Popular Home Interior Design Themes In Singapore

Planning your dream home? From Scandinavian to Minimalist, we round up some of the most popular home interior design themes in Singapore. #homegoals

1. Scandinavian

What it is: Nordic-influenced design characterised by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. Often includes wood accents and a neutral colour palette.

Pros: Easy to maintain, relatively affordable and works well in small homes.

Cons: Quite a common home design theme in Singapore.

Common features: Furniture with wood accents, white or wooden floors and white brick walls.

Free-Space-Intent-Punggol-Living-Dining Free-Space-Intent-Punggol-Walk-Dining Green-and-Lush-Dining-Hallway Green-and-Lush-Kitchen Green-and-Lush-Living-Room Imagine-By-SK66-Edgefield-Plains-Living-Room-Dining Imagine-By-SK66-Edgefield-Plains-Living-Room

2. Industrial

What it is: An unfinished look that combines both function and style. Often characterised by exposed brick walls or pipes, as well as cement flooring. Wood accents can be used to make the theme look cosier.

Pros: Sophisticated and functional.

Cons: Can be quite expensive in terms of both execution and maintenance. Industrial design themes involve a fair but of cement screed, which has become increasingly expensive in recent years. Also, cement is more susceptible to hairline cracks due to Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Common features: Exposed pipes and ducts, cement screed and rough surfaces.

Starry-Homestead-Punggol-Industrial-Hallway-Dining Starry-Homestead-Punggol-Living-Room SuperHome-Dawson-Bedroom SuperHome-Dawson-Industrial-Kitchen SuperHome-Dawson-Industrial-Living-Room Voila-Chai-Chee-Dining-Hallway Voila-Chai-Chee-Road-Living-Room

3. Minimalist

What it is: A simple, uncluttered design theme with clean lines, open spaces and neutral colour tones. Think less is more.

Pros: Photogenic, easy to clean and maintain.

Cons: The Minimalist theme may look simple, but it can actually be difficult to pull off in small spaces, as most of your items have to be concealed with clever storage solutions. This theme may not be the best choice for people who tend to leave their things all over the place.

Common features: White walls and ceiling, wood accents and barely-there furniture.

Dezzo-Khatib-JumboFlat-Bedroom Dezzo-Khatib-JumboFlat-Kitchen-Hallway Dezzo-Khatib-JumboFlat-Kitchen OWMF-MK-Residence-Dining-Room OWMF-MK-Residence-Living-Room The-Interior-Lab-Compassvale-Dining-Room The-Interior-Lab-Compassvale-Living-Room The-Interior-Lab-Compassvale-Walk-in-Wardrobe

4. Modern

What it is: A classic home design theme that is reminiscent of your typical condominium showroom. Or hotel room.

Pros: A classy and timeless theme that can last you through the years.

Cons: Can be quite expensive to do up. Might also be somewhat boring if you don’t add any personal touches.

Common features: Classic colour palettes like white, grey, black and brown. Also, an L-shaped sofa…because what’s a Modern-themed living room without one?

Quirky-Idees-Duxton-Bedroom Quirky-Idees-Duxton-Living-Room Space-Concepts-Design-Jurong-Bedroom Space-Concepts-Design-Jurong-Dining-Room Space-Concepts-Design-Jurong-Living-Room StudioJP-Spanish-Village-Dining StudioJP-Spanish-Village-Kitchen StudioJP-Spanish-Village-Living-Room

5. Retro

What it is: A vintage-style theme that combines quirky colours and textures with modern shapes and finishes.

Pros: The Retro theme is definitely a unique one that can reflect more of your personality. It is also relatively inexpensive to create, as the Retro look is mainly about the styling of accessories rather than interior work. Plus, you can find good deals on vintage furniture and accessories at thrift stores or through marketplace sites/apps.

Cons: Might not be very easy to maintain. Since the Retro theme includes vintage accents, your furniture may start to look weathered after a few years or so.

Common features: Bright colours, quirky home accents like a colourful rug or mosaic tile wall.

De-Exclusive-Clementi-Kitchen De-Exclusive-Clementi-Living-Room-Hallway De-Exclusive-Clementi-Living-Room I3-Clementi-Living-Room-Study I3-Clementi-Living-Room The-80s-Studio-Sengkang-Living-Room The-80s-Studio-Sengkang-West-Dining-Kitchen The-80s-Studio-Sengkang-West-Dining-Living

6. Eclectic

What it is: A mixture of a few different styles, textures and colours.

Pros: If executed well, the Eclectic home theme can be a very distinctive and unique one. It also allows for personal touches, and can give your space a more welcoming feel.

Cons: It takes an experienced eye to be able to put together the different elements without looking messy or random.

Common features: Since the Eclectic theme is a combination of styles, there are not many common features that are characteristic of it. It’s more about your personal taste and how you want to bring together the different elements.

DistinctIdentity-JalanKayu-Hallway DistinctIdentity-JalanKayu-Kitchen i-Bridge-Punggol-Kitchen-Counter i-Bridge-Punggol-Living-Room-Hallway i-Bridge-Punggol-Living-Room Versaform-Tampines-Bedroom Versaform-Tampines-Dining-Room Versaform-Tampines-Living-Room

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