Top 10 K-Pop Trends

Ever since the Wonder Girls broke into the international scene with their hit Nobody (nobody, nobody butchyuuuu), K-pop has since taken the world by storm. Here are the Top 10 K-Pop Trends that have won the hearts of fans all over.

1. All About The Legs

Because the first requisite of being a K-pop star is a set of gorgeous gams, obviously. From SNSD’s Gee (2009) to Dalshabet’s most recent hit Joker, it’s no surprise that their mile-long legs are almost always the highlight of their music videos. Now excuse us while we sadly contemplate the state of our thunder thighs.




2. Crazy Adventurous Fashion

From checkered suits to straight jackets, no one can pull off crazy fashion trends better than K-pop idols in a music video. I mean, just look at G-Dragon and CL. #swag

Plus, haven’t you seen the girls from K-pop group Orange Caramel dressed as sushi?

Adventurous Kpop fashion

3. Repetitive Lines

…that may not even make any sense. Many K-pop groups like to include repetitive lines in their songs, which can range from random English phrases to well, pure gibberish. Either way, the lines will inevitably be stuck in your head for days.


4. Random Beauty Close-ups

You can always count on a K-pop music video to have random close-ups where the idols charm you with um, their eyes. Whether they’re staring at you longingly or winking playfully, it’ll make you wonder “Who’s that girl at 1:21?!” It’s all about the smize, baby. All about the smize.

Kpop Beauty Close-ups

2NE1 Who is who

5. Colourful Hair

Because if everyone in the group goes to the same plastic surgeon, there are bound to be lookalikes right? Thankfully though, K-pop idols tend to sport different hair colours (the crazier the colour, the better) – which is the perfect way to ensure that your fans can spot you easily.


6. Coloured Contacts

Coloured contact lenses became popular somewhere around 2011, and many K-pop idols (including HyunA and Amber) even created their signature looks around them. Because brown eyes are just too mainstream you know?

kpoptown contact lens(Source: Kpoptown)

Boyband BTOB, though, takes the cake. They wore special glow-in-the-dark contact lenses while performing, which resulted in er…something new for the fans? As creepy as it may look though, you have to admit that it was original.

BTOB UV lens

7. Romantic Competition

Romantic competition is a common theme in many K-pop music videos. In fact, it’s such an overused cliché that someone should ban it already. Whatever the song genre, K-pop music videos love to feature a guest of the opposite gender, while the group members spend the rest of the music video trying to win over his/her heart. What’s this, a reality dating show?

20141126_seoulbeats_HiSuhyun(Source: Seoulbeats)

There aren’t any surprises in the outcome either – the leader always get the girl, leaving fans to comment “Don’t cry, oppa!” or “I wish that was me!” (Don’t we all, sister. Don’t we all.)


8. Box Sets

Seeing as how K-pop fans will go to any extent to stalk their idols, it’s no wonder entertainment companies often opt to shoot music videos in indoor ‘box sets’ – studios which have intricately-engineered design and lighting effects.

K-Pop Box Set

That being said though, companies are starting to change things up lately with… GOT7 Super Junior D&E

…rooftops. Not only do they accede to fans’ requests to (literally) think outside of the box, the groups can still work in a controlled and peaceful set without having to contend with crazy stalker fans.

9. Smiley Eyes and Guy-liner 

When cat eyes became the norm for K-pop girl groups, some genius came up with the idea of eyebags ‘smiley eyes’ (also known as aegyo sal) as a fresh new beauty trend.

Yes, you heard that right – K-pop idols are actually creating eyebags intentionally. And with skin plumpers and transparent tape, not a severe lack of sleep. Apparently it’s supposed to give the eyes more life, which is extremely contradictory but there you go.

crayon-pop-bar-bar-bar kpopunited(Source: Kpopunited)

Not to be left out of beauty trends, K-pop boybands are also upping their guy-liner game. From teardrop-shaped eyeliner to dramatic glitter eyeshadow, these K-pop idols are clearly comfortable enough with their sexuality to be wearing that much makeup. Hey, whatever makes your eyes pop, you know?


10. Aegyo

Last but not least, who can forget the aegyo (act cute) trend? From talking in a baby voice to winking at the camera in an animated cutesy way (after all, you don’t want to look like you just have something stuck in your eye), K-pop has justified that acting cute is not just for 6-year-old girls.

K-Pop Aegyo SNSD

Oh and guys, aegyo is not just for the girls. For the record, the famous Gwiyomi trend was actually started by Ilhoon from boy group BTOB.