag.

He lost his limbs in a horrific accident, but still returned to work at the Republic of Singapore Navy just 18 months after the incident. Hats off to this amazing guy.

Jason Chee