Late Night Foot Massage in Singapore

Non-dodgy places to get a late night foot massage in Singapore.


1. Natureland

11 Unity Street, Robertson Walk #01-08/09, Tel: 6733 6780, Opening Hours: 24 hours (but call beforehand to make an appointment before going down)

Natureland is the bees knees, and not only because it’s open late. The place itself is nice, clean and spacious but it’s the reasonable prices (for Singapore standards) that really get me in all the time. Foot massages start at $44 per hour (before GST) and there are options to include head/shoulder/back massages as well. They also have a free iPad service, so you can shop online while you get a foot massage.

2. Yuki Foot Reflexology Centre

100 Orchard Road, Le Meridien Shopping Centre #02-33, Tel: 6738 6955, Opening Hours: 1pm – 11pm daily

While Yuki Foot Reflexology is located in the somewhat dodgy Le Meridien Shopping Centre, the place itself is clean and legit. Although the place is quite small, they have comfy sofas and a TV (which usually plays Chinese dramas). Foot massages are $40 per hour.

3. An Qi Spa

135 Middle Road, Bylands Building #01-11, Tel: 6292 3433, Opening Hours: 24 hours

An Qi Spa is located right across the street from Fortune Centre (aka dodgy massage central) but it’s clients are mainly aunties and uncles so I doubt it’s dodgy? The place is fairly big and while the decor is spartan, it’s really not too bad. Foot massages are $45 per hour, but they have a Happy Hour rate of $35 per hour from Monday to Thursday, 10.30am – 5.30pm.

4. Herbal Footcare

150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza #01-15/16, Tel: 6735 3973, Opening Hours: 24 hours

Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking – Orchard Plaza, not dodgy? Really? I’m not gonna lie, it’s in a pretty dodgy area…BUT the place itself is not dodgy. Although the chairs are an alarmingly bright shade of red and the place smells like a Chinese tutor, Herbal Footcare is one of those last resort places you go to when everywhere else is booked or closed. Foot massages are $40 per hour.

5. Le Spa (Added August 2014)

14 Gemmill Lane, Tel: 6222 6803, Opening Hours: 24 Hours
16A Chun Tin Road (near Beauty World), Tel: 6222 6805, Opening Hours: 24 Hours

OK while I find it kind of strange that they would call their foot massage “Le Taiwanese Foot Therapy”, Le Spa is actually a pretty legit place to get a foot massage – especially since the therapist massages your neck and back for a bit before starting on your feet. The place itself is clean and the staff are fairly pleasant. Foot massages start at $28 for 30 mins ($48 for 1 hour).

6. Imperial Apple Spa (Added August 2014)

171 Tras Street, Union Building #01-179 (next to 100AM Shopping Mall), Tel: 6225 1555, Opening Hours: 10am – 4am (Two other outlets at North Bridge and Siglap)

The Tras Street outlet is popular among the CBD crowd, and for good reason too. The place is clean and spacious, and foot massages start at $42 for 1 hour. They also have a TV in each room, so you can watch your favourite Korean drama while getting a foot massage. There’s also a Happy Hour discount – $29 for 1 hour foot massage between 10am – 7pm. Now you know where to sneak off to when your boss is out of the office…

7. Tang Dynasty

786A North Bridge Road, Tel: 6686 6466, Opening Hours: 10am – 6am daily

2 Chun Tin Road (near Beauty World), Tel: 6894 6466, Opening Hours: 10am – 3am (Sun to Thu), 10am – 6am (Fri to Sat)

Tang Dynasty has been around for quite sometime, and it seems they’ve been expanding. Their new outlet at Chun Tin Road is a short walk from the popular stretch of late-night eateries at Upper Bukit Timah (near Beauty World), so you can get a foot massage after having your late-night prata fix. The lady at the front desk is not the most polite person around, but the place itself is clean and spacious. Also, the full-body massage is pretty amazing if you’re into tui na (ask for Sophia or Tina). The foot massage there is not the best, but hey, who’s complaining when you’re dying for one at 1am in the morning right? Foot massages start at $45 per hour.

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