Taobao Guide To Travel Essentials

Going on a trip soon? These travel essentials from Taobao will come in handy.

Packing Aids

Luggage Organiser Bags

The easiest way to keep your luggage organised? Compartments, compartments, compartments.

With these handy zipper bags, you can store clean clothes separately from dirty ones, prevent dirty shoes from staining your stuff and keep smaller items secure. Plus, if your luggage ever gets checked at security, no one will see your clothes (or *gasp* underwear) spilling out of your luggage.

(Source: 连锁68)

Plastic Zipper Bags

If you want to be extra OCD about keeping your luggage organised, these plastic zipper bags are an inexpensive way to protect your stuff during the journey. The bags come in different sizes, so you can use them for clothes, shoes, toiletries or anything else your heart desires. The extra large size can also be used for storing linen, pillows or old clothes.

(Source: 浙江网商 身边的包装袋专家)

Roll-up Vacuum Bag

If you want to maximise space in your luggage, these roll-up vacuum bags will compress your clothes and keep them clean.

(Source: 木水车 户外店)

4-in-1 Bath Bottles

An ingenious container that allows you to store up to four different types of liquids, so you can save space with your toiletries. The different bottles are also labelled, so you don’t have to worry about mistaking your conditioner for your moisturiser.

(Source: 拓也户外专营店)

Foldable Duffel Bag

A foldable duffel bag which can be used to pack additional items (or shopping *ahem*). This particular style is extra functional, because it has a slot to secure the bag to the handle of a rolling luggage.

(Source: 千姿百袋化妆收纳包)

Travel Tools

Portable Weighing Scale

A portable weighing scale that will come in very handy if you tend to max out your baggage weight limit. Just remember to ask the seller to ship the item without the battery, so that you don’t have to pay for Sensitive Air shipping.

(Source: 凯丰旗舰店)

Universal Adaptor

Can you imagine not being able to charge your devices in a foreign country? No? Then get a universal adaptor like this one stat.

(Source: 深圳吉诚电子商行)

TSA Luggage Lock

A must-have for any luggage.

(Source: tuban户外专营店)

Luggage Protector

An inexpensive way to keep your luggage protected from theft or damage while in transit. Plus, you’ll be able to identify your luggage easily from afar.

(Source: 豆儿旅行企业店)

Random (But Useful) Travel Items

Inflatable Multi-purpose Pillow

Who cares if you look ridiculous while using it? At least you’ll be able to rest better in your cramped plane seat (unless you’re travelling on Business or First Class, then lucky you…hmph).

(Source: 爱创户外旅行用品)

Portable Hanger With Drying Function

A new-age hanger that has a nifty drying function, so you can dry off clothes, underwear and even your shoes while you’re on the go. Intrigued? Click here for more information.

(Source: 爱享时代)

Disposable Bedsheet Covers

Because…bed bugs are a real thing yo.

(Source: 全球旅行收纳)

Compressed Towels

A space-saving option if you need to bring a towel on your trip. Just pop one into a bowl of water and it will magically expand before your eyes.

(Source: 拓也户外专营店)

Portable Pee Bag

Laugh all you want but hey, when you gotta go, you just gotta go right?

(Source: E起旅行户外用品店)

Useful Search Terms

旅行 Travel
便携 Convenient and Portable
长途飞行 Long-distance flight
颈枕 Neck Pillow
U形枕 U-Shape Pillow
睡觉神器 Creative Sleeping Tools
收纳 Packing
收纳袋 Clothing Organiser Bags
真空压缩袋 Vacuum Compression Bag
手压/手卷袋 Manual Compression Bag
行李箱 Luggage
电子行李秤 Electronic Luggage Scale
密码锁 Passcode Lock
钥匙锁 Key Lock
迷你锁 Mini Lock
行李保护套 Luggage Protector
防盗 Anti-Theft
贴身包 Safety Pouch (to keep on yourself)
分装瓶 Mini Travel Bottles
四合一 4-in-1
隔脏床单 Travel Bedsheets
户外 Outdoors
一次性 Disposable
压缩 Compressed/Compact
应急 Emergency
尿袋 Pee Bag (LOL yes it’s actually a thing on Taobao…)

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