Top 10 Fashion Trends That Make No Sense

As much as I appreciate cool clothes and pretty shoes, there are some fashion trends that really puzzle me. I mean, fashion can get pretty crazy but some of these trends are downright weird and/or impractical.

1. Mandals

Not sure if the fashion houses are running out of ideas, but an overpriced high-fashion re-incarnate of Birkenstocks? Come on, Celine. Surely, you can do better than Hobbit feet?

Mandals(Source: afterDRK)


2. Harem Pants

As much as harem pants are perfect for fat days, that’s just it – they make you look fat. And no one but models should ever wear them out in public. Can anyone say diaper butt?

Harem-Pants(Source: zigoti)


3. Wearing Your Jacket On Your Shoulders

I never understood the practicality of wearing your jacket on your shoulders. I mean, how do you reach for stuff without the jacket slipping off? What if you need to scratch your nose? What if you need to run for the bus? Just put your arms into the armholes, dammit!


4. Headpieces

As much as Kate Middleton looks like a true lady with a headpiece, she is Kate Middleton aka future Queen of England. Sadly, common folk like us can’t pull off this trend without looking over-the-top. Trust me, if you wear a headpiece on the MRT, you’re going to get many stares. And not the good kind either.

Kate-Middleton-Hat(Source: Yahoo)


5. Overpriced bags that look cheap

Bags that cost as much as an arm and leg are one thing, but to cost that much and just be a cheap piece of plastic? (Charlotte Olympia I’m looking at you…) Not cool, not cool at all.

Perspex-Clutch(Source: Polyvore)


6. Anything Chrome Hearts

Speaking of overpriced cheap-looking stuff…don’t even get me started on Chrome Hearts. Why anyone would pay a few hundred dollars for a poorly-designed T-shirt is beyond me. Oh wait come to think of it, there were people who actually bought Ed Hardy T-shirts so…


7. Kenzo sweaters

I quite like sweaters, but I never got the craze about Kenzo tiger sweatshirts. I mean, yeah it’s cute and all, but it’s just a colourful tiger…on a sweatshirt…for $400…

Kenzo-Tigerprint-Sweater(Source: Opening Ceremony)


8. Oversized Bags

There was once a time where celebrities like Kim Kardashian thought bigger was better…when it comes to bags, of course. Not sure why Kim thought it would be necessary to lug around a bag big enough to fit a small child into, unless she really was hiding someone in there? Or a secret stash of junk food?

Kim Kardashian(Source: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram)


9. Distressed Jeans

Back when True Religion was still cool, I thought distressed jeans were the height of fashion. But as my mother says, “Why do you want to buy something with so many holes in it?” Now that I’m older and more sensible (or auntie, rather) I have seen the wisdom in my mother’s words. Distressed denim, does indeed make you look like a bum. They also make your legs look bigger, and most of us really don’t need that.

Distressed-Jeans(Source: Your Next Jeans)


10. Sneaker Wedges

I don’t care if Miranda Kerr wears them, sneaker wedges are downright fugly. I mean, why would anyone want to wear shoes that make your legs look more like, oh I don’t know, CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS??