Top 10 Most Ridiculous (But Ingenious) Things Pokémon Go Has Spawned

It’s been almost a month since Pokémon Go launched in Singapore, but judging by the hordes of people still gathering at Hougang Avenue 10, the craze is still as strong as ever.

Here are some of the most ridiculous (but ingenious) products and services that the Pokémon Go craze has spawned.

1. Egg Hatching Service

Why force yourself to exercise when you can pay someone to hatch your Pokémon eggs for you?

Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Service(Source: lelonglel0ng’s Carousell)

2. Rare Pokémon Hunting Services

OK this service is admittedly quite pricey, but…it’s a Dragonite yo!

Pokemon-Go-Hunting-Service(Source: njhao’s Carousell)

3. Budget Driver Service

This enterprising guy also doubles up as a budget wedding ride. Auspicious colour of the car might also mean better luck at catching rare Pokémon?

Pokemon-Go-Budget-Car-Rental(Source: ken136’s Carousell)

4. Poké Ball Aimer

Because if you wanna be the very best, to catch them is your real test…

(Or am I the only one who remembers the Pokémon theme song? OK, this is awkward.)

Pokemon Go Aimer(Source: Let’s Get Glam PH Facebook)

5. Pokémon Go Account

Pre-loved Pokémon Go account anyone? No trades or low-ballers. Not for fussy buyers.

(On a side note, I actually feel kinda bad for this guy. He’s got commendable stats and some pretty rare Pokémon, but clearly someone at home didn’t feel the same way.)

Pre Loved Pokemon Go Account(Source: shopops’ Carousell)

6. Team Hoodie

Because if you’re going to battle it out at a gym, you might as well go all out and rep’ your team with the right digs.

Pokemon-Go-Team-Hoodie(Source: darthcow’s Carousell)

7.Pokémon Pants

And while you’re at it, why not get a pair of Pokémon pants too? Go on, you’re worth it.

Pokemon-Go-Pants(Source: kerak’s Carousell)

8. Pikachu Dog Outfit

The next best thing to catching a Pikachu at home.

Pikachu-Dog-Outfit(Source: furryfriend’s Carousell)

9. Bicycle Handlebar Pouch

This is actually really ingenious, because the game never says anything about playing Pokémon Go while cycling.

Bicycle-Handlebar-Pouch(Source:’s Carousell)

10. Dodgy Hacking Software

Because you should always trust what you see on the Internet.

Pokemon Go Bot(Source: moversg1’s Carousell)

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