10 Singaporean Brands That Make Us Proud To Go Local

Whenever we think of famous Singaporean brands, industry heavyweights like Singapore Airlines and Osim may come to mind. However, these aren’t the only Singaporean brands that are making a mark in their respective industries. Here are some truly remarkable brands that make us proud to go local.

1. Awfully Chocolate

Australians may have Max Brenner, but we’ve got Awfully Chocolate. I mean, how many times have you gone to Awfully Chocolate for a birthday cake, or even just to satisfy a chocolate craving?

What started out as a venture to create the perfect dark chocolate cake has now become a successful, multi-country franchise that not only sells cakes, but pastries, premium ice cream and chocolate milkshakes as well. That’s awfully amazing, if you ask us.

Awfully-Chocolate(Source: beyondsustenance.com)

2. Zouk

Singapore may have a plethora of clubs and bars, but nothing trumps the mother of all nightlife venues – Zouk. Ever since its inception in 1991, Zouk has always been at the forefront of Singapore’s nightlife scene, bringing in names like Avicii, Hardwell and more. From Mambo Night to ZoukOut, many of us (both young and old) grew up with fond memories of Zouk – and today, it still continues to be the venue of choice for many partygoers.

Zouk Singapore(Source: Zouk Singapore Facebook)

3. Saveur

When it comes to French food in Singapore, the word ‘affordable’ doesn’t exactly come to mind. Thank goodness for Saveur Restaurant then, which prides itself on its affordable French food – without compromising on quality.

Founded by chefs Dylan Ong and Joshua Khoo, Saveur has attracted a loyal following – as seen from the snaking queues at its outlets – and continues to be a hit among those looking for a no-frills French meal. It may not be Les Amis, but Saveur definitely gives you bang for your buck. And if there’s one thing we Singaporeans love, it’s a meal that is good and affordable.

Saveur(Source: Saveur Facebook)

4. The Ice Cream & Cookie Co

A dessert that combines two of our favourite treats? Now that’s something we can get behind. The Ice Cream & Cookie Co was one of the first places in Singapore to offer gourmet ice cream cookie sandwiches, made with premium ingredients and without any preservatives or harmful ingredients. Today, the flourishing dessert company has expanded its reach from a simple online store, to being stocked in cafes and restaurants around Singapore.

Founded in 2007 by ex-lawyer Natasha Chiam, the brand has no doubt attracted a devoted following with its gourmet treats. And with delectable flavours like Earl Grey Tea ice cream with Lemon Zest cookies, and Butterscotch Bacon ice cream with Brown Sugar cookies, it’s really not difficult to see why.

The Ice Cream And Cookie Co(Source: The Ice Cream & Cookie Co)

5. Carousell

Before local marketplace app Carousell came along, the only places we could sell our stuff online were Gumtree, Ebay and random forums. Sure, you may have encountered a flaky buyer or two on Carousell, but there’s no denying that buying and selling on the app is as simple as it gets.

The easy-to-use app allows users to ‘Snap and Sell’ (snap a photo of your item, then list it for sale) and ‘Chat to Buy’ (enquire about an item for sale, then make an offer to confirm the deal), and has an extensive marketplace that includes everything from pre-loved clothing to lifestyle gadgets. The best part? It’s free to sign up, and you don’t have to pay any commission fees for selling an item through the app.

Carousell(Source: youngupstarts.com)

6. HipVan

If you’re looking to level up your home decor game, HipVan is the answer to your prayers. The design-focused e-commerce site offers a range of cool accessories, art and collectibles, as well as home and furnishing items.

Founded in 2013 by Shobhit Datta, Kevin Vo, Deborah Wee, and Danny Tan, the Singapore-based site acts as a platform to connect independent designers with buyers who are seeking unique products.

In the short span of two years, HipVan has garnered a massive following – even attracting the attention of investors like Skype co-founder Toivo Annus. Better watch out Etsy, looks like HipVan is giving you some tough competition.

HipVan(Source: HipVan)

7. Temasek Clothings

Temasek Clothings, if you hadn’t already heard of them, offers cheeky and humorous tees that pay homage to Singapore’s culture and history.

Started by two Singaporeans (with a sense of humour, obviously), the Made-in-Singapore brand is on a mission to make us laugh at ourselves more and take life less seriously. And with T-shirt captions like Eat, Sleep Chiong, Repeat and I Woke Up Liddis, it’s really quite hard not to.

Temasek Clothings(Source: Temasek Clothings Facebook)

8. Time Taken To Make A Dress

These days, walking down the aisle in a clichéd poufy white dress is somewhat uncommon around here – and we have brands like Time Taken To Make A Dress to thank for that. The Singapore-based boutique does beautiful customised wedding gowns and evening dresses – without the exorbitant price tag (Vera Wang, are you listening?).

The label believes in looking to the individual client for inspiration and feedback, rather than being swayed by fleeting trends. If you’re looking for a gown that is truly one-of-a-kind, then the ladies at Time Taken To Make A Dress have got you covered.

Time Taken To Make A Dress(Source: Time Taken to Make a Dress)

9. Skin Inc

The idea for Skin Inc first came about when founder Sabrina Tan couldn’t find a solution for her eczema-prone skin, so she set out to create her own products instead.

Skin Inc’s patented technology boasts a unique concept of customising serums to suit individual needs, and the brand has since built a presence in over 9 countries – including Sephora stores in Singapore, Australia and the United States.

Besides multiple beauty awards, Skin Inc also got popular American fashion blogger Aimee Song to fly down to Singapore for a launch. How’s that for putting Singapore on the beauty map?

Skin Inc Singapore(Source: Groupon Singapore)

10. Strip

Let’s face it – when it comes to unwanted hair in your nether regions, you only want to go to a place you can trust. Enter Strip, the answer to all your hairy problems (pun intended).

As Singapore’s first dedicated waxing salon, it’s no surprise that Strip has always been at the forefront of the hair removal industry – with advanced procedures for waxing, IPL and even a laser treatment to lighten pigmentation in darkened areas.

The brand, which is under the Spa Esprit Group, has since expanded into cities like Bangkok, Shanghai and New York.

Strip Singapore(Source: Strip Official Facebook)