Taobao Guide To Kitchenware

Want to give your kitchen a Pinterest-worthy overhaul? Here’s how to find the best stuff on Taobao.

1. Modern & Simple

Love MUJI homeware but can’t bring yourself to pay $20 for a plate? Here are some simple but stylish options for an understated chic kitchen.

White Ceramic Dish

taobao-white-ceramic-dish(Source: 淘杂物 食之风景 生活杂货/Taobao)

White Tableware Set

taobao-white-tableware-set(Source: 宝印旗舰店/Taobao)

Ceramic Condiment Containers

taobao-ceramic-condiment-containers(Source: 尚居居家/Taobao)

Oil Dispenser

taobao-oil-dispenser(Source: Add one thing 添一物/Taobao)

Modern Clear Glasses

taobao-modern-glasses(Source: 品味元素旗舰店/Taobao)

Minimalist Ceramic Coffee Cups

taobao-minimalist-ceramic-coffee-cups(Source: 仟艺红旗舰店/Taobao)

Useful Keywords

Kitchenware 厨房用品
Japanese Style 和风
Imported 进口 (e.g.: Imported from Germany would be “德国进口”)
Set 套装
Simplicity 简约
Solid colours 纯色
Ceramics 陶瓷
Glass 玻璃
Set/Combination 套装/组合

2. Classic European Style

Impress your dinner party guests with these Tai Tai-worthy china sets.

Classic Rose China Set

taobao-rose-tableware-set(Source: 宸瑞家居旗舰店/Taobao)

White and Gold China Set

taobao-white-and-gold-china-set(Source: 江景陶瓷生活馆/Taobao)

White Embossed Ceramic Plates

taobao-white-embossed-ceramic-plates(Source: Sunny LACESHABBY/Taobao)

Silverware Set

taobao-silverware-set(Source: 伯善瓷 极简奢华家居/Taobao)

Banana Stand

taobao-banana-stand(Source: 简尚源旗舰店/Taobao)

Glass Containers

taobao-glass-containers(Source: 「inza」一宅幻享家/Taobao)

Useful Keywords

Relief Sculpting 浮雕
Embroidery Design 刺绣
European Style 欧美
Utensils 餐具
Vintage 复古
Chinese Style 中式
Western Style 西式
Couple (Set) 情侣

3. Wooden Style

Going for a Scandinavian-style kitchen? Here are some classy options for a truly Pinterest-worthy kitchen.

Wooden Coasters

taobao-wooden-coasters(Source: 品味元素旗舰店/Taobao)

Wooden Cup Holder

taobao-wooden-cup-holder(Source: 「inza」一宅幻享家/Taobao)

Wooden Bread Board

taobao-wooden-bread-board(Source: 品味元素旗舰店/Taobao)

Glass Jug Set

taobao-glass-jug-set(Source: 布草家居 zakka home 杂/Taobao)

Wooden Chopping Board

taobao-wooden-chopping-board(Source: 品味元素旗舰店/Taobao)

Wooden Paper Towel Dispenser

taobao-wooden-paper-towel-dispenser(Source: 不二礼坊定制旗舰店/Taobao)

Wooden Cake Stand (With Glass Cover)

taobao-cake-stand-with-glass-cover(Source: 小米烘培温州烘焙/Taobao)

Useful Keywords

Solid Wood 实木
Chestnut Oak (tends to be more durable and resistant to rotting) 栗木
Zelkova serrata (tough wood, but may shrink or distort when drying) 榉木
Bamboo (durable and environmentally-friendly) 竹

4. Child-Friendly

Keeps the kids entertained (and safe) during mealtimes with these cute and practical options.

Character-Print Grid Plate Set

taobao-character-print-grid-plate-set(Source: 聪明树母婴旗舰店/Taobao)

Suction Bowl

taobao-suction-bowl(Source: 威仑帝尔旗舰店/Taobao)

Wooden Character Plate

taobao-wooden-character-plate(Source: 初心旗舰店/Taobao)

Useful Keywords

Utensils for Children 儿童餐具
Sectioned Food Plate 分格餐盘
Cartoon (Themed) 卡通
Break-proof 防摔
Sucker/Suction (on the bottom of utensils) 吸盘
Plastic 塑料
Silicone 硅胶

5. Innovative & Quirky

Vegetable shredder, meatball maker or a portable sealer anyone? You know what they say, you can find pretty much anything on Taobao…

Vegetable Shredder

taobao-vegetable-shredder(Source: savorliving旗舰店/Taobao)

Condiment Bottles (With Chalkboard Labels)

taobao-condiment-bottles(Source: 美其美纳旗舰店/Taobao)

Meatball Maker

taobao-meatball-maker(Source: 陶钰源家居专营店/Taobao)

Mason Jars With Striped Straw

taobao-mason-jars(Source: 布草家居 zakka home 杂/Taobao)

Good Morning Breakfast Set

taobao-good-morning-breakfast-set(Source: 「inza」一宅幻享家/Taobao)

Drink and Snack Set

taobao-drink-and-snack-set(Source: 「inza」一宅幻享家/Taobao)

Tea and Coffee Tins

taobao-coffee-and-tea-tins(Source: 喜多烘焙/Taobao)

Portable Sealer

taobao-portable-sealer(Source: 小米烘培温州烘焙/Taobao)

Useful Keywords

Shredder 刨丝器
Stainless Steel 不锈钢
Creative 创意
Airtight 密封

6. Bakeware

Take your baking to the next level with these bakeware essentials.

Silicone Cake Mould

taobao-silicone-cake-mould(Source: 小米烘培温州烘焙/Taobao)

Digital Weighing Scale

taobao-digital-weighing-scale(Source: 小米烘培温州烘焙/Taobao)

Cake Mould

taobao-cake-mould(Source: 小米烘培温州烘焙/Taobao)

Cupcake Gift Box

taobao-cupcake-box(Source: 小米烘培温州烘焙/Taobao)

Useful Keywords

Baking 烘焙
Heat Resistant 耐热
Baking Mould 烘培模具
Birthday Cake Box 生日蛋糕盒

7. Other Tips

Bone China/English Porcelain (骨瓷 )

When looking for cutlery or dining sets, you may come across the term ‘骨瓷’, which refers to a type of porcelain composed of animal bones (yeah, for realz). This particular type of porcelain is known for its durability, strength and shiny white surface, so it does make a better option for diningware. Unless you’re vegetarian, I guess.

Lead-Free (无铅 )

If you are looking for ceramic kitchenware (especially the ones with coloured designs) or utensils for children, always make sure that the products are lead-free (无铅). Products which are verified lead-free may be a bit more expensive, but you don’t want lead poisoning do you?


If you have fragile items in your order, leave a message for the shipping agent (especially if you are using a Taobao-appointed one) to use bubblewrap (泡泡膜包装) and pack the items into a carton box (纸箱包装).

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