Taobao Gift Guide

Classy gift wrapping, cute Christmas cards and cool Secret Santa gift ideas? Here’s how to ace Christmas shopping on Taobao this year.

Gift Wrapping & Boxes

You know what the easiest way to make a cheap (but thoughtful, of course) gift look more expensive than it actually is? Fancy gift wrapping, my friends. #hacked

Gift Boxes (With Bow)

Okay, ignore the random English words in the description but these gift boxes are pretty nice, no?

taobao-gift-box-green-and-red(Source: 韩风礼仪礼品包装/Taobao)

Rustic Chic Gift Boxes

Looking for something a little simpler? These rustic chic gift boxes will work for any occasion that requires a gift.

taobao-rustic-chic-gift-boxes(Source: NEWDAY文具生活馆/Taobao)

Craft Gift Boxes

Get creative with these simple gift boxes, which you can dress up and personalise with decorative accessories.

taobao-craft-gift-boxes(Source: 致简手作文艺礼盒/Taobao)

Christmas Gift Box

Need something simple but festive to put your boss’s gift in? These Christmas-themed gift boxes will do the trick. Plus, you won’t need a card because the box is festive enough.

taobao-christmas-gift-box(Source: 多多家杂货小铺/Taobao)

Gift Box Stuffing

Re-gifting an old present this year? It’s okay, we won’t tell. Instead of just chucking it into a box though, you might want to add some coloured stuffing too. You’d be surprised at how much more appealing a gift looks when you package it nicely.

taobao-gift-box-stuffing(Source: 悦派/Taobao)

Printed Paper Bags

Do these paper bags not look like they are from Typo (or somewhere equally hipster)? As an added bonus, you can use them for occasions other than Christmas too.

taobao-printed-gift-paper-bag(Source: 本小姐的店MissBook/Taobao)

Plain Craft Paper Bags

Want to impress friends and family with your mad gift wrapping skillz? Use these plain gift bags as a canvas to flaunt your art and craft expertise.

taobao-craft-paper-bags(Source: 复古小舞 礼遇美学/Taobao)

Simple Gift Paper Bags

If you don’t have the time (or talent…ahem) to decorate plain paper bags, these simple but classy ones will do the trick. Just add a matching ribbon and voilà, gift wrapping complete.

taobao-simple-gift-paper-bags(Source: 路安包装用品批发商城/Taobao)

Christmas Gift Bags and Boxes

These cute Christmas-themed gift packets and bags are perfect for smaller gifts. It also doesn’t hurt that they are way easier to assemble than gift boxes right?

taobao-christmas-gift-box-and-paper-bag(Source: 姚奶爸papayao烘焙工作/Taobao)

Simple Gift Bags

Need something for a bulkier gift? These simple gift bags are perfect for any occasion, and can be personalised with decorative accessories too.

taobao-plain-gift-paper-bags(Source: 简简单单小生活馆/Taobao)

Floral Motif Gift Bags

How pretty is that floral motif eh? These floral-themed gift bags are a good alternative for people who can’t be bothered to get creative with gift-wrapping.

taobao-floral-gift-bags(Source: 叶米铺铺创意文具馆/Taobao)

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Because what’s Christmas without some festive wrapping paper? If you can’t make up your mind about which design to get, opt for the seller’s ‘random picks’ package (随机5张不同款), which gives you five sheets of varying designs.

taobao-christmas-wrapping-paper(Source: 月光花精品店/Taobao)

Useful Search Terms

Gift Box 礼物盒

Gift Paper Bag/Gift Bag 送礼纸袋 / 礼物袋

Wrapping Tissue (for flowers) 雾面纸

Wrapping Paper 包装纸

Hamper Package 礼盒

Shredded Paper (for filling baskets/hampers) 填充礼盒碎纸 / 碎纸填充材料

Drawstring Bags 抽绳袋

Self-Adhesive Bags 自粘袋

Wine Bottle Sleeve/Packaging 酒瓶袋

Food Display and Packaging

Want to really impress friends and family with your baking prowess? Dress up your baked goodies with these festive packaging ideas.

Christmas Cookie Tins

A cute and practical option (because nobody likes ants in their cookies) for homemade Christmas treats.

taobao-christmas-cookie-tins(Source: 简简单单小生活馆/Taobao)

Christmas-Themed Bottles

Flaunt colourful treats (can anyone say macarons?) in these transparent bottles, which are also perfect for storing snacks at your desk.

taobao-christmas-bottles(Source: 迈沃德圣诞/Taobao)

Christmas-Themed Lollipop Holder

A cute (and cheap) gift idea – in case you need to uh, bribe some children or something. #justsayin

taobao-christmas-lollipop-holders(Source: 多彩环保科技/Taobao)

Cupcake Boxes

These cupcake boxes may look simple, but they are more practical than regular boxes because they have a placeholder for each cupcake. Ain’t nobody got time to worry about smooshed icing yo.

taobao-plain-cupcake-box(Source: 小米烘培温州烘焙/Taobao)

Plain Plastic Packages

Baking a bunch of treats for your colleagues or friends? These plain plastic bags are good for packaging individual cookies or macarons.

taobao-macaron-bag(Source: 小米烘培温州烘焙/Taobao)

Christmas Cookie Bags

These Christmas Cookie Bags are another good option for packaging individual baked treats. Each plastic bag also has an adhesive strip, so packaging your cookies will be much easier.

taobao-christmas-cookie-wrappers(Source: 小米烘培温州烘焙/Taobao)

Christmas Cake Boxes

Ditch the generic cake box and get some of these festive ones because….well, because it’s Christmas. Don’t be a Scrooge.

taobao-christmas-cake-boxes(Source: Sarh莎尔翻糖烘焙DIY/Taobao)

Santa Wine Jacket

So cheesy, but you know you want one. Admit it. #noshame

taobao-santa-wine-jacket(Source: 唯卡家居旗舰店/Taobao)

Useful Search Terms

Pastry Box 西点包装盒

Tiered Cake Stand 点心托盘

Cake Pop 推筒蛋糕

Dessert Display 点心蛋糕架

Candy Box 糖果盒

Box with Transparent Window 开天窗盒子

Decorative Accessories

Of course you can find cute decorative accessories on Taobao. Need you really ask?

Decorative Flowers

Perfect for sprucing up plain gift boxes or paper bags.

taobao-gift-box-decoration(Source: 悦派/Taobao)

Christmas Ribbons

Can’t be bothered with gift wrapping? There there, no need to be a Scrooge about it. Just add a festive ribbon to your present and you can call it a day. If anyone asks, just say that you were trying to uh, reduce your carbon footprint or something.

taobao-christmas-ribbons(Source: 小北温州烘焙diy/Taobao)

Gold Ribbon Stickers

These Gold Ribbon Stickers can be used to dress up plain gift boxes or even candles. You can also use them as gift wrapping seals, because Scotch Tape is so basic yo.

taobao-gold-ribbon-stickers(Source: 魔女の厨房/Taobao)

Decorative Christmas Stickers

Stick them on cards or gift boxes to add a little festive cheer. You can also use them as gift labels, so you won’t need to get extra gift tags.

taobao-christmas-stickers(Source: 黛西手帐/Taobao)

Useful Search Terms

Ribbons 彩带

Gift Box Seal 盒子封口贴

Embossed 烫金

Christmas Cards

With such a wide range of cute and unique cards available, writing all those Christmas messages will be easier than you think.

Rustic Chic Christmas Cards

Simple but chic, we say.

taobao-rustic-chic-christmas-cards(Source: 轻音岛旗舰店/Taobao)

Pop-Up Christmas Cards

Sending a Christmas card to someone you won’t be meeting in person this year? These pop-up cards will definitely impress (and get a few giggles). Also, it’s Santa on a bike – need we say more?

taobao-santa-bike-christmas-card(Source: 时光密码贺卡店/Taobao)

Christmas Gift Tags

Keep your Christmas message short and sweet with these festive notecards.

taobao-christmas-gift-cards(Source: 壹家文具馆/Taobao)

Plain Note Cards

Simple but practical cards which can be used for notes, gift tags or labels. Just stick a couple of stickers, write a colourful message and you’re pretty much all set.

taobao-plain-note-cards(Source: 壹家文具馆/Taobao)

Light-up Christmas Cards

Yes, they really do light up.

taobao-christmas-led-card(Source: 艾淘网货 家居百货/Taobao)

Useful Search Terms

Christmas Card 圣诞节贺卡

3D Pop-up Card 3D贺卡

Card (for writing short notes) 留言卡

Laser Cut 镂花卡

Creative Cards 创意卡

Secret Santa Gifts/Stocking Fillers

Small (but exceedingly cute) gift ideas for your Secret Santa receipient.

Mugs (With A Surprise!)

Getting someone a mug this Christmas? Booooring. Go for one of these cute mugs instead, which have a little figurine at the bottom. Serve with a cup of coffee and see their reaction when they get to the bottom.

taobao-mug-with-surprise(Source: 怡然家手工器物设计/Taobao)

Descendants of the Sun Plushies

Big Bossu, is that you? Disclaimer: the authenticity of these Descendants of the Sun plushies are uh, yet to be verified. #taobaode

descendants-of-the-sun-plushies(Source: 雪派毛绒集结营)


Cute Cat Light

It’s a cat-shaped light. With smiling kitties. ‘Nuff said.

taobao-cat-light(Source: 帝音旗舰店/Taobao)

Pokeball Power Bank

This portable power bank also doubles up as a hand warmer – which,  if you ask us, is downright ingenious.

taobao-pokeball-external-battery(Source: YOWUU潮码3C/Taobao)

Cuddly Hamster Blanket

Perfect for that one colleague who is always “too cold” in the office. *stares*

taobao-hamster-blanket(Source: 仟礼仟寻/Taobao)

Mermaid Tail Blanket


taobao-mermaid-blanket(Source: 艾可馨家纺旗舰店/Taobao)

Emoji Pillow

Express your feelings with these Emoji Pillows, which come in a whole range of designs. Oh and here’s your Taobao word of the day – Did you know that ‘Emoji’ translated to Chinese is 表情符号? #yourewelcome

emoji-pillow(Source: 格悦毛绒玩具/Taobao)

Useful Search Terms

Unique Christmas Gift 创意圣诞礼物

Customized Gift 个性化礼物 (The item is usually indicated with a green label, which means you have to chat with the seller to discuss customization details.)

Room Scent/Aromatherapy 精油灯

Aroma Therapy Diffuser 香精油礼盒

Bath Gift Set 沐浴露礼盒

Scented Candles 蜡烛熏香

Soft Toys 公仔

Cool Stores To Check Out

韩风礼仪礼品包装: For gift bags, boxes and other gift-wrapping needs.

悦派: Craft and DIY materials for creative gift-wrapping.

本小姐的店MissBook: For craft supplies and stationery.

兰溪市昆季工艺品厂: For gift pouches.

路安包装用品批发商城: For simple but classy paper bags.

丝带世界批发店: For ribbons.

Note: Taobao will be having another sale on 12/12, so make sure you plan ahead to avoid the rush.

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