Top 10 Things Only Singaporeans Would Understand

1. You understand an impressively large collection of acronyms.

NETS, MRT, ERP and HDB may seem like secret code words to the untrained eye, but they’re really part of our daily conversations.


(Source: Wikipedia)


2. It’s not weird to live with your parents until you get married.

Unless you’re really rich and can afford a place of your own.

buy hdb meme


3. Chewing gum has never been a part of your life.

Except when you smuggled in that pack of Bubble Yum from Malaysia. And felt like a rebel for doing so.

Bubble Yum

4. There is a mutual understanding among Singaporeans that a packet of tissue placed on a table or seat means it’s taken.

And you actually feel kind of affronted when someone ignores the code and takes your table anyway.

Tissue on chairs(Source: TimeOut Singapore)


5. When you were in school, everyone had tutors. Even the students who were at the top of the class.

In fact, if you didn’t go for tuition, your classmates were all like “Wah, you not scared of O Levels meh?”

O Levels Meme

6. You complain about Malaysia being dangerous, but still go there to buy groceries.

Because who can resist the deals at Giant Hypermart? And the prices are all in Ringgit too!

Giant Malaysia(Source:


7. “Uncle” and “Auntie” are not just terms for relatives, but the default name for anyone who looks much older than you.

Could be anyone from your mother’s sister to the char kway teow uncle.

Hawker Uncle(Source: HungryGoWhere)


8. Zero tolerance policy doesn’t just apply to drugs around here, but to summon aunties as well.

Because no matter how much you plead with her, she’ll still issue you a fine if your parking coupon is expired.

Parking Auntie(Source: The Smart Local)


9. Queuing is a second nature to you.

We’ll stand in line for hours, just to be one of the first shoppers at the new H&M store (got free gift card OK). Or to get the new limited edition McDonald’s Hello Kitty plush toy.

Queue HM(Source: Poached Magazine)


10. The real reason you’re glad Singapore is a multi-cultural society is because we get multiple public holidays.

And a wider perspective on religion and culture, of course.

Public Holidays 2014 Singapore