Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas For 2016

In need of costume ideas for Halloween? Here’s our pick of characters to be this year!

1. Pokeball

Pokemon Go fever may have somewhat died down by now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute as a button (or should we say ball?) in a homemade Pokeball costume. All you need are some old cardboard boxes, coloured duct tape and a great deal of patience (it is a virtue, after all).


2. Sun Ho

Go on, you know you want to do it. For the full makeup tutorial, click here.

sun-ho-xiaxue-makeup-tutorial(Source: Clicknetwork)

3. Kim Kardashian’s Stolen Ring

Of course you may not be worth 4 million, but you’ll still get brownie points for creativity right?


4. The Guy From The PPAP Song

All you need is a leopard print scarf, rimless glasses and a snakeskin-print blouse. In other words, what your old Chinese tutor used to wear.

ppap-song(Source: Best of YouTube/YouTube)

5. Pablo Escobar

This would actually be kind of cute on a toddler, no?  Besides, cutesy and politically-correct child costumes are so last Halloween.

pablo-escobar-toddler-costume(Source: Break/Facebook)

6. Captain Yoo from Descendants of The Sun

Please do justice to Captain Yoo and ensure that you have Song Joong Ki’s abs before attempting this look OK?


7. Smug Jennifer Aniston

You don’t really need much for this costume – just a blonde wig, a great tan and a smug ‘always knew she was a crazy B’ expression. Because gurrrrl, you called it long before anyone else did.

jennifer-aniston(Source: Angela George/Sharon Graphics Flickr)

8. Tay Tay Gone Cray Cray

Taylor Swift grabbed headlines this year when she called it quits with Calvin Harris…then started cozying up to the ever-so-suave Tom Hiddleston shortly after. Not such a good girl after all, eh?

To perfect your Tay Tay Gone Cray Cray look, you will need a blonde wig, red lipstick and non-waterproof mascara. Don’t forget to practise your best crazy ex girlfriend expression.

taylor-swift-blank-space(Source: Taylor Swift/YouTube)

9. An Updated Gender Diverse Emoji

Because why can’t guys don leotards and be a dancing pair too? #equalrights


10. Snapchat Dog Filter

You’ve annoyed your friends with countless Snaps of this filter, so why not do it in real life too? Besides being cute af, the Snapchat Dog Filter is also comparatively easy to recreate as a costume. Just paint your nose brown, add a dog ear headband and stick your tongue out whenever someone asks what you are. See here for a complete makeup tutorial.

snapchat-dog-filter-makeup-tutorial(Source: Eyedolize Makeup/YouTube)

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