Taobao Shopping Guide: Chinese New Year Stuff

Too lazy to brave the crowds for Chinese New Year decorations? Get them on Taobao instead. Here are some items we found.

1. Hanging Lantern Cut-outs, from $1.23

HOW CUTE ARE THESE?? These felt cut-out lanterns are a nice alternative to traditional red lanterns. It requires some assembly, but at least shipping fees will be cheaper than the regular lanterns which are much bulkier.

Lantern Cut Outs(Source: Xi Chuan Technology)

2. Non-obiang Fortune Sign, from $1.19

You know how most 福 signs look really loud and obiang? Here’s one that actually looks a bit more understated.

Fortune Sign(Source: HOENGLAN GIFT)

3. Hanging 春 Sign, from $5.14

I never really understood the meaning behind the auspicious 春 sign, but apparently it’s supposed to bring good luck and new beginnings (or so my auntie source claims). In any case, this hanging 春 sign will add a nice touch of red to your home – without looking too obiang.

Spring Sign(Source: Xi Chuan Technology)  

4. Colourful Lanterns, $1.17

These colourful lanterns may not be as auspicious as the traditional red ones, but at least you can use them for other occasions (weddings, birthdays, baby showers, tea parties…the list goes on!). They come in a variety of colours and are only about $1 per piece, so knock yourself out.

Colourful Lanterns(Source: Happy Party)

5. Cute Sheep/Lamb Red Packets, $1.52 for a pack of 6

OK so maybe sheep aren’t quite the same as goats, but…but….it’s a baby lamb! On a red packet! TELL ME YOU DON’T WANT THIS.

Lamb Red Packets 2(Source: Meow Woo Family Grocery)

6. Hello Kitty Red Packets, from $1.30 for a pack of 8

While we’re on the subject of cute red packets, Hello Kitty fans will probably want to get their hands on these cute red packets. There are a variety of designs available, including Auspicious Hello Kitty, Golden Hello Kitty and uh, Leopard Hello Kitty (no idea how it’s relevant to Chinese New Year, but there you go).

Hello Kitty Red Packet(Source: OCCI ENERGY) 

7. Really Fancy Red Packets, from $4.09 for a pack of 5

These fancy red packets are the kind you give to people you need to impress (but don’t really like), because it’ll look like you put a large sum of money inside. Of course, whether you put a measly $5 in there or not is entirely up to you…

Really Fancy Red Packet(Source: Joy’s Card)

8. Fancy Gift Bags, from $0.13 per piece

Because putting your New Moon abalone cans in a fancy gift bag will make the receiver think you got it from somewhere atas (instead of Giant Hypermart). *shifty eyes*

Fancy Paper Bags(Source: Guangzhou Ming Cheng)

Useful Taobao Search Terms

Chinese New Year Decorations – 新年装饰品

Chinese New Year Lanterns – 新年灯笼

Red Packets – 红包

Chinese New Year Greeting Cards – 新年贺卡

Chinese New Year Ornaments – 新年挂饰

Auspicious Signs – 新年对联

Ordering from Taobao takes about 1 to 2 weeks (from the time you place the order, to when you receive the parcel) so be sure to plan ahead. Always read item and seller reviews to get a better idea of what you’ll be getting. If you need tips on how to navigate the site, check out our guide to shopping on Taobao here.

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