5 Reasons To Visit Okinawa, Japan

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Dreaming about your next holiday? Here’s why you should consider visiting the sunny islands of Okinawa, Japan.

1. Have we mentioned the ahhh-mazing beaches?

When it comes to holidays in Japan, most Singaporeans usually think about eating ramen in Tokyo or donning kimonos in Kyoto. The next time you plan a trip to Japan, change things up a little with a beach getaway in Okinawa.

I mean, just look at that beach. Don’t you want to work on your tan already?

Toyosaki Churasun BeachToyosaki Churasun Beach in Okinawa (Source: Okinawa Tourism Website)

2. You can have a truly relaxing holiday.

Scenic beaches aside, one of the best things about a holiday in Okinawa is that you can schlep around in shorts and slippers without being judged. Plus, you’ll still experience trademark Japanese hospitality (and cleanliness!) – but without the hustle and bustle of bigger cities like Tokyo. No wonder the people of Okinawa have some of the longest lifespans in the world.

Okinawa Restaurant(Source: renaissance-okinawa.com)

3. Or you can be adventurous, too.

Craving a bit of adventure? Feel free to go snorkelling in the clear blue waters, or hike through the lush forests of Hiji Falls. The best part? You can be adventurous without worrying too much, since Japanese safety standards are always reassuring.

Hiji FallsHiji Falls in Okinawa (Source: Okinawa Tourism Website)

4. What’s a trip to Japan without some good food?

Ryukyuan cuisine, which is Okinawa’s signature cuisine, differs slightly from your usual donburi and ramen. The cuisine includes mostly fresh veggies and meat, with influences from Chinese and Southeast Asian flavours, so Yakiniku is especially popular there. Can anyone say Japanese beef? #nom

Yakiniku Nakama(Source: Yakiniku Nakama, Okinawa)

5. You’ll never go bored with the thriving culture scene there.

Okinawa is actually comprised of hundreds of islands, but the prefecture is still rich in history and culture. Whether you want to pick up the Sanshin (a traditional Okinawan instrument, similar to a banjo) or visit a glass workshop, Okinawa pretty much has it all.

Okinawa Culture(Source: worldcurioustraveler.com)

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