Taobao Party Guide

Planning a themed party? Make it an epic one with these party essentials from Taobao.

1. Party Tableware

Skip the plain tableware and make your party Pinterest-worthy with these cute paper plates, cups and cutlery. They come in a variety of colours and prints, so you can easily choose a motif to suit your party’s theme.



2. Small Jars

These small jars may look plain on their own, but don’t let their simple appearance fool you. Besides using them for drinks or desserts, you can also display party utensils or decorations in these versatile jars.

Jars(Source: Millet Bake/Taobao)

3. Party Plates (For Kids)

Need something more kid-friendly? These animal-themed plates will do the trick.

Party Plates For Kids(Source: Light Capo Flagship/Taobao)

4. Decorative Straws

Having a hen’s night party? These decorative straws will make your cocktails look Instaworthy in an instant.

Diamond Ring Straws


Heart Straws


5. Decorative Cupcake Wrappers

Because nothing says party perfect better than a tray of pretty cupcakes.

Decorative Cupcake Wrappers(Source: Amour Wedding Flagship/Taobao)

6. Cupcake Toppers

Planning a dessert table? These cute toppers are a quick and easy way to dress up your cupcakes.


7. Birthday Cake Toppers

Pimp your birthday cake with these decorative toppers, which come in a variety of colours and designs.


8. Printed Party Hats

Because the party doesn’t start until you’ve got your party hat on.

Printed Birthday Party Hats(Source: Light Capo Flagship/Taobao)

9. Decorative Pineapple Container

HOW CUTE IS THIS PINEAPPLE CONTAINER?! Go on, you know you want one…


10. Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holder

And while you’re at it, please get one of these inflatable drink holders too.


11. Donut Pool Float

Of course, no pool party is complete without an Instaworthy float. Oh and have we mentioned how it’s only $10? Taobao FTW all day errrrday.


12. Decorative Lanterns

Need to spruce up your party venue? These decorative lanterns are an easy and inexpensive way to up your party decor game. They come in a flat package, but are super easy to assemble.

Ice Cream Lantern


Pineapple Lantern


Hot Air Balloon Lantern

Hot Air Balloon Lantern(Source: Light Capo Flagship/Taobao)

13. Decorative Garlands

If you’re planning on having a photo booth, these decorative garlands will make a great backdrop.

Colourful Garlands

Decorative Garlands(Source: Light Capo Flagship/Taobao)

Flower Garlands

Flower Garlands 2(Source: Amour Wedding Flagship/Taobao)

Multicoloured Garlands

MultiColoured Garlands(Source: Amour Wedding Flagship/Taobao)

Pom-Pom Garlands

Pom Pom Garlands(Source: imwedding/Taobao)

Popsicle Garland

Popsicle Garland(Source: Amour Wedding Flagship/Taobao)

Helpful Search Terms

生日聚会装饰用品 Birthday Party Decoration

生日聚会 Birthday Party

生日蛋糕装饰 Birthday Cake Decorations

生日聚会装饰用品儿童 Children’s Birthday Party Decorations

背景墙装饰 Decorative Backdrop

水上玩具 成人 Inflatable Pool Floats/Water Toys (For Adults)

木制一次性餐具 Disposable Wooden Cutlery

餐巾纸派对 Party Napkins

派对纸碟 Paper Party Plates

Recommended Stores

Trojan Wedding Party Supplies: For party tableware, goodie bags and simple party decorations.

Amour Wedding Flagship : For party or wedding decorations, props and favour boxes.

Light Capo Flagship Store: For dessert table decorations, decorative balloons, party decorations and stationery.

imwedding: For photo booth backdrops, party decorations and decorative balloons.

Tom Balloon: For balloons (obviously).

Millet Bake: For dessert table essentials, bakeware and cake decorations.


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