How To Organise Your Bathroom

I don’t know about you, but I spend a great deal of time in my bathroom. Hence, I like to keep it clean and organised. Here are some life hacks that will completely change your bathroom experience.

1. Keep daily essentials in a stationery holder.

Since you use these essentials daily, you’ll want them to be easily accessible. I keep my daily makeup and brushes in an acrylic holder meant for stationery, because it organises everything neatly. It’s also easier than opening and closing a drawer.

Muji-Stand(Source: Beauty and Le Chic)

2. Use a shower caddy to store your hair tools.

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to untangle a bunch of wires when you’re in a rush to do your hair. Store your curling iron, hair straightener and hair dryer in a shower caddy, and hang it on a cupboard door for easy access.

Shower Caddy(Source: Houzz)

3. Store makeup in transparent drawers and cases.

Instead of chucking your makeup into a big toiletry bag (or worse, Ziploc bag), store your makeup in transparent drawers. If you’re especially diligent, organise your makeup by category and size.

Acrylic-Drawer(Source: Miss Budget Beauty)

4. Put a clock in your bathroom.

So you’ll know if you’ve still got time for that morning poop or not.


5. Place a small shelf in the space under your sink.

A small shelf like this one from IKEA is great for organising your toiletries and extra toilet rolls. You’ll also be able to fit more under your sink, as opposed to just chucking everything in there and hoping that the cupboard doors won’t burst open.

Sink Shelf(Source: Home Family Heart)

6. Use stickers to label your cosmetics and skincare items.

Write the month and date you bought an item on a blank sticker and stick it to the bottom of the bottle or tube. That way, you’ll know if you should be throwing out that face cream from 2009. See here for a guide to how long you should be keeping your makeup.


7. Use a tiered shelf to store your extra toiletries.

Rummaging around a deep bathroom closet for that new stick of deodorant can get frustrating, so place a tiered shelf inside to organise your extra toiletries (or toiletries you don’t use on a regular basis). You can get tiered spice racks from Howards Storage World, which can be used for organising your bathroom closet as well.

Tiered Shelf

8. Always keep extra toilet paper within reaching distance.

We’ve all been there – that feeling of despair when you realise you’re out of toilet paper right after a big dump. You then precariously try to reach for the extra toilet paper under the sink, all the while trying not to lift your butt too much. Keep extra toilet paper within reaching distance (i.e. in a basket next to the toilet bowl) to avoid any future bathroom acrobatics.