George Young on Dating

A lawyer-turned-actor with Chinese-Greek heritage, FLY Entertainment artiste George Young has become a familiar face on TV. With his boyish good looks (that would make even your mother giggle like a schoolgirl) and charming wit, it’s no wonder why the ladies are swooning over him. Oh and did we mention that he speaks Mandarin too?

1. What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

I saw this attractive girl who worked at the perfume department at Harvey Nichols in London and I wanted to chat her up. On the way there, I grabbed two perfume testers from the men’s perfume section and went up to her to ask her which one she preferred. It was my in, and also my out, in case she just went, “Oh. That one. Bye.”.

Fortunately, she looked like she was amused at my question, so I casually mentioned that I was going out to this bar that night and asked if her she wanted to come along. We got on well and it was the kind of date where you could both just be yourself, without any pretending. We actually went out for 2 years after that.

2. You’re dating a girl you’re really trying to impress. She shows up at dinner in a new dress she’s crazy about, but you think it looks embarrassingly bad. What do you say when she goes, “You like it?”

I’d say “You look fantastic!”.

Well if she really thinks that she looks good in it, then who am I to say that she looks horrible, since it’s just my personal take on it. She could be thinking that what I’m wearing is ridiculous, for all we know. White lies are very useful I say, and there’s nothing wrong with a few of them if it makes someone feel better. So yes, I would tell her a little white lie and say yes, you look fantastic.

3. What’s the worst thing a girl can do on a date?

Not being able to hold her alcohol and making a complete arse of herself. Like if she gets super drunk and starts standing on the table and throwing up and then passes out in the middle of the night.

4. What should a girl never wear on a first date?

Anything that requires sticky tape. It’s a bit too much for a first date, because it might be a little embarrassing if there’s a potential accident. Also, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

5. Do you usually make the first move, or do you get multiple star-struck girls clamoring at your door for a date?

Sadly, guys usually tend to have to make the first move even though it’s a sexually-equal society. For me (and a lot of people, I’m guessing), it’s usually quite terrifying to go up to someone that you genuinely like and are attracted to, because you get that fear of rejection. I tend not to make the first move if I don’t see any kind of connection – say if I were at a restaurant or bar, I have to see some sort of shimmer before I approach. If I don’t see that, I generally won’t because that rejection thing is quite scary. It’s sad but true, and I think it stops many relationships from forming.

6. Let’s play a game of Shoot/Shag/Marry – Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams and Miranda Kerr. Who would your picks be?

I would shag and marry Natalie Portman. Wait what? I have to choose only one? You can’t do that to me!

Hmm okay then I’d marry Natalie Portman and shag both Rachel McAdams and Miranda Kerr. I wouldn’t shoot any of them (how dare you!) because then all the guys in the world would be pissed off and I’d go to jail. Make love not war, I say.

7. You lived in England for a period of time. How are the girls there different from the ones in Singapore?

Girls in England are a bit more upfront, because they’ll come up to you a bit more aggressively. Girls in Singapore are usually more polite and well-mannered than the ones in England.

Now I’m not allowed to go back to England I think, after saying that. Thanks for that, by the way.

8. Where would you bring a girl on a first date here in Singapore? Any particular favourite restaurant etc?

There are lots of great places on the water front – a walk around there would be nice. There’s also a great bar at Marina Bay Sands and Fullerton Bay Hotel. The view of the city at night is awesome.

9. And now, for the million-dollar question – what type of girl do you like? (And are you single?)

I like quirky girls with certain idiosyncrasies that are just there – either in how she dresses or that there’s just something different about her. I’m also attracted to someone who is very confident and has drive to do something. I find ambition and confidence very attractive.

And yes! I’m single. Very much so. So if anybody reading this is interested, just drop me a comment or Tweet me up!

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