Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas For 2017

As October comes to a close, a day of extraordinary horror and fright approaches. No, not your mother-in-law’s birthday, but Halloween of course. Here are the best ideas for your costume this year.

1. Full-of-Shade Taylor Swift

Yup, it’s time to do away with the runny mascara, carefully curated girl squad and handsome arm candy this year – because I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead. (But you knew that already, didn’t you?)

All you need for your Full-of-Shade Taylor Swift costume is a black body suit, a shaggy blond wig and goth makeup (crazy eyes optional). Oh, and don’t forget a pair of sunnies because honey, you’re going to be throwing so much shade.


2. Nasi Lemak Burger

OK, forget Taylor Swift – the real star of 2017 was…McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger, am I right? Plus, dressing up as a burger (or something equally delicious) almost guarantees that you’ll get plenty of likes for your costume.

If you’re planning to do a group costume with your crew/squad/(insert whatever newfangled term kids are using these days), might I also suggest adding Curry Sauce, a Chicken McNugget and Filet-O-Fish costume to the mix? Plus, you’ll be dressed to theme for your post-party McDonald’s supper (which you know you’re going to have).

(Source: McDSG YouTube Channel)

3. Logan

Even if you’re no spring chicken, who says you can’t still dress up as a superhero this Halloween? Hugh Jackman’s (senior) Wolverine in this year’s blockbuster Logan was one of the best interpretations yet, proving that you don’t need to be young and spritely to be an ultra-cool action hero.

Besides, all you really need for the costume is a blood-stained wife beater, fake claws and a grouchy old man attitude. Sure, you might need to work on your biceps to get the full Wolverine effect, but hey, there are still a couple of weeks until Halloween rolls around no?


4. A Trump Meme

You have to admit, the only good thing that has come out of The Donald’s presidential term so far is his meme-ability. Yup, we’re talking about all the glorious Trump quotes and memes that have taken over the Internet – from Orange Is The New Black to the pirate in Captain Phillips. Gender equality? Immigration reform? Pfft, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat, when you have the face that launched a thousand memes.

To pull off the costume, you’ll need an ill-fitting business suit, way too much spray tan and a meme-worthy smirk. Good luck with that comb-over though. And hey, if your pet wants to get in on the Halloween action, he can go as Dog-nald Trump.


5. Salt Bae

While we’re on the topic of the Internet’s best discoveries, might I also suggest Salt Bae as a potential costume idea? I mean, that guy is a legend. The sultan of sprinkling. The sassy server of salt. The saltiest…OK, you get the idea.

Besides, Salt Bae is a fairly easy costume to pull off – just get a white V-neck tee, black pants, round-frame sunnies and some fake facial hair. Don’t forget to practise sprinkling some salt with pizzazz (it’s all in the wrist).

(Source: Bruh Studios YouTube)

6. iPhone X

Now here’s a truly terrifying costume – well, only if you include the price tag, that is. Unlike the actual device, an iPhone X costume is fairly cheap if you get creative. All you need is a cardboard box, markers and a lot of patience. Don’t bother making your costume too detailed though, because there will probably be a new iPhone out by the time you’re done making it anyway.


7. Despacito

Admit it, just reading that title had you humming the song didn’t it? This Halloween, skip the Psy costume (Gangnam who?) and get your Despacito game on instead. Bust out an old plaid shirt, cut off the sleeves and voilà, your costume is pretty much done. Add some temporary tattoos on your biceps, draw some stubble on your face (this is where your sister’s eyeliner will come in handy) and you’re good to go.


8. Wonder Woman

Well, of course this had to be on the list right? Wonder Woman is one of the first female superheroes to get her own movie, and actress Gal Gadot kicked ass (both literally and figuratively speaking) in the film. Granted, the costume may not be easy to pull together from what you have at home, but hey, that’s what costume rental stores (and Daiso) are for right?


9. Thor (With Short Hair)

Now, who else is psyched for Thor: Ragnarok? If you’ve watched the trailer, you’ll see that Thor has shed his Thoreal-worthy locks for a more macho crew cut – which will be far easier to pull off as a costume. I mean, have you ever worn a wig for more than an hour? Yea, it’s not comfortable. At all.

Again, you might want to rent an armour for this costume. No worries if you can’t find a red cape and hammer though – you can always fashion one out of a red table cloth and…your sister’s yoga block (come on, doesn’t that kinda look like Mjölnir?).

(Source: Marvel Entertainment)

10. Mayweather vs. McGregor

Well, it was the biggest fight of the year, so of course it had to be on this list. Plus, boxing gloves, shorts and a surly expression? Easiest costume ever.

Unsure about parading your (lack of) abs? Have no fear, the post-fight version of Mayweather vs. McGregor will work too. You’ll just need a snazzy black tracksuit (Mayweather) and a paisley blazer that looks like it was made from your grandma’s tablecloth (McGregor).


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