A Guide To (Interesting) Christmas Gift Ideas

This Christmas, skip the boring box of bath soaps and get something a little more interesting instead.

For Your Mom (Who Still Fusses Over You, Even Though You’re A Grown Adult)

“My Mother Says…” Coffee Table Book, SGD 25 from Naiise

Ahh, Mom. The one and only person who always has the answers to life’s most important questions, such as what to eat when you have diarrhoea, who to call when you have a weird lump on your face…the list goes on. Whether you’re 6, 16 or 60 years old, mothers somehow always know best. So, what do you get the leading lady in your life this Christmas? A book full of wisdom she’s bestowed upon you, of course.

“My Mother Says…” is a coffee table book documenting old wives’ tales, many of which you might find very familiar. Don’t make a stupid face when the “bad wind” blows? Don’t sleep at the doorway or you might attract spirits? Yup, it’s all in there – and your mother will surely appreciate how her words of wisdom have been immortalised in a nifty coffee table book.

(Source: Naiise)

For The BFF (Who Has Everything)

Festive Folks Custom Illustration, from SGD 45 and up on Festive Folks

Now that we’ve settled Mom’s gift, what do you get your best friend who usually buys whatever her heart desires? A cute customised illustration should do the trick – after all, who wouldn’t like to receive a personalised gift?

Festive Folks is a cool gift concept that allows you to create a customised character on a background of choice, then get it framed and sent to your recipient. Choose from dozens of customisation options, from a pixie crop and top knot to a light or dark skin tone. You can also customise your character’s outfit, with cool options like a fun jumpsuit or fur coat to jazz up your digital wardrobe.

(Source: Festive Folks)

For The Pet-Obsessed Sister (Or Friend)

Pup Popper Custom Pet Portrait Tee, SGD 40 from Pup Popper

Know any crazy cat (or dog) ladies in your life? Pup Popper lets them take their pet obsession to another level, with a custom pet portrait that will make any pooch pop. Pick a tee or frame, submit a photo of your pet and Pup Popper will churn out a cute pop art illustration to print on your item of choice. Now how’s that for the purr-fect Christmas gift?

(Source: Pup Popper Facebook)

For The Boss (Who Loves Scolding People)

Shakespearean Insults Chart, from SGD 33.70 on Uncommon Goods

Picture this all-too-familiar scenario – you’re minding your own business in the office and out of nowhere, an emotional volcano (read: your boss) decides to erupt right in front of you. Yup, you and your colleagues are probably so used to it that after some point, you guys have started to wish for more creative insults. I mean, how many Hokkien vulgarities can one listen to before things get boring anyway? Ho-hum.

This Christmas, get everyone in the office to chip in for the Shakespearean Insults Chart – an infographic (because doesn’t your boss just love those) with creative insults drawn from Shakespeare’s greatest works. After all, gems like ‘No more brain than a stone.’ (from Twelfth Night) and ‘You are not worth the dust which the rude wind blows in your face’ (from King Lear) sound so much more eloquent than ‘you all jiak liao bee‘ right?

(Source: Uncommon Goods)

For The Colleague (Who Is So Auntie You Just Can’t)

Chope Umbrella, SGD 31.10 from Naiise

Does your colleague carry a lunch bag and/or save a table with a packet of tissue? She just might appreciate this lightweight Chope Umbrella, which also doubles up as a tool to secure a table at the hawker center. Plus, if you’re ever caught in the rain on the way to the office, you’ll know who to call.

(Source: Naiise)

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