Xiaxue on Twitter

She’s got more Twitter followers than Joanne Peh, Jeanette Aw and the Singapore Government combined. She’s verified on Twitter, and even has her own Wikipedia page. We have a chat with Singaporean blogger Wendy Cheng (commonly known as Xiaxue) about Twitter. Read on and perhaps you could be just as big one day.

You have over 100,000 followers on Twitter. That’s quite something. Do you ever feel drunk with power?
Haha not really! The funny thing is that with over 100,000 followers, I still get roughly the same amount of replies as when I had 20,000 followers. Weird right? Most of my followers are usually silent.

With so many followers, I’m sure you’ve come across a couple of weirdos. What’s the weirdest thing someone has ever Tweeted at you?
Well, I’ve had people put fake accounts of me out there, mostly Tweeting mean stuff. It’s just weird to have your own face Tweeting you back!

What about the most annoying thing a follower has done?
Tell me they unfollowed me! Just unfollow, why must tell me you did it? Urgh.

You’ve got quite a strong following on Twitter. What’s the nicest thing a follower has ever tweeted about you?
There are so so many! I find it the most touching when people actually read my whole Timeline, including @replies (not just following). Sometimes they read me replying something rude to a hater, click on the conversation thread, and help defend me to that hater too.

I’m sure you get a lot of inane requests from blogshops/students/hopefuls who want your help with some publicity. What’s the dumbest request you’ve ever received via Twitter?
I find exceedingly stupid when a dying person puts “want to trend on twitter” on their bucket list and everyone wants me to Retweet it. Dying aside, sympathy and all, why is that person such an attention whore? You want to trend because you are a hot topic, not because of pity Retweets. Just seems stupid to me!

What do you do if someone follows you and then asks you to follow them back?
I usually ignore such requests, but when I’m in a mean mood I will reply that I’ll follow him back when I’m interested in what he has to say – which is never. I just hate unabashed people!

This one is for the hopefuls out there – what determines if you’d follow someone on Twitter?
I love following funny accounts!

And on the other side of the spectrum – what would make you unfollow someone you’re already following?
The number 1 thing that make most people unfollow an account is excessive spamming. I don’t mean ads either, I mean Tweeting and Tweeting non-stop, especially if it’s all complaints! I also hate cryptic tweets. Speak your mind or shut up!

Ever messaged a famous celebrity on Twitter and gotten a reply?
I know I said I hate it when people tell me they unfollowed me, but very early in my Tweeting days (when I hadn’t realised how annoying this was), I did it to Alyssa Milano. She’s really preachy on Twitter, whole day asking people to donate to this and that, so I unfollowed her, saying she’s boring and preachy. Yes, I tagged her! I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings, but she had over a million followers so I honestly thought she wouldn’t read it! But she did and she didn’t reply me, but instead Tweeted about how rude I am. Lol.

The one Tweet you regret ever Tweeting about?
Every single Tweet which I accidentally spelled something wrong! Makes me cringe when I reread it and sometimes it gets Retweeted like mad, and I feel so embarrassed!

Let’s talk about Tweet wars now. Do you usually start them when you’re provoked, annoyed, bored or none of the above?
Hahahaha usually 90% provoked, 9% annoyed and 1% bored (only reserved for Dawn Yang).

Any advice for Twitter celebrity hopefuls?
Speak your mind, don’t spam, and post more pictures! Except food pics, nobody cares about what you ate.

Everyone should follow…
@omgthatspunny – Super funny account! @conanobrien is my favourite celebrity account! Everytime he Tweets, I laugh.

Wtf why are people following…
@alyssa_milano when all she talks about is fighting malaria and hungry children. Post some boob pics dammit! Also, fucking Steven Lim. He’s so gross! I refuse to link him!

The best trending topic on Twitter of all time was…
I don’t know about this, but most trending topics revolve around either Justin Bieber or Kpop stars. I’ve come to associate them with worthlessness. Oh wait, I guess I did find out about Michael Jackson’s death from a trending topic! The newsy ones are good.