Shopbop Hacks You Need To Know

Because who doesn’t love Shopbop?

1. Wish List Search

Not sure what to get your BFF for her birthday? Or want need to drop a hint about your upcoming birthday present? Shopbop’s Wish List Search is a handy feature that lets you well, search for what’s on someone’s wish list. Just enter their email address and Shopbop will generate her wish list on Shopbop – size and availability details included.

To add items to your own wish list, click on the ‘Add to Wish List’ button in the item listing (under ‘Add To Cart’). Then casually mention that if anyone is stumped about what to get you for your birthday, they can easily look up your Wish List on Shopbop. #shameless

Shopbop Wish List Search(Source: Shopbop)

2. Price Adjustment Policy

When it comes to customer service policies, Shopbop is no doubt one of the best out there. Free worldwide express delivery (for orders above 100 USD) aside, the online store also has a generous Price Adjustment Policy.

What does this mean? Well, if you buy an item and it goes on sale within 7 days (of the original order date), you can call or email Shopbop to get a refund on the difference. Just quote your order number and date, and you’re all set.

Shopbop 1(Source: Shopbop Facebook)

3. Price Matching

You know what I love about shopping online? You can compare prices for the same item at the click of a few buttons. If you find the same item selling for a cheaper price on another US-based site (i.e. Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth, Revolve Clothing), you can call Shopbop to get a refund on the difference. The policy is subject to certain terms and conditions though (i.e. the item has to be available in the same colour and size on both sites), so check with them before buying.

Shopbop 2(Source: Shopbop Facebook)

4. Import Duties & Taxes

Most online orders shipped to Singapore will incur GST charges if they have a value of 400 SGD or more. Shopbop has a prepaid import duties option, which allows you to pay for the GST charges beforehand – so you don’t have to go through Singapore customs to pay for the outstanding GST charges before claiming your package.

If you have separate items in your Shopbop order which total up to more than 400 SGD, you know what you should do though? Split your items into different orders, so that the total value of each order is less than 400 SGD. This way, you won’t have to pay any import duties on your order. Plus Shopbop has free express shipping for all orders above 100 USD anyway.

Shopbop Import DutiesThe Import Fees Deposit is basically the GST charge on your item. (Source: Shopbop)

5. Discount Codes

Shopbop usually has two major Friends and Family discount codes in April and October, where you typically get 25% off your order (both sale and full-priced items). There are several discount codes throughout the year, but this is the big one, guys.

The discount code is usually valid for 2 to 3 days but the good items usually sell out fast, so I’d make a list early if I were you. Early bird gets the worm, don’t you know?

There are certain brands excluded from the discount code though, such as Aquazzura, Alexander Wang and Tory Burch. The list of brand exclusions will usually be stated in the details.

Oh, and don’t quote me on this but Shopbop seems to have markdowns about a week before they launch a discount code. So if you’re eyeing an item and it goes on sale around early April or October, wait a week or two for the discount code before buying (because who doesn’t love additional discounts eh).

Shopbop also has tiered codes (15% off 250 USD or more, 20% off 500 USD or more, 25% off 1000 USD or more) twice a year, usually in early March and end November.

Shopbop Friends and Family Sale(Source: Shopbop Facebook)

6. Get rebates via Ebates or Shopback

If you haven’t already signed up for Ebates or Shopback, go do it now. The two sites basically work like referral links – if you access Shopbop through either Shopback or Ebates and make a purchase, you’ll get 4% cashback on your order. It’s a bit troublesome, but hey, nobody ever said earning money was easy right?

There are loads of other retailers on those referral sites too, so you can get rebates from online stores like ASOS, Reebonz, Taobao and more.


7. Follow @shopbop

Wanna be in the know about the latest discount codes and sales? Follow Shopbop on Instagram (or sign up for the mailing list) to get first dibs on any promotions and sales. Shopbop typically lets their followers know about discount codes and sales a day earlier or so, so you can quickly snap up your Wish List items before they sell out.

Shopbop 5(Source: Shopbop Facebook)

8. Curate search listings

Shopbop has an extensive list of designers available, which can get pretty overwhelming sometimes. If you prefer to browse items from only your favourite designers, click on ‘My Designers’ under the ‘My Shopbop’ tab. From there, you’ll be able to select your preferred designers – so you can see what’s new and what’s on sale from only those designers.

Shopbop 4(Source: Shopbop Facebook)

9. International Returns

Unlike most local online stores, Shopbop allows refunds (not store credit, mind you) for any item you purchase – unless it’s marked Final Sale (usually 70% off or more).

International buyers have the option to use DHL Online Returns, which is a fuss-free way to return your package to Shopbop (just call DHL to schedule a pick-up). The service is a fixed rate of 35 USD though (which will be deducted from your refund amount), so it might only be worth it if you’re returning something bulky and/or of high value.

If you’re just returning one or two pieces of clothes, it’s cheaper to use SingPost to send it back to Shopbop. Opt for Registered Mail, so you can track the package.

Shopbop will send you an email once they receive your item (usually about 2 weeks if you’re shipping from Singapore), and you’ll receive the refund to your original mode of payment.

Shopbop 3(Source: Shopbop Facebook)

10. Gift Certificates

OK here’s one thing I don’t quite like about Shopbop (but you should know about anyway). Unlike most other online retailers, Shopbop doesn’t do e-vouchers. When you purchase a gift certificate on Shopbop, they mail a physical card to the recipient, which has a specific code to credit the voucher to their Shopbop account. So yeah, if you’re planning on sending someone a gift certificate, don’t do it at the last minute OK?

Shopbop Gift Certificate(Source: Shopbop)

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