Singaporean Bands You Should Know About

With Singapore’s 50th birthday coming up, we celebrate local talents that are making a mark in their respective industries. Here are 7 Singaporean bands that should be on your playlists.


The Summer State

The Summer State has opened for international acts like Mayday Parade, Yellowcard and A Rocket to the Moon, in addition to getting their debut EP to #1 on the Singapore iTunes Rock Chart. Impressive? We think so too.

Get their latest eponymous EP here.

The Summer State(Source:


Paint The Sky Red

This four-man act brings a sense of nostalgia with their ambient yet soulful music. Although their songs are mostly instrumental, the well-composed melodies have a charm of their own.

The band recently released their second album Not All Who Wonder Are Lost, which was recorded in Bandung, Indonesia. You can purchase their music here.

paint the sky red(Source: Paint The Sky Red’s Facebook)


The Caulfield Cult

In a span of four years, punk-rock band The Caulfield Cult has released two studio albums, two split extended plays (EPs) and performed all over Southeast Asia, Europe and America through self-funded DIY tours. They also have a slew of upcoming shows ahead of them, including one at Pouzza Festival in Montreal, Canada.

Listen to their music here.

the caulfield cult (Source: The Caulfield Cult’s Facebook)



If you were at indie music festival The Gathering last month, you probably would have heard Pleasantry perform there. In fact, the 5-piece act was one of only two Singaporean bands picked to perform alongside the other international acts during the festival.

Formed in 2010, Pleasantry’s music combines simple lyrics with rich instrumentals and song structure. Their latest album Synapses is available for purchase here.

Pleasantry(Source: Pleasantry’s Facebook)



If you’re into psychedelic rock then Spacedays is right up your alley. Although the band was formed quite recently in 2009, their music is heavily influenced by the psychedelic subcultures of the late 60s. Buy their latest EP Moondust here.

space days(Source: Spacedays’ Facebook)



Caracal has been around in the local music scene since 2006, but that doesn’t mean that they’re has-beens. In fact, the 5-piece post-hardcore band has already released two full albums and performed both locally and internationally.

Their CDs and vinyls, including their latest album Welcome the Ironists, is available for purchase here.

caracal(Source: Caracal’s Facebook)



Pronounced as dot jif, this electronica duo combines the experimental elements of downtempo and dream pop with heavy, personal lyrics. The duo performed at Laneway Festival Singapore back in January this year and will also be releasing an album in the months to come. Get of copy of their debut EP Saudade here.

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