Snapchat Hacks You Need To Know – Part 2

How to doodle in more colours, block unwanted people (read: your parents) from finding you on Snapchat and other clever hacks for Snapchat addicts!

Doodle in Black, White and Baby Pink.

Well people, the day has finally come – you can now decorate your Snaps with black, white, grey and pastel pink (random colour to have in the mix, but we’ll take it) doodles. All you have to do is click the pencil icon as per usual, then drag your finger down from the top of the colour bar, to the bottom left of your screen. The pencil colour should change to black or grey. If you want to change it to white or pastel pink, just slide your finger up.

Hurrah, we finally have non-obiang colours to decorate our Snaps with.

Doodle in other coloursHold your finger down on the colour scale, then slide it down in the direction of the red arrow to change the colour of the drawing pencil.

Double tap your screen to switch Camera modes.

Too lazy to find the Switch Camera Mode button while you’re busy recording a Snap? Just double tap your screen to change camera modes in an instant. Now you can easily take a selfie while Snapping your dessert.

Snapchat Switch Camera Modes

Swipe up to chat with friends.

Watching your BFF’s Snapchat and just have to guilt trip her about that post-gym feast she’s having? Swipe up on the Snap (where it says ‘Chat’) and a chat box will pop out at the bottom.

This only works for Snapchat friends though (aka people you’ve added and who have also added you back), so I don’t think you can start chatting with Song Of Style anytime soon.

Swipe Up To Chat

Prevent unwanted contacts from finding you on Snapchat.

You know what kills your vibe faster than getting a Facebook friend request from your parents? When they find you on Snapchat too. As much as I love Snapchat more than Instagram or Facebook, there’s some major stranger danger going on with the “friends” who can add you and view your Snaps. As long as someone has your mobile number (which is linked to your Snapchat account), they can add you on Snapchat and view your Snaps (unless you block them, or limit your privacy settings).

If you want to keep your Snapchat open to public, but don’t want your parents (or nosy relatives) to chance upon your drunken Snaps (we’ve all been there…) there’s a simple fix for that.

Go to your Settings, then click on the Mobile Number option. From there, you should be able to see an option that says ‘Allow my friends to find me’. Turn this option off if you don’t want contacts in your phonebook to find you via your number.

Snapchat Allow Friends To Find Me

If it’s just a certain person you don’t want finding you (and not everyone in your phonebook), you can just block the contact on Snapchat.

On your Snapchat profile page, click on My Friends then click on the purple Contacts tab at the top of the page. Under that page, you should be able to view all the contacts in your address book that are on Snapchat. Find the one you want to block, then click on the contact’s name (not the Add (+) icon) and a profile window should pop up. Click the gear icon on the right, and an option allowing you to block the contact should come up.

Snapchat Block Contacts

Save a story from the Discover section.

I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy watching and reading the Stories from the Discover section (Oh Daily Mail, where would I get my trashy celeb info without you…). If there’s a particular Story you like or want to refer back to (because Kylie Jenner’s face transformation is fascinating k), just tap and hold your finger down on the Story. The edit screen should come up, and you can click the arrow at the bottom left of the screen to save the Story to your Camera Roll.

Save Discover Story

Fast Forward/Slow-Motion/Reverse Video Filters

You might already know about this feature, but I’m just putting it out there for the noobs. Besides colour filters and stickers, you can now also fast forward your Snaps, or put them in Slow Motion or Reverse Motion. Pretty cool, if you want to add dramatic effect to your Snaps. (The Fast Forward filter will also make voices sound extra high…which is somewhat childish but still very amusing.)

Snapchat Video Filters(Source:

Travel Mode

What’s Snapchat without some travel Snaps eh? If you have data roaming but want to prevent Snapchat from sapping unnecessary data, turn on Travel Mode in your Snapchat settings. The new feature lets you choose the Snaps you want to load (just tap to load), instead of automatically loading all of them while you’re on Cellular (which, as you all know, might lead to astronomical data roaming charges).

To turn Travel Mode on, go to your Settings page then click on Manage (under Additional Services). From there, you should be able to turn Travel Mode on.

If you want to really limit your data usage on Snapchat, just turn off Cellular Data usage for the app. This will limit Snapchat to uploading Snaps only when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. You should be able to turn off Cellular Data usage for Snapchat under your phone’s App Settings. More details here, under #2.

Travel Mode

Activate safety features (in case you lose your phone).

Since your Snapchat account is tied to your mobile number, losing your phone could pose a huge security risk. I mean, do you really want some random person posting nudies on your Snapchat account?!

Here are a few safety features you can activate to keep your Snapchat account secure.

1. Login Verification: When this is turned on, you will need to enter a code sent to your phone to log into your Snapchat account on a new device.

2. Recovery Code: Your Snapchat account is tied to your phone number, so changing your number may cause login problems. However, the Recovery Code feature ensures that you can access your Snapchat account even if you change your phone number.

Once activated, Snapchat will generate a Recovery Code for you to enter if you ever need to log in with a new phone number. Remember to save the security code somewhere other than your phone though (because if you lose it, then well…yeah).

3. Forget Devices: If you’ve lost your phone or any other device where you’re signed in on Snapchat, use the Forget Devices feature to log yourself out of that particular device.


Friend Emojis

Ever wondered what those random emojis next to certain contact names were? Here they are, explained.

Snapchat Friend Emojis

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