Taobao Double 11 Sale Hacks

If you didn’t already know, Taobao Double 11 is very much like Black Friday in America. Every year on 11 November (11/11 geddit?), Taobao and Tmall sellers offer huge discounts and vouchers – so this is one shopping season you won’t want to miss. Here are a couple of ways to score some good deals and discounts on Taobao.

1. Daily Deals

Taobao has a Daily Deals section which is updated at midnight daily, and there are a wide range of items available at highly discounted prices (think 80% – 90% off regular retail price) for a limited time period only. The items are categorised into 10 – 29 yuan, 29 – 69 yuan and 69 yuan and above.

If you love bargains, this is one section you should definitely bookmark because the discounts are pretty legit – think a winter coat for 39 yuan (that’s 8 SGD!) instead of the original price of 199 yuan (44 SGD).

Taobao Daily Deals CoatThis winter coat is just one of the many deals available in the Daily Deals section. (Source: Amy Claire Fashion Cottage on Taobao)

2. Clearance Sales

Besides Daily Deals, Taobao also has a Clearance Sales section for limited quantity items that are heavily discounted. Once the quantity of stock is sold out, the discount ends. Since there is usually only a limited quantity for sale, some sellers may limit the amount each person can buy. Because yes, some of the items are so ridiculously cheap that people buy them in bulk.

The items in the Clearance Sales section are also updated at midnight daily.

Taobao Clearance Section Winter CoatShopping for winter clothes? Taobao will always have something for you, such as this pretty coat which is only…wait for it…65 yuan/14 SGD. (Source: 欧韩风格时尚店铺 Taobao)

3. Free Domestic Shipping Section/10 Yuan Items

Daiso fans will love this section because everything listed is under 10 yuan (that’s about 2 SGD). The items are updated at midnight daily, and you can expect to find household items, accessories and even some cute clothes if you’re lucky. If you spend more than 10 yuan at any of the shops in that section, you’ll also get free domestic shipping (i.e. from the seller to your forwarder’s warehouse).

Egg ShapersYup, you can get a set of these cute egg shapers for just 10 yuan. (Source: 轩雅tb Taobao)

4. Taobao Carnival Select

Some sellers have already put their items on sale for Double 11, so you can order them before 11 November if you’re especially kiasu. To view these items, just click on the red “双11全球狂欢节” button (in the filters section) after you’ve searched for an item.

If you’re browsing within the different departments (i.e. Women) where the search results layout is slightly different, there should be a filter option called “淘宝嘉年华” which also filters items that are already on sale for Double 11.

You can also try adding “双11” (Dual 11) with your search terms, so that the results will show items which have Double 11 discounts.

Taobao Carnival Select

5. Coupons From Bookmarked Stores

If you’ve bookmarked a list of your favourite Taobao stores, you can also claim Double 11 coupons from them. After logging into your account, go to the main page and you’ll see a sidebar on the right. Click on the yellow “大促优惠” (Big Promotion Discount) button, and you will be able to claim coupons from your bookmarked stores. The “我的嘉年华” (My Carnival) button below it will show items from (or similar to) your browsing history that are also on sale. Seriously Taobao, just take all my money already.

TaoBao Double 11 - 5 - Bookmarked Sales

6. TMall Pre-Order Select Section

If you’re not looking for anything in particular (just a good deal), or just overwhelmed by the search results, head to the TMall Select section for a curated list of items on sale. The section has product recommendations from official brands and “professional shoppers” (Taobao do you wanna hire me??), as well as featured items based on global trends.

The items in this section are usually on pre-order, meaning you can only get the discount on 11 November itself. However, you can pay a deposit (usually stated on the item listing) to secure the item in advance before 11 November. Do note that pre-order items cannot be cancelled, and if you don’t pay the balance amount in time, your deposit will be forfeited. Also, the items are apparently not covered under Tmall’s refund policy, so don’t shop impulsively k.

Taobao Tmall Preorder TerrariumBecause it’s become a thing to have terrariums in your home. (Source: 子乐湾旗舰店 Taobao)

7. TMall Playground

TMall’s “Carnival City” Playground is basically a map of the big brands on Taobao, such as ZARA, Huawei, Lenovo and more. You can click on each brand to shop their Double 11 sale items, or click on the “玩游戏赢奖金红包” banner to play games and earn discount coupons. Not a bad way to pass the time on a boring weekday afternoon right? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell on you.)

TaoBao Double 11 - 7 - Tmall Playground

8. QinTao Software

If you’ve downloaded the QinTao software, which is basically a new and improved version of Taobao’s chat tool AliWangWang, you can keep track of all the sales that are going on from from now until 11 November.

Scroll down to the Double 11 section at the bottom left of your QinTao client, and you will be able to view a comprehensive calendar and timeline of all the Double 11 sales. If you like a particular store, you can even set an alarm so that you won’t miss out on any deals from them.

TaoBao Double 11 - 8 - Qintao Calendar

9. SGShop Pre-order

If you’re extra kancheong about securing your item, you can use SGShop’s pre-order service which allows you to place your order in advance with them. So instead of having to camp by your desk on The Day, you can pass on that responsibility to the folks at SGShop. (If only SGShop could do that for Taylor Swift tickets too huh?)

All you have to do is enter the item link into SGShop’s search bar, and there should be a Pre-Order button at the bottom of the listing. You’ll have to pay the pre-discounted price to SGShop first, but they will refund you the price difference after they’ve purchased the item at the discounted price on 11 November. You can also select an alternative option when ordering (i.e. different size or colour), in case your item sells out on that day. See here for more details.

You can also view their SGShop Deals section for featured pre-order items. As an added bonus, it seems that SGShop will absorb the shipping and agent fees for these items as well.

SGShop Deals Pre OrderThe SGShop Deals section has everything from clothes to…a rattan chair set. (Source: SGShop)

10. International Forwarding

Before making your purchase, you might want to clarify the limitations and terms for your international forwarder, such as 4px, lequgo and PRouter. For instance, 4px will only let you combine up to 20 parcels (and up to 30kg only) per order.

Instead of buying 20 items from 20 different sellers, you might want to buy more items from the same shop so you can maximise your international forwarding fees. Also, many sellers on Taobao offer free domestic shipping if your order is above a certain amount so…that’s another reason to buy more stuff right? (Trying to assuage my shopping guilt here.)

Also, most of the international forwarders have a special discounted shipping rate for Double 11, but apparently it’s limited to the first 15,000 orders only.

Taobao 11.11 International Forwarders

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