Taobao Chinese New Year Guide

Getting prepped for Chinese New Year? Here’s a handy guide to shopping for auspicious decorations, new clothes and other essentials on Taobao!


Who says Chinese New Year decorations have to be tacky or gaudy? Here are some cool options to get you started.


  • Certain electronics may be marked as restricted items by your Taobao forwarder/agent (which means you have to pay a higher shipping rate for Sensitive Air) because of the batteries inside the item. Ask your forwarder/agent to discard the batteries, so you can ship the item via Economy Air instead.
  • Certain Taobao forwarders may not ship restricted items to Singapore, so it’s best to contact them directly to ask in advance.
  • Restricted items include LED lights, batteries, flammable products (i.e. gas lighters), liquids and powder products.
  • Want more options? Check out a curated list of Chinese New Year decorations here.

Auspicious Door Decorations

Bring in the good fortune with these auspicious door decorations, which come in a variety of designs and sizes – including stickers, garlands and matching sets to hang on either side of your doorway. #huatah

(Source: 木木好玩旗舰店)

Modern Year of the Rooster Decorations

If you think that obiang (gaudy) Chinese New Year decorations will clash with your Scandinavian-themed home, these Year of the Rooster decorations are a stylish yet equally auspicious option for a more modern look.

(Source: 布草家居 zakka home 杂货)

Hanging Felt Lantern

Want something a bit more understated? These simple felt decorations will add festive cheer, without auntie-fying your home. As an added bonus, they aren’t specific to any zodiac, so you can use them every Chinese New Year too.

(Source: 原品生活 原创居家用品)

Lantern-style Fairy Lights

If you’re planning to hold evening gatherings over the Chinese New Year period, these lantern light garlands will add to the festive atmosphere (and also create an Instaworthy background – which is all that matters, am I right).

Just a heads up though – certain items like LED lights can only be shipped via Sensitive Air (as opposed to regular Economy Air), so take that into account before placing your order.

(Source: 雄鹰灯饰厂LED彩灯批发)

Colourful Paper Lanterns

Want to add a splash of colour to your home, without going overboard? These colourful paper lanterns will do the trick. Not only are they light and easy to store, but the lanterns also come in a variety of sizes and colours. Add your own fairy lights or electric candles (don’t use real candles, obviously) to take these decorations to the next level.

(Source: 99喜庆装饰用品店)

Useful Search Terms

Spring Festival – 春节

Decorations – 布置

Creative – 创意

Traditional – 传统

Zodiac – 生肖

Year of the Rooster/Chicken – 鸡年

Couplets – 春联

Stickers – 贴纸

Laser-cut Paper Decorations – 剪纸

Hanging Ornaments – 挂饰

Fairy Lights – 串灯

Lanterns – 灯笼

Artificial Flowers – 假花 (add ‘春节’ to the search term if you want colourful flowers/cherry blossoms)

Gold Ingot – 元宝

Red Packets

If you want to step things up this year, skip the free red packets (with the obvious logos *cough*) and get some of these nicer options instead. Some of them are so cute, that the recipient may just overlook how much money you put inside. Maybe.


  • Use different red packet designs to differentiate the amount of money you put inside each envelope. This way, you can discreetly dole out red packets with larger amounts of money to your favourite people, and the ones with less money to uh, your least favourite ones (screaming kids, we’re looking at you). Taobao has plenty of options for red packet designs anyway, so you will be spoiled for choice.
  • It may be a good idea to write your name on the red packet, so that the receiver remembers who it’s from. Unless you’re giving the receiver a paltry amount, then uh, leave no traces of your identity. #justsayin
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for below? Check out more Chinese New Year red packet designs here.

Classic Red Packets

An elegant and safe option for first-time red packet-givers.

(Source: 同年童年)

Fortune Cat-Print Red Packets

Can we just take a moment now to appreciate how cute that Fortune Cat print is?

(Source: 财神爷红包)

Animal Red Packets

In case the above red packets weren’t cute enough for you. (Really though, really?!)

(Source: 李想旗舰店)

Egg-Shaped Red Packets

Because Year of the Rooster, geddit geddit?

(Source: 广州鸿森工艺品商行)

Minimalist Red Packets

So hipster it hurts.

(Source: 喜的良品旗舰店)

Gift Packaging

Put anything from oranges to kueh lapis in these nifty gift packaging solutions.


  • Taobao has a plethora of gift packaging options, but add ‘春节’ to your search term to get Chinese New Year-themed results.
  • Check out more Chinese New Year gift packaging options here.

Traditional Gift Bag

These traditional-style gift bags comes in various sizes, so you can use them for cakes, bottles and other festive gifts. The bags are made of a sturdy cloth-like material, so they can hold heavier items too.

(Source: 尚品动漫城)

Chinese New Year Brown Bags

Perfect for packaging your homemade Chinese New Year goodies.

(Source: Sweet Baking)

Modern Chinese New Year Gift Bags

A modern yet equally auspicious paper bag for all your gifting needs.

(Source: 孩儿巷106张家卿的店)

Rustic Chic Gift Box

This gift box comes with a set of six matching bottles – perfect for making your homemade Chinese New Year goodies look a little more profresh.

(Source: 荣兴包装材料)

Sakura Tree Pop-up Greeting Card

Seriously though, HOW COOL IS THIS CARD? #shutupandtakemymoney

(Source: 心心贺卡)

Classic Chinese New Year Greeting Card

A classic option for your more traditional gift recipients.

(Source: 沐源旗舰店)

2017 Greeting Card

Yup, little chicken – it’s your year. Also, how cute are the cartoon versions of all the animals in the zodiac?

(Source: 依米娜请柬)

Useful Search Terms

Red Packets – 红包/红包袋

Customisable – 定制

Vintage – 复古

Gift Bag (Chinese New Year) – 春节 礼品袋/礼品包装袋 春节

Greeting Cards (Chinese New Year) – 贺年片/春节贺卡

3D Pop-Up Card – 立体卡

Gift Box – 礼盒

Entertaining Essentials

Whether you’re having a casual steamboat party or a full-on Chinese New Year open house, here are some essentials to make your life easier.


  • Short of space for your steamboat spread? Place ingredients on a multi-layered food stand to save space (and create an Instaworthy table of food).
  • If you’re getting steamboat equipment from Taobao, avoid the kind that comes with an induction cooker or built-in gas tank. Certain forwarders don’t ship sensitive items (or charge a premium to do so), so it’s better to just get the steamboat pot on its own.
  • Get more ideas on Chinese New Year entertaining essentials here.

Multi-layer Food Stand

This, my friends, is the answer to all your food displaying needs – steamboat ingredients, desserts, buffet-style dishes…the possibilities are endless. They come in different sizes and colour variations too, so you can pick the combination that works best for your dining needs.

(Source: 新力士厨具批发中心)

Extra Long Chopsticks

These multi-purpose chopsticks are perfect for your Lo Hei or steamboat needs. Or poking someone. Just kidding…but tempting though, right?

(Source: 百丽家居生活馆)

Snack Container Set

Display an array of Chinese New Year goodies with this multi-purpose container set. It comes with a cover too, so even your mom would approve.

(Source: 跃隆家居)

Mahjong Cards

No space for a mahjong table? Don’t want to annoy your neighbours with late-night mahjong sessions? These ingenious Mahjong Cards are a convenient (and quieter) option for all the mahjong addicts out there.

(Source: 汇玩桌游棋牌店)

Mahjong Mat

A portable Mahjong Mat so you can play the game whenever, wherever.

(Source: 彤乐运动专营店)

Fancy Schmancy Poker Cards

Because gold = huat ah! Plus, the cards are made of durable plastic, so you don’t have to worry about spills or stains.

(Source: 艾艺雅)

Texas Hold’em Poker Set

This Texas Hold’em Poker Set includes two decks of cards, a set of chips, dice and a poker mat – basically, everything you need to hold your own Poker tournament at home. Oh and have we mentioned the nifty briefcase that comes with it?

(Source: 聚友活力体育用品店)

Automatic Card Shuffler

Because shuffling cards manually is so archaic, pfft.

(Source: 五星娱乐筹码)

Useful Search Terms

Hot Pot – 火锅

Steamboat Pot (for two soup bases) – 鸳鸯

Stainless Steel – 不锈钢

Ladle (for scooping ingredients) – 漏勺

Ladle (for soup) – 汤勺

Non-stick Pan (for grilling food) – 不粘锅

Grilling Pan – 烤肉盘

Multi-purpose – 多功能

Lo Hei Chopsticks – 特长筷子

Shredder (in case you want to make your own Lo Hei ingredients) – 刨丝器

Multi-Grid Containers (for Chinese New Year goodies) – 多格水果盘/转动瓜果盘 (for the rotating kind)

Multi-layered Cake Stand – 多层蛋糕架

Mahjong – 麻将

Mahjong Mat – 麻将桌布

Poker Cards – 扑克牌

Poker Mat – 扑克桌布

Clothes & Accessories

Last but not least, what’s Chinese New Year without some new threads? It may be somewhat challenging to find suitable clothes on Taobao this time of the year (unless you’re looking for winter wear), but here are some tips on how to streamline your search results.


  • If you want to search for clothes in brighter colours (or more Chinese New Year-appropriate styles), add ‘春节’ (Spring Festival) to your search terms. You can also try adding ‘夏’ (Summer) to filter out heavier winter clothes from the search results.
  • Need to look slimmer before Chinese New Year, but no time to diet/work out? Have no fear, Taobao is here. Search for ‘束身衣‘ (Shapewear) so you can get some Spanx (or uh, fake Spanx) to wear under your clothes. #hacked
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for below? Check out more Chinese New Year clothing options here.

Red Lace Cheongsam

A pretty lace cheongsam to suit the Chinese New Year theme to a T. Just be sure to check the size measurements before buying.

(Source: 汀美旗舰店)

Modern Cheongsam

As an added bonus, this cheongsam is A-Line cut – which means you can hide your food baby with ease, hooray!

(Source: 彩黛妃旗舰店)

Feminine Pastel Pink Dress

A fun and flirty dress for the more feminine ladies out there.

(Source: palglg旗舰店)

Dress With Trumpet Sleeves

Because trumpet sleeves have been such a thing this season. Not sure what’s up with the model’s coy pose though.

(Source: 美丽说官方商城)

Pastel Pink Blouse

A comfortable and casual top that will pair well with jeans or a skirt. It also looks suspiciously similar to the one Dr. Kang Mo Yeon wore in Descendants of the Sun.


Dangly Earrings

Simple and understated earrings to complement your bright Chinese New Year outfits.

(Source: INS 极简配饰)

Useful Search Terms

Dress – 连身裙

Top/Blouse – 衬衣

T-shirt – T恤

Off-shoulder Dress – 露肩连身裙

One-shoulder Dress – 单肩连身裙

Cape Dress – 披风连身裙

Cheongsam/Qipao – 旗袍

Plus Size/Bigger Sizes – 大码

Fitted/Figure-hugging – 修身显瘦

Waist-Hugging – 束腰

Short Sleeves – 短袖

Sleeveless – 无袖

Stripes – 条纹

Checkered – 格子

Oriental – 中式

Retro – 复古

Chiffon – 雪纺

Lace – 蕾丝

Chinese New Year – 春节

Summer – 夏

Accessories – 饰品

Dangly Earrings – 耳坠

Necklace – 项链

Handbags – 手提包

Clutch – 宴会包

Phone Case – 手机壳

Nail Stickers – 指甲贴

One last thing…

Chinese New Year falls much earlier this year (28 January), so try to place your Taobao orders by mid-January to ensure that they arrive in time. Parcels take an average of 4 days to reach the China warehouse and another 7 – 9 days (on average) to reach Singapore, so it’s best to shop early if you can.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Taobao Southeast Asia. Check out more Chinese New Year items here.

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