Top 10 Hottest Asian Olympic Athletes

With the opening of the London 2012 Olympics this past weekend, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up the hottest Asian athletes in this year’s crop. It was an arduous task, but hey someone had to do it.

1. Sun Yang, 20

Swimming, China

The first ever Chinese man to win a gold medal in swimming at the Olympics, it’s no wonder Sun Yang is China’s poster boy. And with biceps like those, we don’t doubt why. Oh, and did we mention he’s 1.98m tall (omg)? I suppose if the swimming thing doesn’t work out, he can always try out runway modeling.


2. Chris Duenas, 20

Swimming, Guam

Okay so Guam technically isn’t in Asia (it’s considered a part of Micronesia but whatever) – the bottom line is, Chris Duenas was too hot to pass up for this list. If only all guys could look as good in a pair of Speedos that leave so little to the imagination…


3. Yuko Shintake, 21

Gymnastics, Japan

Now here’s a gymnast who’s got us bending over backwards in awe. At only 154cm, she may be petite but she sure knows how to look graceful in mid-air.

(Source: Zimbio)

4. Islam Bozbayev, 21

Judo, Kazakhstan

If you think that Kazakhstan is filled with Borat lookalikes, you’re sorely mistaken. With his boyish good looks and towering height (he stands at 1.82m), Islam is definitely one of the bona fide hotties on the judo floor.

Islam Bozbayev is the second one from the right. (Source: Zimbio)

5. Liu Xiang, 29

Hurdles, China

The first Chinese athlete to achieve the “triple crown” of athletics (World Record Holder, World Champion and Olympic Champion), Liu Xiang is pretty much hailed as a hero in his home country. Who would’ve thought that hurdles could look so sexy?


6. Quazi Syque Caesar, 21

Artistic Gymnastics, Bangladesh

Born in Florida to immigrant parents from Bangladesh, Syque was chosen to represent his country in the London 2012 Olympics. With his Bollywood-worthy looks and impressive muscles, he sure makes men’s gymnastics look more masculine than we’d thought.

(Source: The Daily Star)

7. Joseph Schooling, 17

Swimming, Singapore

Here’s a little bit a national pride for Singaporeans reading this. Singaporean national swimmer Joseph Schooling not only bagged several medals at the last SEA Games, but also set the Southeast Asian record for the 200m and 50m fly. He is also quite possibly one of the few people who still looks hot with a pair of goggles strung across his forehead.

(Source: Yahoo! News Singapore)

8. Rie Tanaka, 25

Gymnastics, Japan

What is it about Japan and their gymnasts? Why do they look so long and lean and graceful?! With two brothers also competing in gymnastics at the London 2012 Olympics, it’s no wonder national champion Rie Tanaka has gymnastics in her genes. Although with her cute dimples and lean build, Rie could always fall back on acting or modeling as a backup career.

(Source: Zimbio)

9. Takuro Fujii, 27

Swimming, Japan

A Bronze medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Takuro Fujii is a 6 foot-tall champ from Osaka. Who doesn’t love a tall and tanned hottie?

(Source: Zimbio)

10. Nathan Adrian, 23

Swimming, USA

Oh Nathan…you’ve really got to give us a warning before posting a photo like this. Born and raised in Hong Kong (his mother is Chinese), the American citizen graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. And did we mention that he’s also an Olympic gold medalist? Sigh. Such a fine specimen of a man.

(Source: Team USA)

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