Taobao Guide To Home Organisation

Nifty storage and organisation solutions you can find on Taobao.


Storage Jars

Simple but classy jars for storing cereal, pasta and other cooking essentials.

(Source: GOING HOME生活馆)

Airtight Storage Jars

Clear storage jars which come in various sizes – perfect for storing anything from snacks to cut fruit.

(Source: GOING HOME生活馆)

Coffee and Tea Containers

Matching containers for storing your coffee, tea and sugar stash.

(Source: 「inza」一宅幻享家)

Condiments Shelf

A handy shelf for your kitchen counter.

(Source: GOING HOME生活馆)

Plate Stand

Short of space at the dining table? This tiered plate stand will double the amount of space in no time.

(Source: 布草家居 zakka home 杂)

Plastic Bag Dispenser

So you don’t have to stuff old plastic bags in a random drawer.

(Source: 上海华光日用日本进口家居)

Microwave Shelf

Perfect for smaller kitchens with insufficient countertop space.

(Source: 铁兄弟厨卫工厂店)

Useful Keywords

Storage 收纳
Creative 创意
Plastic bags 塑料袋
Magnetic 磁铁
Microwave Oven 微波炉


Overhead Shelf

A nifty shelf that can be placed over the toilet for more storage space.

(Source: 雅丽丹家居专营店)

Stackable Shelves

Collapsible shelves which can be used for anything, really.

(Source: 懒角落创意家居生活馆)

Hanging Rack

Perfect for storing toiletries, extra toilet roll and whatnot.

(Source: GOING HOME生活馆)

Rack For Hair Tools

You know you need this…

(Source: 从简居家日用专营店)

Acrylic Case

A multi-purpose acrylic case for storing toiletries, makeup or even stationery.

(Source: 懒角落创意家居生活馆)

Acrylic Organiser

A simple organiser for your daily necessities or stationery.

(Source: 懒角落创意家居生活馆)

Acrylic Amenities Box

A clear box for your makeup brushes, makeup and other amenities.

(Source: 精纷优品家居)

Acrylic Shelf

A three-tier shelf for smaller spaces.

(Source: 优品生活用品馆)

Useful Keywords

Hook 挂钩
Towel 毛巾
Bottles 瓶罐
Drawer 柜子
Waterproof 防水
Shelf 架子
Bathroom/Toiletries Rack 卫浴挂架
Acrylic Storage Box 亚克力储物盒
Transparent Cosmetic Storage Box 透明化妆品收纳盒
Stainless Steel 不锈钢
Towel Rack 毛巾挂架
No Drilling Required (Suction or Sticky Tape) 免打孔
Extendable Rod (Shower Rod) 伸缩杆


Extendable Shelves

Always running out of space in your drawers? These extendable shelves can be attached to your wardrobe to create more shelf space. The length of each shelf is also adjustable, so it can fit into a wide variety of spaces.

(Source: 懒角落创意家居生活馆)

Storage Baskets

Multi-purpose baskets for storing anything from underwear to towels. The round version of this basket can be found here.

(Source: GOING HOME生活馆)

Stackable Baskets

Stackable wire baskets which can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or wherever else your heart desires.

(Source: 布草家居 zakka home 杂)

Clothing Trolley Rack

Perfect for the hubs…especially if you want more wardrobe space for yourself. #hoho

(Source: 艺柳园旗舰店)

Thin Velvet Hangers

Thin hangers to save space in your hanging wardrobe. Velvet hangers are also better than plastic or metal hangers, as clothes don’t slip off them as easily.

(Source: 曼良旗舰店)

Hanger Extension Hooks

Need more hanging wardrobe space? These hanger extension hooks will double the space in your closet.

(Source: 豆豆家居 爱家惠生活)

Trousers Hanger

Save wardrobe space with this ingenious hanger, which can store multiple pairs of pants.

(Source: 凤全聚纵专卖店)

Hanging Bag Storage

For those with limited shelf space for bags and accessories.

(Source: 曼良旗舰店)

Vacuum Compression Storage Bags

Too many clothes in your closet? Store clothes you don’t use as often (i.e. winterwear) in these vacuum compression bags to save space and keep them clean.

(Source: 庆悦旗舰店)

Useful Keywords

Bedroom 睡房
Hanging Storage 挂袋
Storage Bag 储物袋
Multi-tier 多层
Transparent 透明
Zip 拉链
Stair Storage 梯柜
Shelving for Trousers  裤架
Clothing 衣服
Vacuum Compression Bag 
Hanging Storage 挂带


Bed Frame With Storage

HOW COOL IS THIS BED?? #takeallmymoney

(Source: 英伦汇馆家具)

Foldable Table Set (With Chairs)

A foldable table set which can be collapsed into a compact stand for easy storage. It also comes with a set of stools and can be set up in various permutations. Is that amazing or what?

(Source: 品质生活馆8)

Mounted Shelf (With Collapsible Table)

Now here’s something worth noting for small spaces – a mounted shelf that can be turned into a multi-purpose table. Just don’t expect it to be an easy assembly job though, because…Taobao.

(Source: 森森源家居专营店)

Compact Vanity Table

A compact vanity table which can also double up as a desk. Comes with a matching stool too.

(Source: 择木宜居家居旗舰店)

Stackable Utility Shelves

Multi-purpose shelves for the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

(Source: 懒角落创意家居生活馆)

Useful Keywords

Furniture 家具
Foldable 折叠式
Space-saving 节省空间
Wall Mount 挂壁
For Small Homes 小户型
Multi-Purpose 多功能/多用途
Vanity Table 梳妆台
Daybed/Sofa Bed 沙发床
Top-open hinge (for furniture) 翻盖
Velvet Hangers 绒衣架
Customizable 定制 (These listings usually have a green label, which means that you can contact the seller to get customised measurements for the item.)

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