Taobao Guide To Useful Kitchen Tools

Clever (and inexpensive) kitchen tools that will make your life much easier.

Cooking & Prep Tools

Chopping Knife Aid

Always struggling with the chopping board? This handy knife aid allows you to exert more pressure on the knife, without hurting your hands.

(Source: 尚兰家居商城)

Finger Protector

If you’re not the best at precision chopping, this nifty finger guard will protect your digits from cuts (or getting sliced off, eek).

(Source: 世格厨房一站购)

Protective Gloves

If the above finger guard is too cumbersome for you, these protective gloves will do the job instead. The stretchy, waterproof gloves are made with a durable material that can apparently withstand nicks and cuts, so you can use them for anything from chopping vegetables to washing the dishes.

(Source: 蔓妙台州专卖店)

Frying Face Shield

Who cares if you look like RoboCop? At least you won’t get hot oil splattering in your face. #priorities

(Source: 星魂家居超市)

Frying Shield (For Hands)

Yes, you may sneer at this #auntyapproved frying shield, but getting scalded by hot oil is a real problem when it comes to frying okay.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠)

Food Cover (For Microwave)

A practical cover to prevent food from splattering onto the insides of your microwave.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Pot Handle Insulator

Don’t worry, the insulator comes in a uh, less colourful, matte black version too.

(Source: 铸味厨具商城)

Multi-purpose Oil Brush

A self-dispensing tool for brushing oil onto food or cooking pans. The other side of the tool can be used to dispense oil in controlled amounts too.

(Source: 合爱商贸)

Boiled Egg Slicer

Perfect for making salads or sandwiches.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Fruit Peeler

Because using a knife to peel your fruit is so archaic, please.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Meatball Maker

The perfect tool for those who don’t like handling raw meat. (Hear, hear.)

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Pasta Portioning Tool

A simple but ingenious tool to keep your pasta portions in check.

(Source: 巢笑良品 优质网店)

Slicing Aid

Say goodbye to irregular-shaped slices and/or accidental cuts. This ingenious slicing aid gives you a firm grip on the item you want to slice, while also providing grooves to keep your slices uniform.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Useful Search Terms

切菜辅助器 Chopping Guide
不锈钢 Stainless Steel
护手器 Hand/Finger Protector
实用 Practical
硅胶 Silica Gel
剥蒜器 Garlic Peeler
蒜泥器 Garlic Press
切丝切片器 Slicer
意大利面 Pasta
尺量面器 Pasta Portion Measuring Tool
面罩 Face Protection Mask
节油神器 Oil Saving Tool
刷头 Brush Head
下厨 Cooking


Disposable Kitchen Sink Filter

These disposable filters will save your sink from getting clogged. The best part? You won’t have to dig out food bits from the sink with your fingers (ew), because you can just remove the filter and throw it away.

(Source: 小沫家居馆生活馆)

Kitchen Tap Shower Head

A detachable shower head that will make washing vegetables and cleaning the sink much easier. Unfortunately the shower head only comes in horrifyingly bright colours, but well, that’s why it’s detachable right?

(Source: 快乐满屋满18元免邮)

Strainer Basket

A multi-purpose strainer basket which can be used for washing vegetables or drying the dishes.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Splash Guard

Can’t stand getting your clothes wet whenever you do the dishes? This splash guard attaches easily to the side of the sink to prevent water from splashing onto you.

(Source: 多多乐百货)

Scrubbing Brush

A multi-purpose brush with detachable scrubbing pads. Perfect for OCD people.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Stove Knob Protector

A simple device to prevent your stove from accidentally turning on. A must-have for homes with young children, or those who aren’t at home often.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Salad Spinner

A multi-purpose strainer to get your veggies nice and dry after washing.

(Source: 居家家居馆工厂店)

Useful Search Terms

水槽 Sink
过滤 Filter
防堵塞 Anti-Clogging
垃圾袋 Trashbag
喷头 Sprinkle Head
防溅水 Prevent Water Splash
防溅油 Prevent Oil Splash
洗菜旋转分离器 Vegetable Drying Spinner
创意 Creative
神器 Special Tools


Reusable Cling Wrap

Save money (and the environment) with this malleable silicone cover, which can be used in place of your conventional plastic cling wrap.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Hanging Baskets

A must-have for those with small kitchens or minimal storage space.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Bag Seal

Keep bugs out of your condiment bags with these bag seals, which also make it easier to pour the contents out of the bag.

(Source: 优思居 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Useful Search Terms

收纳 Organising/Housekeeping
厨房 Kitchen
工具 Tool

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