Useful ezbuy Hacks For The Taobao Addict

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Love shopping on Taobao through ezbuy? Here are some hacks to save you money, time and effort on your next order.

1. Ship your parcel to the warehouse that is closer to your seller.

ezbuy has receiving warehouses in both Guangzhou and Shanghai, which are the two most popular operating areas for Taobao sellers. If you need your order urgently, ship the parcel to whichever warehouse is closer to your seller.

For those who are ordering from multiple sellers, you can still ship the individual parcels to whichever warehouse is closer to your seller (if you have a tight timeline). ezbuy doesn’t have a base charge on orders, but instead offers a standard per 500g rate for most of their shipping options.

Not sure how heavy your items will be? Use the ezbuy Cost Calculator tool to get a weight estimate for general items, as well as the expected shipping cost. If you want a more accurate weight estimate, ask the individual seller through Taobao’s chat function AliWangwang. Remember to factor in the weight of the packaging materials as well (about 10% of the item weight).


2. Ship bulky items to ezbuy‘s Guangzhou warehouse.

For heavy or bulky items, ezbuy recommends shipping your order to their Guangzhou warehouse. The shipping rate from the Guangzhou warehouse starts from $0.36 per 500g (for parcels above 160kg), which is lower than the shipping rate from the Shanghai warehouse ($0.45 per 500g). ezbuy’s Guangzhou warehouse is located closer to the sea shipping port, hence the lower shipping rates.

wooden-plate-setWooden Plates (Source: 品味元素旗舰店)

3. Go Prime.

If you are planning to make multiple orders with large or bulky items though, you might want to sign up for ezbuy’s Prime Membership. The membership fee is $99 per year, and you’ll get a flat $2.99 international shipping fee per order, on an unlimited number of orders throughout the period. Prime Members also enjoy a lower agent fee (4% instead of 8%) and free insurance of up to $2000 per parcel. Not a bad option for small business owners who place large orders with Taobao regularly.


(Source: 「inza」一宅幻享家)

4. Try to keep your order value under $400.

If you are sending your order by air, try to keep the total parcel value under $400 (Singapore dollars) to avoid having to pay an extra 7% GST charge.

For Buy-For-Me orders, GST will be charged only if the product fee and domestic shipping fee (excludes international shipping fee) exceed 400 Singapore dollars.

For Ship-For-Me orders, GST will be charged only if the product fee, domestic shipping fee and international shipping fee exceed 400 Singapore dollars.

GST will be charged on all sea shipment orders, as per IRAS regulations.

glass-jugsGlass Jugs (Source: 「inza」一宅幻享家)

5. Ask to have your items vacuum packed.

If your order contains bulky but light items (i.e. large pillows or blankets), ezbuy offers a vacuum pack service to reduce the chargeable volumetric weight of your items. The service is only available for Buy-For-Me orders, at an additional charge of $3 – $8 (depending on the size of the item).

To request for an item to be vacuum packed, just indicate your request in the ‘Special Instructions’ box before checking out.

pillow-casesPillow Cases (Source: 灵感印象布艺生活)

6. Download the EZcart tool for an easier Taobao shopping experience.

Prefer to browse on Taobao directly? Download the EZcart tool so you can add items straight to your ezbuy cart, without having to copy and paste any links. The tool works with Google Chrome and only supports Taobao and Tmall for now though.


7. Select EZ-Shipping when checking out.

Can’t be bothered to log into your account regularly to check on the status of each parcel? Select the EZ-Shipping option (only available for Buy-For-Me orders) when placing your order, so that ezbuy will automatically ship out your order once all of the parcels have been consolidated at their China warehouse.

glass-drinking-mugGlass Drinking Jug (Source: 世外陶园 外贸精品店)

8. Pick up your order to save on delivery charges.

ezbuy has hundreds of self-collection points all over Singapore, so if you don’t mind ferrying your parcel home, you can arrange to have it picked up at a collection point (and save on home delivery charges).

Besides various MRT Stations, ezbuy also has collection points at neighbourhood locations and their warehouses in Tai Seng, Dhoby Ghaut, Raffles Place, Jurong, Sengkang, Tampines, Tanjong Pagar and Woodlands. For a full list of pick up locations, see here.

ezbuy-pick-up-locationsezbuy has multiple pick-up locations for self-collection.

9. Opt for Bank Transfer instead of Credit Card payment.

If you are based in Singapore, it might be better to opt for Local Bank Transfer as a payment method. Credit Card payments have a 3% transaction fee, while Local Bank Transfers have none. Sure, it may take a bit more effort (and you will probably need your iBanking toggle), but payment verification is usually approved within a few hours by ezbuy.

When completing the Local Bank Transfer, remember to enter your ezbuy username in the ‘My Initials’ field for easier reference.

You can also opt to pay your order balance in cash if you have selected the Self-Collection delivery option.

wooden-chopping-boardWooden Chopping Board (Source: 「inza」一宅幻享家)

10. Refer friends to get shopping credit.

There’s no better time to be a shopping enabler, because ezbuy’s referral scheme will reward you for it. Send your friends a referral link, and they will get a $5 voucher to use on ezbuy. Once they make a purchase, you’ll get $4.50 credited to your account.

antique-glass-bottles(Source: 布草家居 zakka home 杂货)

11. Download the ezbuy app to keep track of your orders on the go.

Always on the go? Download the ezbuy app to keep track of your orders, make arrangements for pick ups and of course, browse Taobao and Tmall in English. You can also chat with ezbuy’s customer service through the app, in case you run into any problems with your order.


Comparison Chart

Still unsure about where to ship your Taobao order to? Below is a summary of services and charges offered by ezbuy versus using a Taobao-appointed forwarder.

Unlike ordering directly through Taobao, ezbuy offers both Buy-For-Me and Ship-For-Me services for buyers. The Ship-For-Me service basically provides a receiving warehouse for your Taobao order, while the Buy-For-Me service is like a concierge of sorts. You pay a small percentage fee and in return, ezbuy ensures that everything goes smoothly with your order. If anything does go wrong, their customer service team will be there to rectify the problem (and save you a huge headache).

ezbuy also offers Free Agent Fee promotions from time to time, where you can get the agent fee waived on your order – so stay tuned to the site for the latest promotions.


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This post is brought to you in collaboration with ezbuy, a one-stop global shipping platform.

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