The Ultimate Guide To Subscription Services In Singapore

From food to fashion, we round up a bunch of cool subscription boxes to cater to different needs and interests. After all, who doesn’t like receiving packages at home?



Subscription fee: From $16 per meal to $240 for 20 meals.
Delivery charges:
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery times: 10am to 1.30pm (Noon) and 4.30pm to 7.30pm (Afternoon) from Monday to Friday.

If the idea of eating clean everyday tires you out, AMGD will have you thinking otherwise. The food subscription service, which is Halal-certified, offers a variety of healthy meals delivered straight to your doorstep. The menu includes over 100 options, and some of the options change regularly – so you don’t have to worry about getting tired of eating the same old thing.

Eating clean (in Singapore, at least) may not be cheap, but AMGD is relatively affordable if you get the bulk meal credit plan, which works out to about $12 per meal. Delivery is also included in the meal price, so really, what other excuses do you have?

Best for: People who are new to the whole #eatclean business and/or can’t be bothered to make their own healthy meals at home.

(Source: AMGD Facebook)

Fitness Ration

Subscription fee: From $52 for 5 meals to $152.60 for 14 meals. Gender-specific meal plans available.
Delivery charges:
 $9 for the basic 5 meal plan, free for other meal plans.
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore. Surcharge applicable to addresses in Sentosa or Tuas.
Delivery times: Selected time slots between 12pm – 8pm on weekdays and certain weekends. Log into your account to select a specific delivery time slot.

Like many food subscription services in Singapore, Fitness Ration offers healthy meals delivered to your doorstep. However, what makes them different is that their meals have a shelf-life of 1 month if stored properly – so you don’t have to worry about expired meal credits or missing deliveries because you’re overseas. Meals come packaged in specially-designed trays, so you just have to pop them into the microwave to get your meal ready.

Fitness Ration also has gender-specific plans, designed with the Health Promotion Board’s recommended dietary requirements in mind. For instance, the female-specific plan will have smaller meal portions (and are cheaper too), but of course you don’t have to adhere to that plan if you don’t want to. You can also select add-ons (i.e. healthy snacks and desserts) to supplement your meals if you wish.

Best for: People who never cook at home. Fitness Ration’s meals are free of preservatives, but have a shelf-life of 1 month when stored properly. Say hello to never skipping a meal because you’re too lazy to cook.

(Source: Fitness Ration Facebook)


Subscription fee: From $12.90 per meal. 3 or 5-day plans available.
Delivery charges:
Delivery areas serviced: Pickup spots located at various gyms islandwide. Direct delivery available for selected areas.
Delivery times: Mondays and Thursdays

As its name may suggest, FitThree provides healthy meal plans for people who want to get fit (or stay fit). The recipes are devised by a team of chefs and a nutritionist, so as to ensure that the dishes are both nutritious and tasty (which can be a bit of a challenge, if you ask us). Although the meal plans are designed for active people (read: those who work out regularly), they don’t discriminate against the uh, lazy non-active folks out there either. After all, whether you’re active or not, a healthy meal will still benefit you in some way or another no?

FitThree is slightly different from other subscription services though, as they don’t deliver meals directly to your doorstep (save for a few selected areas in Singapore). Instead, the meals are delivered to pickup points located at various gyms islandwide – because hey, if you want to stay fit, you gotta work for your food right?

Best for: Gym buffs and people who are trying to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Eat clean and train mean yo.

(Source: FitThree Facebook)

Primal Meal Prep

Subscription fee: Between $10 to $25 per meal. Minimum order of 8 meals and $100 (before delivery charges) is required.
Delivery charges:
$7 for 3 deliveries. Free for orders above $150.
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery times: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday between 7pm to 10pm. All meals have a shelf life of 3 to 4 days.

If you want to get specific about your nutrients (or macros), Primal Meal Prep is the service for you. Before ordering your meals, you first use their Macro Calculator to determine the right macros for your health goals. After which, you can build customised meals based on your macro requirements, and the good people at Primal Meal Prep will cook, weigh and pack your meals according to your specifications. The meals will then be delivered to your doorstep on delivery days, so the service truly makes healthy eating a fuss-free experience.

Best for: Fitness buffs who want specific and customised healthy meals. Or people who actually know what macros are.

(Source: Primal Meal Prep Facebook)


Subscription fee: From $150 to $250 per box. Each box includes an assortment of about 5 to 7 kg of organic produce.
Delivery charges: 
Free for orders above $100.
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery times: Thursdays, between 10am to 6pm.

SimplyFresh isn’t exactly a meal subscription service, but it’ll keep your fridge stocked with fresh organic produce for cooking or snacking. Choose from the different types of boxes, such as the Simply Fruits, Simply Vegetables or even a Juicing Box perfect for DIY juice cleanses. All the organic produce is freshly harvested from farms in Europe, and delivered to your doorstep on a weekly basis. Browse the selection of organic produce available here.

Best for: People who want to cook healthy meals at home.

(Source: Simply Fresh)

Snacks & Desserts

Made Real

Subscription fee: $24.90 per box. Choose from once a month, twice a month or weekly deliveries. Each box contains six 50g snack packs.
Delivery charges: 
Free shipping with a minimum order of 400g worth of snacks.
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery times: Monday to Saturday.

If you’re a snack fiend who can’t seem to stay away from the office pantry, give Made Real a try instead. The subscription service was one of the first in Singapore to offer a curated delivery of healthy snacks, based on your health goals, taste preferences, dietary requirements and even allergies. Granted, $24.90 per box may seem kind of pricey, but each contains six 50g bags of snacks, so it works out to about $4 each. Not too bad for healthy gourmet snacks no?

Best for: Mindless snackers. If you’re going to have a snack attack, it might as well be a healthy one right?

(Source: Made Real Facebook)


Subscription fee: $19.90 per box. Each box includes 4 single-serving snack packs. Choose from once every 2 months, once a month, once every 2 weeks or once a week deliveries.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery period: Orders are shipped out on working days only.

Always reaching for that bag of chips or cookies? Healthy snack subscription service boxgreen will still have you snacking, but on healthier options instead. If that sounds potentially unappetising (or even alarming) to you, think again. With an extensive menu that includes over 50 different types of sweet and savoury snacks, you can choose from delicious options like Cinnamon Crusted Almonds, Awesome Apple Crisps, Sunshine Chips and even Marvellous Murukku Mix (gotta love the alliteration there). Many of the snacks also have local/Asian flavours, such as Kopi-flavoured popcorn and Tom Yum rice crackers.

boxgreen also has a group box option for 2 to 5 people, which is perfect for stocking up your office pantry. If you want your snack box to be a surprise, just select the “Surprise me” button and the team will curate some options for you.

Best for: Prolific snackers who want to be a little healthier.

(Source: Boxgreen Singapore Facebook)


Subscription fee: From $14.99 to $34.99 (USD) per month.
Delivery charges:
Free delivery worldwide.
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery period: Between the 20th – 28th of each month.

Alright alright, enough about healthy eating. Here’s one for those who would rather risk the high cholesterol for some extra tasty snacks. TokyoTreat is a subscription-based service that delivers a box of unique Japanese snacks to your doorstep every month. While the service isn’t based in Singapore, it does offer free delivery worldwide.

Each box will include a handpicked selection of candies, traditional Japanese snacks, savoury  snacks, drinks and some extra bits and bobs – all direct from Japan, of course. Depending on the subscription package you opt for, each box will contain about 13 to 17 full-sized snacks that would otherwise be quite difficult to find outside of Japan. The selection also varies based on whatever is in season during the month, so #yasss to Sakura snacks and peach candies even when you’re not in Japan.

Best for: People who love interesting, Insta-worthy snacks. Or just Japanese snacks in general.

(Source: TokyoTreat Facebook)

Japan Crate

Subscription fee: From $12 to $30 (USD) per month.
Delivery charges:
Free delivery worldwide.
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery period: Between the 20th to 28th of each month, or the 3rd of the next month, depending on your renewal period. See more details here.

Japan Crate is another subscription service that offers a monthly delivery of Japanese snacks, but you can also opt for more than just snacks. If you love all things Japanese, from cute candies to comics, then this is the subscription box for you. The Premium Crate includes 2.5 pounds of full-size candies and snacks, with a few bonus items like comic character collectibles or manga (with translations) thrown in. The Umai Crate, on the other hand, will have a curated selection of Japanese instant noodles instead. Not that into snacks? Pick the Kira Kira or Doki Doki Crates instead, which have Japanese beauty products, cute collectibles and household items.

Best for: People who love Japanese products, but don’t have the chance to go there anytime soon.

(Source: Japan Crate Facebook)

Pint Society Singapore

Subscription fee: From $38 per month for 2 pints of handmade ice cream.
Delivery charges:
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery times: The Tuesday or Thursday following the 20th of each month, between 2pm to 6pm or 6pm – 10pm.

Just when you thought that food subscription services were all about clean eating, we bring you…Singapore’s first ice cream subscription service (because why not?). Mind you, Pint Society Singapore doesn’t offer just any regular ol’ ice cream – the good folks behind the service churn out a selection of unique flavours that are bound to have your guests asking “Wah, where did you get this ice cream from ah?”. The flavours change every month, but some interesting ones they’ve had include Catch Me If You Can! (fresh ginger ice cream with candied ginger chunks and a handmade Gingerbread Man cookie), Black & White (chocolate gelato with cocoa-coated white truffles) and Pineapple Tart (pineapple ripper ice cream with pineapple jam and butter cookie bits). The only downside to the service is that you can’t pick the flavours you want, but hey, sometimes life is better with a little surprise no?

Pint Society members also get perks and affiliated merchants, such as Naiise, The Ice Cream & Cookie Co and more.

Best for: True ice cream aficionados.

(Source: Pint Society Singapore)


Box fee: From $18 to $40 per box. Each box includes all the pre-portioned ingredients required for the recipe you selected, as well as recipe cards and links to online video guides. Each box will make enough for about 8 to 16 servings.
Delivery charges:
 $4.90 per order. Free shipping for orders above $40
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery times: 3 to 4 working days after placing your order.

Want to impress your friends and family with homemade baked treats? Well, you don’t have to be a domestic goddess to do so. Batterful offers ready-to-bake kits with pre-portioned ingredients (except for eggs and salt), so you don’t have to go through the tedious process of sourcing for and measuring out the ingredients.

While Batterful may not be a subscription service per se (you can just order however many boxes you want, as and when you like), the baking kits change quite often so you can try out new recipes regularly. Some of the more standout baking kits include Double Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies, Pandan Gula Melaka Cupcakes and Thai Milk Tea Chiffon Cake.

Best for: Baking noobs, or people who don’t bake on a regular basis. Batterful’s baking kits include pre-portioned ingredients, so there will be minimal wastage and you won’t need that many kitchen tools.

(Source: Batterful Facebook)


The French Cellar

Subscription fee: From $79 to $299 per month. Each box includes 2 bottles of wine.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: Monthly. First box will be delivered within 5 days of subscription.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge about wine and/or build up a respectable collection, The French Cellar just might cater to your needs. The wine subscription service sends you 2 bottles of French wine per month, chosen by their in-house sommelier Nicolas Rebut (who has been a sommelier at various 3-star Michelin restaurants in Europe, #nbd).

They also offer different plans for various budgets and requirements, so if you’re just starting out on your wine journey, try the basic Vineyard Gems plan. It’s $99 per month for 2 bottles, and you can cancel it anytime.

Best for: Wine lovers and newbies alike. Basically, if you love wine, this is the box for you.

(Source: The French Cellar Asia Facebook)

Thirsty Craft Beer Shop

Subscription fee: From $178 for 3 months (1 delivery per month).
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: Once a month.

As its name may suggest, Thirsty Craft Beer Shop specialised in well, craft beers. The store has a subscription service catered to beer lovers, with a wide selection of beers, ciders, ales from all over the world – including both seasonal brews and classic flavours.

For $178, you get a 3-month subscription which includes a case of 6 craft beers every month. Still not enough? Opt for the bigger case (at $628 for 3 months) which includes 24 beers per delivery. The perfect gift for your beer-loving husband or dad, perhaps?

Best for: Beer lovers who want to up their game.

(Source: Thirsty Craft Beer Shop Facebook)

Whisky Butler

Subscription fee: From $83 to $88 per month. Each monthly box comes with four 20ml bottles of whisky with tasting notes.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery period: Between the 15th and 25th of each month.

If whisky is the name of the game for you, Whiskey Butler is at your service. The subscription service will send you a case of whisky (in tasting portions of course, tut tut) every month, with a curated selection of bottles with accompanying tasting notes. Whisky Butler lets you discover new flavours without having to invest too much in your alcoholic hobby, but if you do like a particular whisky, you can purchase the full-size bottle at a members-only rate.

Best for: Whisky lovers, of course.

(Source: Whiskey Butler Facebook)


Subscription fee: From $55 per month.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: Once a month. Specific delivery date can be requested on check out.

Dedicated to serving only the best sake, Sakemaru offers a carefully curated selection of unfiltered and unpasteurised “nama” sake, which is basically fresh sake in its purest form (see here if you want to get technical about it). Sakemaru works with small-scale sake breweries that are highly committed to their craft, so you can expect deliveries of seasonal sake of the highest quality. Whether you go for the basic $55 per month plan (which include 1 bottle of sake every month), or the premium $145 per month plan (which includes 1 bottle of regular sake and 1 bottle of premium sake), Sakemaru is probably the next best thing to actually going to Japan and sourcing for the sake yourself.

Best for: Sake lovers who won’t be visiting Japan anytime soon.

(Source: Sakemaru Facebook)

Hook Coffee

Subscription fee: From $14 – $18 per pack. Each pack makes enough for at least 12 cups of coffee.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: Delivery frequency can be selected at check out. All orders will be processed and shipped out within 3 working days. Estimated delivery date will be shown when checking out.

Hook Coffee isn’t quite like a typical subscription service, but they do deliver quality coffee straight to your doorstep. While you can select whatever delivery frequency suits your lifestyle best (i.e. 1 bag of coffee per week or month), there is no minimum term for the subscription service and you can cancel it at anytime. You can also buy the coffee individually as well, with a selection of whole or ground beans, drip coffee bags and even Nespresso-compatible pods to choose from.

Whether you want a simple or complex cuppa, Hook Coffee has you covered with their selection of handpicked coffee. Plus, they work directly with coffee farmers to cut out the middleman, so you get top quality coffee without the expensive price tag.

Best for: Coffee connoisseurs and people who are really particular about their coffee.

(Source: Hook Coffee Facebook)


LookFantastic Beauty Box

Subscription fee: $27.50 per box. Each box includes a minimum of 6 beauty products.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: Monthly. Each box will typically arrive in 5 to 10 working days from the shipping date.

Look Fantastic is a British online beauty store with over 400 brands available, but they do have a Beauty Box subscription service for skincare and makeup junkies out there. Each Beauty Box contains a curated selection of skincare, makeup, body and hair products, and the theme changes every month. Past boxes have included items from Percy and Reed, Laura Gellar, Borghese and more.

Best for: Beauty junkies who love receiving new skincare, makeup, hair and bath products. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a beauty blogger/influencer/YouTuber, this is probably the closest thing you can get to the experience.

(Source: Lookfantastic)

Lip Monthly

Subscription fee: From $12.45 (USD) per month.
Delivery charges:
 Free shipping to Singapore.
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery times: After 10th of the month, international delivery may take an additional 4-8 days

If you’re more than a little lippie-crazy (hear hear), you’ll probably enjoy Lip Monthly. The subscription service sends 4 to 5 deluxe-sized lip products to your doorstep every month, in a collectible beauty pouch to boot. Besides lipsticks, glosses, tints and stains from your favourite brands, you can also look forward to receiving lip products from cult beauty brands as well. The boxes may occasionally include a non-lip product too, which will usually be complementary to the lip products in your box.

The subscription service renews automatically though, so read the cancellation policy carefully before signing up.

Best for: Lipstick junkies. If only you had more than one pair of lips, eh?

(Source: Lip Monthly Facebook)

MISHIBOX Korean Beauty Box

Subscription fee: From $19.95 (USD) per month.
Delivery charges: $7.49 (USD) per month.
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery times: Varies, check shipping schedule for exact dates. International shipping destinations make take an additional 1 to 3 weeks.

Whether you’re new to Korean beauty or a seasoned convert, MISHIBOX will keep your vanity well-stocked with a selection of favourites from big brands, cult labels and drugstore staples. Each monthly box includes 5 to 6 products (both deluxe and full-sized) from a wide range of Korean beauty brands, each with product descriptions and usage instructions in English (finally!).

Best for: People who are into Korean beauty. Song Hye-kyo glowy skin, come to mama!

(Source: MISHIBOX Facebook)



Subscription fee: $129 a month, can be cancelled anytime.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: As often as you choose – StyleTheory will send you new items once you have returned the old ones to them.

Guilty of having a bursting wardrobe and/or an unexplained desire to buy more clothes? StyleTheory has you covered. The clothing subscription service lets you pick 3 pieces from a wide range of designer labels, and you can return them anytime you want to get more new styles. Delivery and returns are free, plus StyleTheory will take care of the dry cleaning, so all you really have to do is…well, wear the clothes. Labels available on the site include Keepsake, Alice McCall, C/MEO Collective, Sandro, Elizabeth and James, Finders Keepers and many more.

Best for: The OOTD-obsessed and/or fashionistas on a budget.

(Source: StyleTheory Facebook)


Subscription fee: From $60 a month.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: Once a month.

Ever wished you had your own personal stylist? Lowinsky is probably the next best thing. The subscription service will send you clothes and accessories (worth at least $120) based on your style preferences and size, and you can exchange the items if they don’t work out for you. To refine your selection for future boxes, just fill out the feedback form to indicate what worked (or didn’t) and your Lowinsky stylist will take that into account. The clothes are yours to keep, and delivery is free for all orders in Singapore.

Best for: Ladies who don’t enjoy shopping for clothes (but why tho) or those who want some styling advice.

(Source: Lowinsky Singapore Facebook)


Subscription fee: $49 per month or $65 for a one-time box.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery period: Orders placed before the 8th of each month will be sent out by the second week of the following month.

Now here’s one for the gents in our midst. Ohhmybox is a subscription service that caters to men, with products that range from accessories (i.e. cufflinks, socks, ties) to grooming products. The service is meant to help men discover new products and brands, and each box also includes grooming tips to guide the user along with the products.

Best for: Men who have no idea where to start when it comes to grooming. The perfect gift (and hint) for your dishevelled boyfriend or husband, perhaps?

(Source: Ohhmybox Facebook)


Beverly’s Blooms

Subscription fee: From $75 to $125 per month.
Delivery charges: Free delivery within Robertson Quay, Orchard and Tanglin areas
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: Once a month.

Love receiving flowers (or have a forgetful partner)? Beverly’s Blooms makes floral deliveries easy with their subscription service, so you can have beautiful blooms delivered to you regularly. Each arrangement includes a hand-picked selection of flowers, and you can even request for bespoke bouquets for special occasions. The bouquets are also delivered in a vase, so you don’t have to worry about spoiling the pretty arrangement.

Always forgetting important occasions? Sign up for the Milestones Package, which allows you to choose 3 significant dates to schedule a floral delivery.

Best for: The forgetful and the guilty. Nothing says “I’m sorry” better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers (and your eternal grovelling, of course).

(Source: Beverly’s Blooms Facebook)

The BooksActually Box

Subscription fee: From $129 for 3 months.
Delivery charges: Free
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: Once a month.

Looking to expand your book collection? The monthly BooksActually Box includes a title (handpicked based on your reading preferences) as well as a selection of cool items that may be related to your reading interests. Choose from fiction to dark humour, or even a special travel edition box that will give you a bad case of #wanderlust in no time.

Best for: People who actually like reading, you know, books.

(Source: BooksActually Facebook)

Cratejoy Book Subscription Box

Subscription fee: From $9 (USD) to $39.95 (USD) per box.
Delivery charges: Varies based on your book box selection.
Delivery areas serviced: All addresses in Singapore.
Delivery frequency: Once a month.

If you’re a real bookworm, you’ll love Cratejoy’s Book Subscription Boxes. The subscription service offers a variety of boxes based on your interests, from standard publications to obscure titles from all over the world. They even have a box for kids, magazine lovers and uhh…those into Pagan literature (hey, whatever floats your boat right?). Cratejoy isn’t based in Singapore, but they do ship their boxes here – just be sure to filter your search results.

Best for: Bookworms who are the real deal. Good on you for keeping the passion alive, what with YouTube and Netflix distracting people from reading for leisure.

(Source: Cratejoy)

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