Top 10 Ways You KNOW Your Parents Are Singaporean

1. They will stand in line for hours just to get you into a good school.

Even longer than you’ll stand in line for a new H&M store opening.

Parents Queue(Source: EtonHouse)


2. They sent you to ballet, piano and art classes when you were young.

But when you told them you wanted to be a dancer when you grew up, they were like, “Dancer? A DANCER? For what?? You cannot earn money one! You’re going to be a doctor. Or lawyer.”

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3. School holidays meant extra classes.

You went for enrichment classes, remedial sessions and Chinese tuition – not because you were failing in school, but because it was “for your own good only”.

Chinese Tutor SingaporeThis photo is a lie, because we NEVER looked this jolly while studying. (Source: 


4. When you failed an exam, tough love was the way to go.

“You think failing is a joke? You want to work at KFC for the rest of your life? Come, let’s go and get an application lah!” *drags you out by the arm while you cry in fear*

Like A Boss Asian Dad(Source:


5. They had a “no boyfriends/girlfriends allowed” rule at home.

Until you hit your 20s. Then they’re always like “Eh, why no girlfriend/boyfriend ah? You should go out more and meet some people you know.” No Boys Allowed Meme

6. They told you all sorts of things to get you to behave.

Like not making funny faces at people, or the “bad wind” will freeze your face like that forever. I’m still kind of wary about making faces because of this. #scarredforlife

Y U No Ting MamaAfter all, Jay Chou certainly did and look how famous he is now. (Source:


7. They’ll keep comparing you to Aunty so-and-so’s daughter, who got straight As for her O’Levels.

But in front of that same Aunty, they’ll be singing your praises. “Oh, my son is more artistically-inclined. Did you know he won a national prize for his artwork? He got to shake the President’s hand you know.”

Shaking hands President(Source:


8. They boasted about every achievement you had in school.

Even if it was some lao pok “award” that everyone in class got just for participating in a course.Participation Award

9. They threatened to leave you at the shopping centre/supermarket when you threw tantrums in public.

They even pretended to walk away for the added scare factor. Then when you were sufficiently terrified enough, they would pop out from wherever they were hiding (and secretly keeping an eye on you) and say, “You still want to shout? I leave you here again ah!”

Crying Girl(Source:


10. They made a “don’t you dare ah” face at you whenever someone asked if you wanted to order something special at dinner.

So you had to be like, “It’s okay Aunty, I’ll have water. Coke rots my teeth.” even though you were DYING to have a Coke.

Rooftop Prince GrandmaYou dare defy your mother when she’s staring at you like this?!