SGshop Hacks For The Taobao Double 11 Sale

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It’s that time of the year again, when Taobao shopaholics everywhere camp by their laptops in anticipation for 11 November. Yup, we’re talking about the annual Taobao Double 11 Sale, which is pretty much like the Black Friday of the Chinese e-commerce world.

This year, shop the sale a little easier with SGshop, a Taobao agent that specialises in purchasing and forwarding services for several Chinese e-commerce sites.

In case you are confused about how SGshop works, here is a brief summary of their main services for Taobao buyers.

Buy For Me

As its title may suggest, SGshop’s Buy For Me service is like a Taobao concierge of sorts. It allows you to search for items (or paste a direct Taobao link) on the SGshop site, then place your order and pay through them. The SGshop team will then purchase the items from Taobao on your behalf, ship them to their warehouse in China and consolidate all the parcels before sending them to Singapore for you.

taobao-sgshop-striped-blouseOff Shoulder Striped Blouse (Source: StudioFun独立设计女装)


  • Fuss-free shopping experience: SGshop’s Buy For Me service is pretty much like having someone do all the navigating and buying for you, so you don’t have to deal with Taobao’s (sometimes) headache-inducing interface.
  • Local payment options: Buy For Me allows you to place your Taobao order through SGshop, so you can pay via Bank Transfer, iBanking or major credit cards. If you buy directly from Taobao, you will need an Alipay account which is uh, not exactly the easiest site to navigate.
  • Free inspection: SGshop will inspect your item in their China warehouse to ensure that it is the right colour, design and quantity. They will also check for obvious visual defects. They don’t inspect for authenticity though, so always check item/seller reviews before buying.
  • Refunds and Exchanges: If any item in your order is wrong or defective, SGshop will seek a refund or exchange on your behalf from the Taobao seller.
  • Economical Shipping: SGshop’s warehouse in China will consolidate and repack your packages in the most economical way possible to help you save on shipping fees. They also offer a vacuum pack service for light but bulky items (i.e. blankets or thick sweaters), so you can reduce the volumetric weight of your parcel.
  • Compensation for lost or damaged items: If your package gets lost or damaged during shipping, you will be compensated up to a value of 100SGD. You can also purchase insurance for your parcel, which covers the full cost of the item, as well as shipping and agent fees. SGshop’s insurance is 5% of the total value of your items.


  • 8% Agent Fee: You have to pay an agent fee of 4% – 8% (of your item cost, domestic shipping fee and international shipping fee) for this service. But hey, if you place your order through the SGshop app from now until 31 December 2016, the service fee will be waived.

Who should use this service?

  • Taobao noobs, or if you can’t really read Chinese characters.
  • People who want a fuss-free Taobao shopping experience (read: you’re lazy).
  • Those who are ordering high value items, electronics or large/bulky items.

taobao-sgshop-glass-jar-containerGlass Jar (Source: 「inza」一宅幻享家)

Ship For Me

Most Taobao sellers don’t ship directly to Singapore (or if they do, it’s usually quite expensive), so you’ll need a forwarder to get your items to Singapore. SGshop’s Ship For Me service provides buyers with a China shipping address, so you can send your Taobao items to the SGshop warehouse in China. The team there will then consolidate all of your Taobao parcels and send them to Singapore for you.

taobao-sgshop-grey-sweater-dressGrey Sweater Dress (Source: 掌柜dongyi116)


  • Economical international shipping: SGshop offers various shipping methods, starting at $1.60 per 500g for Economy Air and $0.35 – $1.25 per 500g for Economy Sea orders. There is also no base charge on orders.
  • No agent fee: Since you will be placing your order directly on Taobao, you won’t have to pay an agent fee.
  • Compensation for lost or damaged items: If your package gets lost or damaged during shipping, you will be compensated up to a value of 100 SGD. You can also opt to purchase insurance for your parcel, which covers the full cost of the item, as well as shipping and agent fees. SGshop’s insurance is 5% of the total value of your items.
  • Inspection service for a nominal fee: For an additional $3, you can get SGshop to inspect your items for obvious defects and check that they are the right colour, size and model as ordered. You can also opt to have photos of your package sent to you for an additional $3.


  • Possible headaches: Since you are only using SGshop’s warehouse as a China shipping address, you will still have to place your order directly on Taobao – which, as we all know, can sometimes be quite the challenge. #firstworldproblems
  • Returns and Exchanges: If you want to return or exchange an item (defective or not), you will have to liaise directly with the seller.

Who should use this service?

  • Taobao pros, or those who are already familiar with navigating the abyss that is
  • People who need to ship large or bulky items. SGshop’s Economy Sea rate ranges from $1.25/500g (for parcels between 1 – 20KG) to $0.35/500g (for parcels above 100KG), so it is an economical option for shipping heavy items like furniture or appliances.

taobao-sgshop-white-shirtWhite Shirt With Detailing (Source: DIBO优尚精品女装店)

SGshop Double 11 Sale Hacks

Ready to take on the Taobao Double 11 sale with SGshop? Here are some essential hacks to get the most out of your order.

1. Pre-order with SGshop to score discounts and skip the crowd.

SGshop allows buyers to pre-order items with their Buy For Me service between 1 to 10 November 2016, so you can avoid the expected surge of orders on 11 November while still enjoying Double 11’s discounted prices. #win


Buy For Me pre-orders made between 1 to 10 November 2016 will also get 11% off international shipping fees, but if you pre-order and pay with any Maybank card, you’ll get an additional 11% off. Yup, that’s a total of 22% off your international shipping fees. Not too shabby eh?


2. Download the SGshop app to get service fees waived on orders made through the app.

SGshop will be waiving service fees on all orders made through the SGshop app from now until 31 December 2016, so you know what to do to score even more discounts. The SGshop app is available for free on the iTunes and Google Play stores.


3. Add a backup option before you check out.

As with most online sale events, you can expect items to go out of stock quickly. If you want to secure an item, be sure to include a backup option when checking out on SGshop. If your original item is out of stock, SGshop will purchase the backup item instead. Many Taobao sellers tend to offer the same (or similar) items, so just do a quick search (or click the 找相似/’Look for similar’ button on the item listing) to generate similar search results for a particular item.

taobao-sgshop-striped-off-shoulder-dressOff Shoulder Striped Dress (Buy it here.)

4. Spend more than $100 for a chance to win cash prizes and vouchers.

OK not that you need yet another reason to shop on Taobao, but SGshop will be giving away SGshop and Yu Xiang Yan (aka Bird’s Nest…gotta restore your brain power after all that shopping yo) vouchers between 1 to 10 November 2016. Each SGshop order above $100 will receive one chance at the draw.

Orders above $300 will also receive a $11 SGshop rebate credited to their account.


5. Score even more vouchers if you’re quick.

Now here’s one for those with nimble fingers. At exactly 11.11am and 11.11pm daily (between 1 to 10 November 2016), SGshop will have up to 11,000 Grab Red Packets up for grabs on the site. The Grab Red Packets will contain SGshop vouchers in denominations of $11 or $1, as well as Yu Xiang Yan vouchers in denominations of $11 or $1.


6. Get 10% off your shipping fees on your first order with SGshop.

First time shopper with SGshop? Use the code ‘WELCOME10’ to get 10% off shipping fees on your first SGshop order.


This post is brought to you by SGshop.

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