Taobao Shopping Guide: Home and Living

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Decorating your home can get pretty expensive (and limited) around here, but thankfully, you can always turn to Taobao for a whole host of home decoration options. From Scandinavian-style rugs to classy homeware, here are some tasteful (and inexpensive) home items to spruce your place up.

1. Silver Mirrored Trays

32 SGD – 38 SGD

Because nothing says ‘Tai Tai Tea Party’ better than a fancy tray to serve your guests champagne and canapés on.

Silver Tray(Source: QSJ Home & Decor)

2. Mirrored Photo Frames

10 SGD

Silver frames like these would easily cost much more at local retailers (*cough* Crate and Barrel *cough*), but Taobao has many cheaper alternatives (even with shipping fees included). This particular seller (link above) does made-to-order frames as well, so you can chat with them if you want a specific size or finishing.

Silver Frames(Source: 全饰界家居饰品)

3. Decorative Flower Vase

6.40 SGD

Need to add some colour to your home? These cute flower vases (which come with a choice of white, pink or green artificial roses) will look great on your dining or hallway table. And as an added bonus, these flowers don’t have to be watered. #lazypeoplehacks

Round Flower Vase(Source: iHome)

4. Long Flower Vase

22 SGD

Decorative vases are an easy way to add a classy touch to your home. If you don’t have flowers, you can fill your vase with decorative balls or pebbles as well.

Long Flower Vase(Source: iHome)

5. Artificial Flowers

90 cents for a bouquet of 10 stalks

Here’s a money-saving hack for those of you who love doing #flatlays on Instagram – just use artificial flowers from Taobao, nobody will be able to tell anyway.

Artificial Flowers(Source: iHome)

6. Artificial Hydrangeas

1.30 SGD for a bouquet of 7 stalks

Considering a bouquet of real Hydrangeas can cost around 80 SGD, these artificial ones are quite the steal. And they won’t wilt after a few days.

Artificial Hydrangeas(Source: 西贝家居装饰)

7. Aroma Therapy Set


Aroma therapy sets not only make your home smell like a spa (aka atas), but also add a cozy touch to any living space. This particular set comes with the scent sticks, jar and a bottle of aroma therapy oil. If you already have one too many aroma therapy sets at home, this also makes for a good gift – just put it in a nice gift bag and no one will know it’s from Taobao hiak hiak hiak.

Aroma Therapy Set(Source: iHome)

8. Japanese-style Round Bowl

3.50 SGD

These MUJI-inspired bowls are a clean and classic option for tableware. They also have the added bonus of making your food look better in photos (because you know you love taking #onthetable photos of your home cooked lunch).

Japanese Style Bowl(Source: 幸福杂货铺ZAKKA)

9. Heart Shaped Bowl

55 cents to 7.50 SGD

Okay, so how many heart shaped bowls have you seen on Instagram already? They used to be available at (the now closed) Franc Franc, but you can get them on Taobao too. There are several different sizes and they are relatively inexpensive, so you can use them for everything from dessert tables to wedding decorations.

A slightly different variation of this heart bowl is also available here.

Heart Shaped Bowl(Source: Lotus Blue Home)

10. Water Jug

12 SGD

Want to step up your home game? Skip the cheap plastic water jugs and get one of these snazzy clear jugs for when you have guests over. Alternative option here.

Eva Solo Glass Jug(Source: 好小伙创艺生活馆)

11. Glass Water Bottle

14.95 SGD – 19 SGD

Need a refreshing drink in this hot weather? Add some orange slices, mint and cucumber to your water jug and leave it in the fridge to cool. Because plain water is so normal, puh-leeze. #levelup

Glass Water Bottle(Source: u[1849083226])

12. Monochrome Cushion Case

8.35 SGD

Scandinavian-style seems to be all the rage in interior design these days, and this monochrome cushion case suits the theme perfectly. It doesn’t come with the cushion itself though, but you can easily get standard 50cm x 50cm pillows from IKEA.

Other colour options available here.

Striped Pillow(Source: 宜居家纺最宜居)

13. Scandinavian-style Rug

127 SGD

I don’t know if it’s because of Singapore’s weather, but finding a decent rug (that’s not overpriced) around here is a real task sometimes. Enter Taobao, the answer to your home decoration woes. This particular seller also lists the weight of the rug (how thoughtful), so you can estimate your shipping cost as well.

Scandinavian Rug(Source: 视觉味道)

14. Fuzzy Grey Rug

18 SGD to 105 SGD

Sorry, a bit obsessed with rugs at the moment but LOOK AT HOW COZY THIS RUG IS. I just want to roll around on it forever, really.

Alternative option here.

Fuzzy Grey Rug 2(Source: 琪斯美旗舰店)

15. Chevron Rug

27 SGD

This rug, my friends, is what Pinterest dreams are made of. Go on, you know you want one for your living room.

This seller also does custom orders, so you can chat with them if you’re looking for a specific size and colour.

Chevron Rug(Source: 陈老吉家居地毯)

16. Ball Lights

8.35 SGD for a 2 metre string of 20 bulbs

Instead of dreaming about Pinterest-worthy parties, why not have your own? These ball lights (no idea what they’re really called, so let’s just call them ball lights OK) look great on the floor, or dangling down from the ceiling or windows. You can also hang several strings together to form a cool backdrop for photos.

Ball Lamps(Source: 尚品艺饰)

17. Minimalistic Floor Lamp

41 SGD to 194 SGD

This standing metal lamp may be a bit bulky, but it does look like something you could find at local retailers – for a fraction of the price.

Alternative option here.

Big Metal Lamp(Source: 爱惟旗舰店)

18. Standing Floor Lamp

123 SGD

If you’re into zen-like home design, this standing floor lamp might be right up your alley. It seems to be quite highly rated too, so check out the customer reviews for more details and photos of the actual item.

Cage Lamp(Source: 科瑞森品牌店)

Handy Search Terms

Home Decoration 家居装饰

Scandinavian style 北欧现代 (Scandinavian modern)

Striped Carpet 条纹地毯

Striped Rug 条纹地毯

Ball Lamp 球灯

Scandinavian Modern Lamp 北欧现代 灯

Floor Lamp (This literally translates to ‘Modern Living Room Standing Lamp’ because when it comes to Taobao, specifics matter A LOT. You might be 2 Chinese characters away from a really obiang lamp.) 现代客厅落地灯

Heart Shaped Bowl 心形碗

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