Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas For 2015

Stumped for Halloween costume ideas? Skip the sexy cowgirl costume this year and go for one of these picks instead.

1. Sadness from Inside Out

Girls, forget the overdone Elsa costume and trade the princess frock for a different kind of blue. Sadness from Disney’s animated movie Inside Out makes for a funnier Halloween costume – being a perky Disney princess is overrated anyway.

What You’ll Need: Blue face paint, a blue bob wig, Harry Potter-esque glasses, a grey cowl neck sweater and your most depressing expression ever.

Difficulty Level: 3/5

Sadness Inside Out Costume(Source:

2. Twinning Emoji

Need a bestie costume for your bae? The twinning Whatsapp emoji is an easy and fun costume idea to execute. If you’re not too excited about wearing a black leotard in public, a black tee and shorts combo will work too.

What You’ll Need: A black leotard, a black hair bow, a blonde wig, black shoes and killer leg muscles (because you’ll probably be lifting your leg for every photo op of the night).

Difficulty Level: 2/5

Twinning Emoji Costume(Source:

3. Scarlet Witch from Avengers: Age of Ultron

What’s Halloween without a superhero costume? Instead of a run-of-the-mill Catwoman or Wonder Woman costume, we say go for the Scarlet Witch instead – she kicked some serious ass in this year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Who says mutants aren’t sexy?

Difficulty Level: 3/5

What You’ll Need: A red leather jacket, a black dress, black combat boots, knee high socks, black wristbands, goth makeup and a scowl for good measure.

The Scarlet Witch Costume(Source:

4. Kim Kardashian

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the Kardashians are all fair game. If you don’t have the long legs to pull off Kendall Jenner (sob), who better to go as than the original famous Kardashian – Kim, of course. Remember her infamous photo shoot with Paper Magazine that well, kind of broke the Internet? You may not have Kim’s derrière but you’ll still get plenty of street cred for your recreation of the look.

Difficulty Level: 5/5

What You’ll Need: A sparkly black gown, a pearl choker necklace, long black gloves, a champagne bottle and glass, aluminium foil (for the champagne trail) and lots of padding for your butt. Don’t forget the nasal voice and unexplained desire to take selfies every few minutes or so.

Kim Kardashian Break The Internet Costume(Source: Paper Magazine/

5. Magic Mike

Guys, here’s an excuse to show off your abs in the least obnoxious way possible. After all, Halloween is always a legit excuse to bare your goods with minimal judgement. If you’re lacking in the uh, abs department, do not despair – this ab-tastic Six Pack T-shirt will do the trick.

Difficulty Level: 1/5 (if you have a six pack), 5/5 (if you have a beer belly)

What You’ll Need: A black tie, a false collar, your best pants/jeans and abs of steel.

Magic Mike Costume(Source:

6. Jurassic Park Ranger and Raptor

Need a cute couple costume? Give a nod to this year’s blockbuster hit Jurassic World and go for a park ranger and raptor combo costume. As an added bonus, you can also use your raptor costume to plough your way through the crowd.

Difficulty Level: 4/5

What You’ll Need: A white shirt, khakis, a straw hat and a walking stick (for the park ranger); black dress, cardboard (lots of it) and enough patience to fashion a raptor costume out of aforementioned cardboard.

Jurassic Park Costume 2(Source:

7. The #whiteandgold #blackandblue Dress

Remember when the Internet lost their marbles over a dress? This Halloween, pay homage to the dress that caused several heated debates (and possibly broken friendships too). If you want to be diplomatic about it, go halfsies and rep both teams with a blue/black AND white/gold dress.

Difficulty Level: 4/5 (if you’re making it yourself), 1/5 (if you’re buying a costume)

What You’ll Need: A dress, blue and white dye, gold and black lace strips

The Dress Costume(Source: Wikipedia/

8. Left Shark

It’s not easy to steal the spotlight from Katy Perry, but Left Shark sure did with his hilarious inability to keep up with the beat at the pop star’s Superbowl Halftime performance this year.

Difficulty Level: 1/5 (just buy the costume)

What You’ll Need: A Left Shark costume and awkward dance skills.


9. Frank Underwood from House Of Cards

If you’re the kind of guy that prefers to play it safe and suave, Frank Underwood is a good bet for this year’s Halloween costume. You won’t really have to make a costume, and you can strike up a conversation with other House of Cards fans.

Difficulty Level: 4/5

What You’ll Need: All you really need is a good black suit and the ability to sprout classic Frank Underwood phrases like “ruthless pragmatism”.

Frank Underwood Costume(Source: Netflix/

10. Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens

As much as it’s slightly embarrassing to admit that we’re watching the new American horror comedy TV series Scream Queens, we’re actually obsessed with it. Scarily so, in fact. If you prefer to be the Queen Bee rather than the Class Clown, Chanel Oberlin has our vote for mean girl costume of the year. The sassy sorority president has a wardrobe to die for, and will give Regina George a run for her money.

Difficulty Level: 2/5

What You’ll Need: A designer outfit (preferably in pastel shades) and your best Bitchy Resting Face.

Chanel Oberlin(Source:

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