Pokémon Go Hacks You Need To Know

Can’t get enough of Pokémon Go? Here are some (legal) hacks to make your experience even better.

1. Reduce your battery and data usage.

By now, you’ve probably already realised that playing Pokémon Go saps a lot of battery life (and don’t even get us started on data usage either). Thankfully, there are a few clever ways to reduce your battery and data consumption, without compromising too much on your gaming experience.

Turn on Battery Saver Mode in Pokémon Go

Tap the Pokéball icon, then go to your Settings. From there, you should be able to turn on Battery Saver Mode, which will help conserve battery life by dimming the brightness of the screen. If you’re using an iPhone, you can also turn on the Low Power Mode in your phone (Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode) to further conserve your battery life.


Turn off AR Mode

The next time you’re trying to catch a Pokémon, flip the AR switch at the top right of the screen. Doing so will turn off the game’s augmented reality feature, so the app won’t sap as much battery. Plus, it will probably be easier to catch Pokémon with a less distracting background.


Download the map of your area on Google Maps

Pokémon Go uses the Google Maps interface, so downloading the map of your area will minimise battery and data usage. To do so, just open Google Maps and type ‘Singapore’ (or whatever area you are in) into the Search bar. Tap the white bar at the bottom of the screen, and you should be able to see an option to Download the map for offline use. Oh, and make sure you’re connected to a WiFi network before downloading the map.


Use Free Charging Stations

OK, this isn’t exactly a battery-saving hack but it will definitely come in handy if your phone is running low on battery. If you didn’t already know, Singapore Power has set up over 200 free charging stations islandwide, so you can charge your phone or tablets while you’re on the go. For a full list of charging stations, see here.

Singapore Power Free Charging Stations

2. Pikachu, I choose you!

OK, this one’s for those of you who haven’t started on the game yet. If you want to get Pikachu as a Pokémon (and who doesn’t, am I right), here’s how to do so – when the game first starts, you’ll be presented with the option of Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur to pick as your starter Pokémon. Keep walking away from them and Pikachu should appear not long after.

Pokemon Go Pikachu(Source: ArcadeGo.com YouTube)

3. It’s all about the walkin’.

According to encoding experts, the game is configured such that you’ll encounter more Pokémon when you are moving around. This is especially important if you’ve used Incense to attract Pokémon, as the luring effect will only last for 30 minutes.


4. OK but if you’re lazy, take the bus.

If you’re looking to explore new places with minimal effort, just hop on a long distance bus service. You’ll be able to check in at multiple PokéStops and pick up some pretty good Pokémon along the way.

Keep the app open while travelling on the train too (except if you’re on the Circle Line…the connection there isn’t great) – many users have been able to catch rare Pokémon while passing through the stations.


5. Traffic jams could be awesome for hatching eggs.

Stuck in a traffic jam? Hatch your eggs while you’re in the car. I know you’re supposed to actually walk to hatch them, but hey, can’t a lazy girl catch a break sometime? As long as the speed you are travelling at isn’t too fast (which, in a traffic jam, is highly probable), the app will think that you’re walking and count it towards your egg-hatching miles.

It seems that the distance calculation is based on your GPS and not a pedometer though, so running on a treadmill or sticking your phone on a fan blade (yes, people have tried) probably won’t work.


6. Download a Pokémon Go maps app.

Want to see what Pokémon are around your area? Download a Pokémon Go maps app to keep track of potential catches. We like Go Radar, which can be used both on your phone and desktop. The app also shows you when the Pokémon will disappear, so you can dash to that rare Pokémon before it runs away. Ain’t nobody got time for work when there’s a Snorlax hanging out next to your office building you know?


7. Score PokéStop bonus points.

If you spin the disc at ten different PokéStops consecutively, you’ll get a bonus of 100XP (instead of the usual 50XP) as well as additional gifts like eggs. You have to check in at the ten stations within half an hour though, so…time to hop on that bus?

PokeStop Bonus XP(Source: gamepur.com)

8. Make use of your wonky GPS.

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the GPS feature on the game is well, kind of wonky. If you get that annoying ‘GPS signal not found’ message, try quitting the app and reopening it. You can also make use of the glitch by turning your phone in a different direction when you reopen the app. Chances are, the app will think that you have travelled a distance, so you’ll be able to check in at a PokéStop some distance away…without actually having to visit it physically. #lazygirlhacks


9. Throw your Poké Ball in style.

As random as it may seem, how you throw the Poké Ball can actually earn you bonus XP. Instead of throwing the Poké Ball straight at the Pokémon, try a curve ball instead – hold the Poké Ball down with your finger, then draw a circle with it before throwing it at the Pokémon. It may compromise your accuracy a little, but you’ll get bonus XP if you manage to catch the Pokémon. If you’re a beginner, this is a good way to level up your XP. Try it out with some of the more common Pokémon.

You’ll also get bonus XP for Great Throws, which is when your throw hits the target accurately.


10. Join a Pokémon Go Facebook group.

If you want to be extra geeky, join public Facebook groups like Pokemon GO Singapore and Pokemon Go North East Singapore. The members there usually share gaming tips and sightings of rare Pokémon, so you’ll be in the know about all things Pokémon. Some of the groups also arrange outings to hunt Pokémon, because it seems like the game is configured to show more Pokémon whenever there is a crowd.


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