How To Get Better Flat Lay Photos

You’ve probably seen loads of effortlessly pretty #flatlay photos on Instagram, but when it comes to actually doing your own flat lay? Not quite as easy as it looks (read: it looks like you left a bunch of items on the floor). Here are some easy tips to getting better flat lay photos.

Simplicity is Key

First things first, choose a plain surface for your flat lay backdrop. It’s best to stick with white surfaces, so the items in your flat lay will stand out more. Minimalism, we say, is the new sexy.



Go With A Specific Theme

…and stick to it. Incorporating too many colours or types of items can get pretty confusing. For instance, if you’re doing a beach-themed photo, select items that fit the theme and have complementary colours.

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Use Natural Light

Any photographer will tell you that natural light is the best type of lighting, but before you rush down to nearest open space, hear us out. The best place to take flat lay photos is in a room with big windows – you want lots of natural light, but not direct sunlight (which might cause annoying shadows).

Spacing flatlay(Source: emma_lauren Instagram)


Spacing is Important

Keep your photo from looking too cluttered or empty by spacing out your items evenly. Check out flat lay photos on Instagram and experiment a little -it takes some practice. Don’t be afraid to rotate or overlap your items either, to give your photos a more artsy feel.

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Flowers Make A Difference

No really, they do make your photos more photogenic. Okay so maybe you don’t have a bouquet of fresh flowers at your disposal, but there are other ways around that. Remember that quaint little café you had brunch at? Use the flowers on the table to spruce up your food flat lay photos. Or you could always buy artificial flowers from IKEA – after all, no one will be able to tell on Instagram.

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