Top 10 Pasar Malam Bargains You Need In Your Life

Food porn-worthy snacks, cheap decorations and comfy clothes. What’s not to love about Pasar Malams in Singapore?

1. #Foodporn-worthy Snacks

Ahh…what’s a visit to the Pasar Malam without some #foodporn? Besides traditional snacks like tutu kueh and mua chee, you can also find more new-age creations like Red Velvet Churros, fried Oreos (yes, really!) and Thai coconut ice cream at Pasar Malams these days. Talk about #levelup.

Oh, and have we mentioned how most of these snacks are still relatively cheap (and priced without GST or Service Charge)?

Thai Coconut Ice Cream(Source: gnohznaij Burrple)

2. Plants

You know where you just might find a good deal on Pinterest-worthy urban plants? A Pasar Malam. For real.

Local florists sometimes set up a stall at a Pasar Malam, offering a wide range of flora and fauna for your home. You’ll usually also get the best discounts (and possibly the freshest plants too) at these Pasar Malam stalls, because the storekeepers would usually rather clear the items than have to transport them back to their warehouse.

Potted Cacti(Source:

3. Fake Flowers

If you don’t exactly have green thumbs, you can pick up plenty of fake flowers at the Pasar Malam instead. Fake flowers are awesome because you don’t have to bother with them, but they can sometimes be more expensive than real flowers (oh the irony).

Check out a Pasar Malam (especially any Deepavali bazaars) for a wide range of fake flowers at cheaper prices. You know what they say, things cost less when they don’t get the air-con treatment…

Fake Flowers(Source:

4. DIY Tools

Spotlight may be a great place for DIY fanatics, but their accessories can get pretty pricey ($7.99 for a roll of ribbon r u serious right now Spotlight??). Pasar Malams are a great place to find cheaper alternatives for random DIY necessities, such as bobbins, spools of thread, yarn scissors and Velcro sheets. You might even get a good deal on atas gilded fabrics from Ramadan bazaars.

Pasar Malam Fabrics(Source:

5. Comfy Loungewear

…and by loungewear we really mean that ratty oversized tee you only wear at home. Pasar Malams are the best places to get cheap and comfy home clothes – I mean, who cares if your tee says Halo Katty instead of Hello Kitty? No one important is going to see you lying on the couch in them, binge-watching Korean dramas and eating more ice cream than you should.

Comfy Loungewear(Source:

6. Children’s Clothes

Not to be all auntie about it, but kids grow out of their clothes really quickly so what’s wrong with buying cheap ones? From baby mittens to princess dresses, you can get a whole range of children’s clothes at Pasar Malams…without the hefty price tags of registered trademarks (yes Elsa, we’re talking about you).

Childrens Clothes(Source:

7. Random Useful Tools

The beauty of Pasar Malams is that they often sell a bunch of random but useful tools you can’t quite find anywhere else. Whether you need a back scratcher, scalp massager (it exists, yes) or even one of those old-school ear diggers, you’ll probably be able to find it at your local Pasar Malam.

Pasar Malam(Source:

8. Ornaments

Looking for a gift for your aunt who loves collecting random knick-knacks? Pasar Malams are a treasure trove of porcelain vases, crystal flowers and even…toad figurines that are supposed to bring the owner wealth (o rly? *raises eyebrows*). The items are usually sold auction-style, and bidding can start as low as $2. It’s especially easy to score a good deal if there’s a small crowd.

Don’t get high hopes about the authenticity of the antiques or gems though – they’re really more for novelty and decoration, rather than serious collectors.

Ornaments Aution(Source: Pasar Malam Singapore Facebook)

9. Festive Goodies

If you love your festive goodies, head down to the bazaars for Deepavali (Campbell Lane/Hastings Road), Hari Raya (Kandahar Street/Geylang Serai) and Chinese New Year (Chinatown) to get your fill of pineapple tarts, dum biryani, muruku and more. Chances are, you’ll probably score a much better deal on these goodies, as compared to the pre-packaged ones you find at the supermarket or shopping centres.

Chinese New Year Goodies(Source:

10. Chinese New Year Decorations

True-blue bargain hunters would know that when it comes to decorations, there’s Daiso for Christmas and Pasar Malams for Chinese New Year. From zodiac-themed wall decor to (somewhat tacky) fake firecrackers, the Chinatown Pasar Malam is one of the best places in Singapore to find inexpensive Chinese New Year decorations.

If you want to score an especially good deal, check out the Pasar Malam a few days before Chinese New Year eve – the sellers there are usually in a hurry to clear their stock, so they’ll be more willing to give you a good bargain.

Pasar Malam Chinese New Year Decorations(Source:

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