Watch Jude Law Win A Boat By Dancing

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We all know that Jude Law has swag, but to be such an amazing dancer as well? Life is truly unfair. In the short film below, Jude Law makes a gentleman’s wager with Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini – he wants Giancarlo’s precious hand-crafted boat, but he’s not going to buy it obviously…because what’s money to men who have it all? No, he wants to win the boat, with a truly unique performance. Watch him as he gathers a couple of ladies, puts on his dancing shoes, and tap dances his way to winning that boat. And boy, does he give a good performance.

Brought to you by Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

JW_NY_J14_001_SIPBOAT_RGB_V1_300dpiJude Law pondering how to win something money can’t buy.

JW_NY_J14_001_BOAT_RGB_V1_300dpiThe hand-crafted boat in question.

JW_NY_J14_001_BETMAN_RGB_V1_300dpi_edited-2Giancarlo Giannini rocking the wind-swept hair look.