The Ultimate Guide To Re-Gifting

Now that the festive season is here, you’re probably rooting through last year’s pile of random gifts from relatives who are obligated to give you something every year. This, my fellow cheapskates, is where clever re-gifting comes in. Don’t lie…you know you do it too, whether it’s secretly or openly. There’s nothing wrong with re-gifting, but follow these tips so you won’t be too obvious about it.

Tip #1: Make sure there are no tell-tale signs.

If you’re going to re-gift something, the most important rule of ALL TIME is to ensure that there are no giveaway signs, like personalised details or handwritten notes from the original gift-giver. This may seem like an obvious fact, but you’d be surprised at how many re-gifted presents I get with tell-tale signs like those. So yes, check your gifts thoroughly, or the person you’re re-gifting it to will know and probably bitch about you (but behind your back, of course).

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Tip #2: Don’t re-gift something to someone who knows the original giver.

Well, for obvious reasons right? You don’t want to give your cousin the ugly Christmas sweater your aunt gave you, because one fine day their paths will cross, and of course your cousin will be wearing that (traitorous) sweater.

As such, it is best to re-gift a present to someone from a completely different social circle, like your annoying colleague who is always shopping online instead of doing her share of work.

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Tip #3: Think about who you’re re-gifting an item to.

I mean, you wouldn’t want to give your manly male cousin a makeup gift set right? It would be way too obvious (and weird), so think about who you’re re-gifting an item to. The best items to re-gift are not gender-specific and look more atas than they actually are. This includes nice stationery and bath soap with fancy packaging, which are perfect for acquaintances you’re obligated to give presents to.

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Tip #4: Add a personal touch to a re-gifted item.

The best way to make a re-gifted present look like a thoughtful one is to add personal details, like a hand-written card or gift tag. If you’re wrapping and addressing presents on behalf of your busy (*cough* lazy *cough*) boss, make sure you spell the names of the receivers correctly. Unless you want to sabotage your boss and potentially lose your job, that is.

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Tip #5: Make sure your re-gifted item is in good condition.

This means that you shouldn’t be giving away opened bath soap sets (“But I only like the Quercus scent!”) or notebooks with dented edges and missing pages. Also, don’t give someone something you’ve already worn because that’s just plain gross. If all else fails, wrap the item in wrapping tissue (available at bookstores like Popular and Kinokuniya) and put it in a classy paper bag (available at stores like Daiso – go for the paper bags in solid colours or simple patterns, rather than the ones with tacky Santa drawings all over).

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